The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 48: Cohen

Three Alphas sat at the meeting desk in the office. Alpha Jaxon of the Eastern pack, Alpha Zachariah of the Western pack and Alpha Cohen of the Southern, with the exceptional presence of Alpha Nathan of the Northern. Each accompanied by their Beta and Gamma.

“You renounced your affiliation, there would be a repercussion.” Alpha Jaxon rubbed his jaw, probably stroking his imaginary beard because he had none. “War is one of it.”

“And with the two of you here on my land is breaking a law in the Council.” Cohen pointed out.

The two Alphas arrived in his territory under emergency situation regarding his renouncement. Cohen was glad he still had allies he could rely on.

“The Council wouldn’t be stupid enough to declare war.” Alpha Zachariah murmured, lacing his fingers together. “Alpha Cohen is outnumbered, yes, but he was the one leading their battalion to victory against the vampires after decades of war. If the Council gather everyone to fight against him, there would be uproar.”

War would always happen between vampires and werewolves. One war after another, there would be one. And many would perish because of that. Cohen once led the greatest war against the vampires in order to defend the Council land. Almost half of the battalion was lost. Although he suffered big losses, he managed to bring the rest to victory. Kingsley family was a prominent leader who led the battalions into a victory for many wars that had happened.

Jaxon shifted his attention to Cohen, “What’s Dalton standing on this? He had been a close friend to you since the beginning.”

“Dalton still answers to the Council. He would have to stand with them.” the Alpha responded. “Where would you stand?”

Dalton’s loyalty lied within the Council. There was no doubt on that. If he was willing enough to sneak in his battalion during the hostages exchange between Cohen and Mira, then he would answer to the Council no matter what.

“Have you heard the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’?” Zachariah said. “Cohen, you’re my cousin. Not to mention I owed you many times. When my pack was under attack, you didn’t hesitate to reinforce my pack. Of course, I would stand by you. The Council could go to hell for all I care. Family comes first.”

“With that being said, my Enforcers are yours to command,” Jaxon added. “Where’s Nathan?”

Cohen grunted at the mention of the Northern Alpha’s name. Whenever an Alpha had a fallout with another Alpha, nobody questioned why. Such rule would take ages for Jaxon’s brain to process. With the current circumstances, Cohen rather not talk about the fallout he had with the Northern. Not that it was his fault.

“I don’t care,” he growled.

Zachariah and Jaxon glanced at each other briefly as if they were communicating without Cohen’s knowledge.

“Did you know that the Northern renounced their affiliation?”

The Southern Alpha rubbed his face in frustration. “I said I don’t care.”

“If he already renounced, why there was a commander on his land?” Liam asked instead, earning death glare from his Alpha. He raised his hands in surrender. “Suck up your pride, man. In the time of war, we need to know everything.”

“Same as us,” Zachariah responded briefly. “Breaking the rules to help a family.”

“When he renounced?”

He tapped his chin, thinking while his fingers moving as if he was calculating. “About six months. Rumors said he was seeking the Council’s help about something.”

“Let me guess,” Cohen interrupted. “They declined.”

The two Alphas nodded before Jaxon’s phone ringtone ’Barbie Girl′ blared into the once serious conversation.

“Seriously?” Zachariah said unbelievably.

He shrugged his shoulders, “Dude, it’s my sister. What am I going to say to a ten years old kid when she wanted to change the ringtone?” he wiggled his finger. “You’re heartless if you say no.” he got up and walked out of the office with the phone.

“If he has a mate, he would be a lot whipped than you are.”

“You’d be the same too.” Cohen coughed mockingly.

“Why am I always getting picked here?”

“You’re the youngest.” his own beta replied. Zachariah quickly whipped his head to the man he called his best friend. “No offense, Alpha. I think it’s the truth.”

“You’re old and grumpy as hell.” he pointed to his cousin.

Cohen snorted. Sure, he was the oldest in the room for being thirty-three. Liam and Brandon were just a few months younger than him. Jaxon and Zachariah were two years younger than the Southern Alpha. Age didn’t matter to Cohen. Not when his mate couldn't keep her eyes off his body. She still found him hot and sexy although Mira didn’t say that by herself, he could just see the way she was looking at him on their first night together. That was a big compliment he could get.

Mira was supposed to be here with him as the Luna of the pack but she declined by saying that as long they hadn’t mate, her status as a rogue would remain. That was the law. Cohen glared at her for saying she was still a rogue but whether he liked it or not, she was right. He couldn’t wait for the day he would mark her as his.

Jaxon reentered the office, putting away his phone and sat down on the same seat. “That was my old man. His phone’s dead. He is so pissed at the Supreme Commander because they’re withdrawing Enforcers from allied zone to prepare.”

“They’re really going to launch an attack, aren’t they?”

He shook his head. “Not possible. Defense Council denied the appeal. Neither the high Councilors nor the Supreme Commander has the power to command the battalion if the Defense says no.”

The door of the office room slammed against the wall and everyone was pretty sure it was almost coming off from its hinges.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Amanda said breathlessly. “Mira’s going to need your help, Alpha.”

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