The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 50: Cohen

Watching the fire burnt those corpses to ashes, Cohen finally understood why Mira refused to let go of her profession—her old life. Nobody else lent their hands to those poor slaves if it wasn’t because of her. Now, they were killed for trying to have a better life. Liam and Brandon had split into two groups to set the perimeter around the destroyed encampment. This was his first act as Mira’s mate. To support her with her good cause.

Years of living under the rule of the Council, everyone was blinded by how cruel the world was. Packs spent their time hunting rogues whereas they could have just spent their resources to hunt something far larger — the slavery businesses. When Grover first time told him about human slavery, Cohen didn’t want to believe it. Now he believed it and admitted it how blinded he was back then.

Then the Goddess sent him Mira — the woman who opened not only his eyes but his heart and soul. He had seen far greater since her presence involved in his life. The dark side of her past had taught him numerous lessons. It opened a new perspective for him. The darkest of her memories had taunted him whenever he closed his eyes — that showed him some people were meant to be broken at the start and mended on the end. His Mira was broken on the start — went through the most gruesome experiences that known to their kind. He couldn’t repair her but he could mend her—support her whenever he could, cherished, loved and treasured her.

It pained him that he couldn’t do anything to take her emotions. As long as she didn’t bear his mark, their bond wouldn’t be as strong as it was supposed to be and their mating bond would work limitedly. If they were mated and she had his mark, he would be able to share her emotions to himself, calming her down through the mind link and many more. Until then, his only way to comfort her was interacting with her and support her.

“Mira love,” Cohen could say her name countless times without the hint of tiredness.

It had been an hour since she stood by the creek, staring to the reflection of the sunset on the clear water. The sunlight’s reflection on the water towards its surroundings was breath-taking — even making Mira appeared as if she was a celestial being. She was his celestial being.

Mira turned to look at him. He almost frowned when he saw the sadness lingered in her tantalizing electric blue eyes. Pulling her into his embrace, he felt her slightly relaxed. What was the worst could have happened today? She discovered the Council’s sniper. And then this encampment’s attack. Women and children were slaughtered in cold blood and she had to face their dead bodies — unable to explain why she failed to come to their aid.

“It wasn’t your fault, love,” he whispered, hoping she would stop blaming herself.

Her legs were giving up on her before he slowly guided them both to sit on the ground as her sobs muffled on his chest. Cohen’s wolf was hurt seeing their mate this way. He was hurt too. He would make these attackers pay for everything they had caused to Mira. They would pay with blood and that was his promise. He would not stop hunting them down until each one of them died.

“They didn’t deserve this,” she mumbled without looking at him. “Was it wrong for them to fight for their freedom? They just wanted to build a place they could home. To be surrounded by the people they loved. What was their fault until they had to pay with their blood?”

He was as angry as his wolf. Innocent lives were lost because of slavery. He would do anything to help this situation. If he was introduced to how deceiving the world was a lot early, he would have done much more to help those that in need of help.

“They were just like me,” she mumbled, training her eyes on their intertwined hands. “They were learning to love each other. They were learning to be there for each other. All they ever wanted was a freedom. A freedom where they could determine their own future and be with the people they loved and wanted because, for their whole lives, they knew nothing but pain and torments.”

“Tell me what you need, love.”

“Teach me,” Mira looked into his eyes, “Teach me to work along with you and your pack. Show me what we can achieve together. Show me what love is.”

Her thumb caressed the lower part of his lips, making him hungry for more of her attention — more of her touch. Such a small gesture could do such a great effect on him.

“Stay with me then,” Cohen searched into her eyes for a sign of protest. “We can do all these together and achieve a lot more. With my resources and yours combine, we could save more of these people. We could make the world a better place for them.” He continued as he realized she was really focused on what he wanted to say. “You don’t have to leave this way of life. If you want to continue to hunt those who caused pain to others, be my guest. Just promise me one thing. Involve me in everything.”

She gave him a weak smile, “Then we have a royal vampire to hunt.”

“I have no objection on that.”

Control was something he didn’t have much when it came to Mira. Everything she did was stripping him from his control. And not to add more, she couldn’t bear his mark, not until Damien was dead. This was making his wolf even edgier than before.

The location of her hands wasn’t helping him either. At first, they were on his shoulders, then lowered to his chest and continued down until he grabbed before they went further. Not that he was complaining. She wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. Damn, he couldn’t wait for this problem to end so that he could bring her home and ravish her. He knew she wouldn’t complain either.

“Don’t, love.” his voice came out huskily. So much for a vicious Alpha.

For now, he would settle just for the kiss on her lips.

“Let’s go home,” Mira said.

Home — that finally sounded right to him.

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