The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 52: Dalton

He sat on the chair of his office, looking exhausted and lack of sleep. Meeting after meeting had been attended regarding the Southern Werewolves Pack but everything went back to square one again. The Defense Council dismissed the Councilors’ appeal to move Enforcers into the aforementioned pack territory. Sure the Council had ten times Enforcers than Alpha Cohen’s but they could not ignore the fact that the Kingsley family was the reason why the Council still remained strong and tall after decades of wars with the vampires.

If civil war happened, Dalton knew he would have to decide where his stand soon. It was either standing with the Council which he had served for as long as he could remember or standing with his close friend Alpha Cohen who had numerously helped him in many investigations. However, from the Council’s perspective, friendship came last. His oath to serve the Council regardless of the situation that would come first.


Dalton looked up to see his second-in-command, Jahan, waspeeking his head in. “Jahan, come in. What is it?”

Jahan entered and made his way to the chair in the opposite direction. “Do you remember the files that Miss Red showed us a few days ago?”

“You mean the files that were supposed to be in our archive right now?” he asked back. “What about it?”

“Well, I remember the serial numbers of the files before the Supreme Commander took them. I went to check the validity of the files with an acquaintance in the archive.”

The Commander straightened his posture on the chair, looking all interested. Nobody could answer the question of how Mira got hold of those files. The Black Market had every source just as tricky as their location. Nobody knew.

Jahan reached for something in his pocket and produced several folded papers before he handed it to the Commander. It seemed like the second-in-command was doing this discreetly.

He pointed to the first paper, “The serial numbers on the right side are the ones on the files Miss Red showed to us. On the left side is the serial numbers for the files went—”

“Went missing from the archives.” Dalton finished his sentence as he scanned through the numbers, “How about eyewitness statement?”

“Check the last paper.”

Dalton did as he was told and saw small pictures of eyewitnesses who gave a statement regarding those files. Under each photo had a date.

Date of death.

“Coincidentally they all died. And what made it even coincidental is that they all died few days after they gave their statement. Each autopsy revealed they died of natural causes.” Jahan explained.

“Someone was covering this up. Who could it be?”

“More importantly sir, why would someone cover this up?”

Dalton looked over at the pictures. Jahan was right. Why would someone cover this up? These cases could have been solved within days of their registered date. It made him wondered. How could someone be so cruel hiding these cases? Those victims could have been saved.

The Council is corrupted as it is! And you wanted to snipe my mate for exposing a small part of such corruption?!” Alpha Cohen’s words were ringing in his ears.

What if Cohen was right? The Council was corrupted but nobody knew about it because someone was covering every traces.

“Do you ever ask yourself, sir?” Jahan asked softly. “What if we are on the wrong side? What if she didn’t kill Vincent Hale or your brother? What if someone framed her because Hale and your brother knew something went wrong with the Council?”

Dalton went silent. His second in command had asked him the questions he could never able to answer. Winston was a very private person like himself. They served on different territory but ironically they came across the same rogue.

Vincent Hale was a different story. He served on the same territory as Dalton. He trained Vincent since day one. That kid couldn’t even break the slightest rule. Not even his damn curfew.

Where did Vincent and Winston go wrong? The fault that cost them their lives. Every evidence in their case pointed to Mira. But she was a really good huntress.

Dalton hated to admit it but Mira’s skills surpassed anyone he knew. Even himself. She was too damn good. It was like Moon Goddess spent a lifetime, perfecting Mira’s skills before she was even born so that she could survive her future.

“Loose ends.” He mumbled, not to Jahan but to himself.

Dalton got up from his chair and went to the south wall where a big whiteboard was. There, many pictures, information, notes and anything pinned to the board. Dalton solely focused on any cases related to Mira. And because of Jahan’s words, he finally realized it.

Mira didn’t leave loose ends. She was too good to leave evidence behind. So, the evidence left on the crime scene didn’t make sense. Because it would make things so obvious. Why would the Julliard family seek for her help discreetly if she just ended up completing the job publically?

“She never leaves loose ends,” Dalton mumbled again.

He checked the lab report of the black liquid he collected from the dead body of the prime suspect of Rebecca Julliard’s murdered case. The properties on the liquid didn’t match anything. The lab staffs were baffled by their own result. This was the first time he saw the black liquid on a crime scene that was involving Mira. What kind of secrets she had?

Jahan stood next to him. “What do you mean, sir?”

“I think you could be right. Look at this evidence of Vincent and Winston’s case.” He pointed to two pictures of same designed dagger covered in blood. “A dagger was left behind. The same dagger she has right now. Then, compare to other cases, there was no evidence was showing that she killed those people. We assumed it was her because of the eyewitness’ statement.”

“And we assumed it was her because she avoided the arrest.”

“She avoided the arrest not because she was guilty or afraid.” Dalton let out a long exhale. “It was because she knew she wouldn’t make it to the trial. She knew someone would kill her before the trial, to cover everything up. To prevent her from talking.”

“What should we do, sir? There only two of us here know this.”

“I’m going to talk to her.”

“That’s going to be hard. Considering we brought sniper to Alpha Cohen’s territory.”

“I know someone who could contact her.”

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