The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 49: Mira

While Cohen accompanied by his Beta and Gamma leading the other Alphas and their Betas and Gammas in the office to discuss things regarding Cohen’s renouncement, Mira sat on the patio watching the young kids running around the place, playing with their friends made Mira thought of her own childhood. That was how her childhood supposed to be. Filled with laughter, smiles and probably scrapped knees. But no, she was given a tormented childhood. Strapped on the metal table. Punctured with hundreds of needles every day. Body covered in blood and pain. Even worst, she was no longer whimpering or crying for the pain they caused her. She would just lie down on the metal table motionlessly. No scream. No tears. Just silence. And that scared her the most. Because she couldn’t feel any of it anymore. Even if she stabbed her own hand with the knife, there would be no scream or tears of agony. She would probably just admiring the way the blood flow out.

Mira forgot how many times she was injured during her assignments. Every time, she thought that was her final moment but no, she survived for the next day. Her profession had added more scars on her body. The battle of her freedom and the battle of other people’s freedom. If she didn’t help them, who else would? Sitting around and wait for the Council to make a move? The day the hell froze over that would be the day the Council really helped other people out of pure sincerity.

Staring at these children playing reminding Mira of something Cohen had said earlier. She hadn’t given him her answer. Mira wasn’t sure if her stay would be a good idea but knowing him, he wasn’t going to take a no for an answer. She couldn’t give him an answer. As long as Damien was still alive and the Council was standing tall with the current Councilors, there would never be a safe haven for her even if Cohen risked everything to keep her safe.

But she wanted to stay — to be his mate. Could she be selfish for once? Just to feel what was it like to wake up next to him every day? To feel what was it like to sleep in his arms every night? Could she be selfish for her own happiness?

Grunting in annoyance, she didn’t have the answer. She wanted to be selfish but she didn’t want to put everyone’s life in jeopardy.

Across the backyard, she spotted Amanda ran, yelling ’Out the way, ′ repeatedly, throwing few of the Enforcers using her magic.

The white witch arrived at her position. She bent down, panting heavily before saying, “Mira, we have a problem.”

It didn’t take long for the sentence to register in Mira’s brain which always worked in overdrive mode. She ran into the forest, in the same direction Amanda came from. She didn’t need an explanation of what Amanda had said to her. She knew what exactly happened. About a few minutes later, she could hear heavy footsteps coming from her back. A small force of werewolves was running and close to her position. Ahead of them was a very figure. It was Cohen himself, running shirtless accompanied by the other two Alphas.

Cohen shouted her name but she chose to ignore it to focus on the current matter in her hands. There were so many uncharted territories where Mira had explored and remembered each route without a problem. This time she was heading to the Black Mountain where one of her temporary encampments located.

It took two hours of running to get to such a place and she was already running without stopping for a breather. Just as she was close, a silver knife was thrown towards her direction. Within the last second, she grabbed her dagger and managed to deflect the silver knife elsewhere.

“Stand your ground!” Mira shouted.

Cohen and his Enforcers stopped behind her as she looked around before putting her dagger away. She didn’t like the scent.

“Mira?” Vincent poked his head out from one of the trees before others followed his action.

Five heads alive. Where was the rest?

She stepped forward, looking at the faces she had saved weeks ago, “Vincent, where are the rest?”

He tried to stop her but she threw him towards the tree instead before jogging further into the forest until her foot came to halt. Her knees were buckling as she looked around. Dead bodies — women, children, and men. Blood. The encampment was ambushed. She fell to her knees when she saw a body of a young boy that was not more than just four years old.

She remembered every face in the encampment. These slaves she saved weeks ago. The encampment was their temporary home. If she hadn’t been so careless about their safety, this could have been prevented and that boy could still be breathing by now. What kind of sick psychopath could have killed such women and young children? Even when Mira lost control, she still didn’t have the heart to hurt young children. Let alone killing them.

She wanted to cry but her tears didn’t fall. Instead, she felt the rage and anger to kill whoever did this to her people. Her claws were digging on her thighs, drawing blood out. She saw a vampire, crawling on the ground, trying to run away. Mira got up, extended her claws fully, walking towards him before she ripped him apart. His screams echoed into the sky.

The monster was resurfacing with new purpose.

Avenge the death of these people.

“Mira,” she heard Cohen called her name.

Why didn’t she feel bothered with him calling her name? Her monster was really angry. Angry to whoever did this to these poor lives. It wanted a bloodbath. It wanted to slit some throats. Goddess, she wanted more than just spilling the blood of the attackers. She wanted to see them suffer in their pool of blood, begging her to show mercy.

The demon wolf wanted blood.

She agreed. For this first time ever, she agreed with her monster.

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