The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 47: Mira

They watched the Council left the pack mansion after Liam and Brandon escorted them out of the office, leaving only Mira and Cohen inside the enclosed office. She put down her dagger that she had been keeping close to her before reaching for the paper towel on the Alpha’s desk and wiped Cohen’s knuckle smeared with Leonardo’s blood.

“You’re not going to say anything?” he murmured, well enough to hint her of what he was referring to.

“The only thing I could say right now is that don’t beat yourself up for my past. I asked Amanda to lock it for a reason.” She dumped the dirty paper towel into the bin before looking into his hazel eyes. “Besides, I just woke up from my deep slumber. I had short recapped of what happened. I had nothing else to wear except your clothes. Then I came here to tease the Supreme Commander. It was one of my bucket list shit.”

At first she was reluctant to stay close to him that long but the monster didn’t show itself and there was no mockery or hatred towards the Alpha. Maybe Cohen was really indeed tamed the monster.

For now, it was best to focus on her present. On Cohen. It was every werewolf’s dream to finally meet their mate. She was never stopping praying to be reunited with her mate and whoever would be her mate, she would do anything to cherish that person. And she landed a jackpot. An Alpha, the most powerful Alpha. She heard rumors and stories of him how he came to fulfil his nickname the vicious Alpha. Before she met him on that cliff, she spent so much time planning to avoid crossing path with him. She never planned on avoid other Alphas but when she was on Kingsley’s land, she did everything she could to avoid him but of course Goddess decided to make the two rogue pups brought her to Cohen’s path.

It was never her intention to cross path with him on that night but deep inside she was glad that she went against it.

Mira grabbed him by the collar of his shirt before meeting their lips together. Cohen, of course, didn’t deny the kiss as he stood between her legs before she felt her butt was seated on the meeting desk. She moaned against his lips when his tongue explored her mouth. Ever since he touched her on that night, Mira had been craving for more of him.

At the very moment, she knew that her life would be changed for the better. It was true that she didn’t expect this moment to finally arrive in her life. All these times, she was hunting, killing and running with no intention of staying in one place for too long.

“Stay with me,” he said after the kiss.

They were both breathless and clung onto each other as if something would tear them apart.

Could she stay this time for real? No more running. Just face everything. After all the things she went through alone, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to lean? Someone, to watch her back?

He frowned when she didn’t answer. She was contemplating. Was it already safe for her to be around him? Right now even, she was calculating the risk.

“My presence brought nothing but problems to you and your pack.” She mumbled softly.

Yes, her presence had brought problems to his pack. She didn’t mean it to happen.

“Problems?” he narrowed his eyes to her. “Come with me.”

He intertwined their hands before leading her out of the office. The entire pack mansion was eerily silent as if there were no other people living there. Cohen led her towards the vast backyard where all his Enforcers were training. As soon as both of them were in their line of sight, the Enforcers turned and stood in line. Truth to be told, male werewolves were indeed born with masculine physiques.

“Just a moment ago, I renounced our affiliation with the Council. I did that because the Supreme Commander brought a sniper to my land without my knowledge. And also, they intended to bring my mate for an impending trial. From now on, we’re no longer allied to the Council or living under their rules. I didn’t want this to happen but the Council had given me no choice. If any of you wish to seek political asylum in other packs, please step forward. I will arrange your transfer.” Cohen told them.

Murmurs and whispers rose within the crowd. Mira watched them talking to each other and it made her nervous as hell. Cohen’s hand squeezed hers lightly as he still looked at his Enforcers.

“Question!” someone within the crowd raised their hand.

“Oliver, proceed on.” Cohen nodded.

“When would be the baby shower?”

The Alpha pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head in amusement while his Enforcers chuckled at the question.

“Our Alpha is whipped!” someone else shouted. “Whoo!”

Once again he shook his head. The Enforcers continued to tease him.

Ignoring their tease, he turned to face her and said, “If I wasn’t stronger than them, they would have to overthrow me and install you as the new Alpha.”

But he didn’t realize the danger his pack would face. Mira never intended to drag anyone else into this battle of hers. Enough with Vincent and Amanda tailing her for years. Let alone an entire pack of over a thousand population.


“Alpha, we got Alpha Jaxon on the phone.” Brandon interrupted instead, handing the cordless phone to him. “It sounded urgent.”

The Alpha placed the speaker to his ear and listened, walking away to seek for privacy but with Mira’s overly enhanced hearing, she could hear every word exchanged in the call.

“How a while ago the Supreme Commander left your land?” a male voice said on the other end.

“About a few minutes ago,” Cohen replied. “Why?”

“My father was ordered to gather every battalion back into the Council land. Your pack was mentioned.”

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