The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 51: Mira

For the next few days, planning, brainstorming and scouting all happened. Dozens of plans and contingencies were taken into consideration if they were to work together in hunting Damien. Cohen had established a team specifically to scout Damien’s last known location. The royal vampire wasn’t like the rest of his siblings. He had dark witches and big army were working for him, covering every possible track of their whereabouts. As tricky as he was, Mira knew sooner or later he would eventually make mistake and reveal his own location.

Until that happened, Cohen reinforced his pack. Children and non-Enforcers were sent to other packs such as the Western and Eastern just in case Damien sent his army to attack the Southern. Amanda was in charge of making potions, anything that could contribute to the battle especially to conceal scent potions. Vincent was leading the scout team back and forth. And Mira, well, she was being Mira. Back and forth, she went to track anyone who could have contacted Damien.

She knew Cohen wasn’t used to her lifestyle yet but there was nothing he could do. That was her life prior to their meet and it would always be her life with some adjustment made. Otherwise, the vicious Alpha would turn the world upside down to find her. She’d doubt he would leave her to do her job alone. He was Alpha after all. It was his nature to feel possessive and overly protective of her especially that her status was still a rogue — means she would be a target by his enemies. Yes, Cohen had provoked many other Alphas as well. Some of them were still feared him but some weren’t. This was why Mira considered herself to be lucky to know the knowledge and combat skills that she taught herself. Being paired with a vicious Alpha had its risks but that didn’t matter.

Vincent, Liam, and Brandon continued with the planning while Amanda retreated to prepare for the spells needed for the siege. Like many other times, a perfect plan needed to be done as the siege would not just cost the lives of those vampires but hers, Cohen and his pack. Things had to be thoroughly checked and preparation for each situation had to be planned. Mira and Vincent excused themselves when Cohen started a discussion regarding his pack with Liam and Brandon. They knew they weren’t part of his pack yet and such discussion would be conducted discreetly although Cohen was reluctant to have her left his office. She knew that he wanted to involve her with the matters regarding his pack but she also knew that as far as she could remember, she was still a rogue. As long as Cohen still hadn’t marked her, her rogue status would remain.

Mira wandered around Cohen’s territory, trying to find a short solace for her racing thoughts. As much as she loved having his support for the siege, she couldn’t brush off the fact that this battle would cost them greatly.

This entire battle wasn’t just about her vengeance. It was also about Vincent’s vengeance and the vengeance of everyone who suffered in Damien’s hands. Killing him would do the world a big favor.

“I know I would find you here.” in an instant, she knew it was Vincent.

He came to her side and sat down on the rocky cliff, dangling his legs off the edge just like hers.

“After all these years, we’re one step closer to killing Damien,” Mira mumbled, looking up at the full moon with her hands planted behind her, supporting her body.

The howls of the werewolves echoed to the night sky. Her mind was far from being concerned about killing Damien. Another war would approach their doorstep.

There was no movement from the Council just yet. Mira knew Cohen was anticipating for their movement. But as far as they were told, there was nothing yet although all battalions were called back. Even no movement, Cohen still took the matter seriously. It could mean a civil war.

“What’s wrong, Mira? Aren’t you supposed to feel elated that we got the help we needed to take down Damien?”

Elated? There was nothing elated about this war.

She stared at him briefly, “How many more lives have to end just to end one?”


“First our battle against Damien. Then now against the Council. How many more wars we have to fight?”

He sighed, pulling out a flask from the inner pocket of his jacket. He drank a good amount of the bourbon since that was his favorite drink before he passed the flask to her. Gladly, she accepted it and drank it down.

“Isn’t that what always happens? War after war. There is no ending in it. There would just be more wars to fight.” He said.

She handed back the flask to him. “I’m tired of fighting. For once, I just wanted everything to be normal.”

“Just one more fight.”

She hated to admit it but the fight was far from being over. Somehow deep inside of her, she could feel like this was just the beginning of something. Mira couldn’t explain the feeling. It was so unsettling. Just by the thought of it, it gave eerie goosebumps to her body. It made her stomach churned.

“Do you miss it?” Mira asked, turning the subject. “Living in a pack?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “I guess so.”

Mira slipped her hand into the inner pocket of her jacket and produced something. “I found this.”

“My father’s watch....” Vincent mumbled but his hand quickly put the watch around his left wrist. “Where did you found it?”

“When Cole led his men to ransack Erdington’s castle, he found this watch along many other items belonged to your pack. You could get the rest of the stuff from him. I told him to keep them safe. But I know this one is way important to you.”

“Thank you. I didn’t know the watch could have survived the fire.”

“Thank Cole. He found it. I’m just returning it to the owner.”

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