The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 46: Cohen

Cohen got up from his chair and rushed to the window before looking out. A sniper on the tallest cliff on the east part of his land.

“You brought a sniper?!” he roared to the Supreme Commander.

The Supreme Commander’s Enforcers threw their silver chain towards the Alpha but before it could wrap around his body, Mira took out the dagger she had been hiding underneath the t-shirt she was wearing and deflecting the silver chain somewhere else while he dashed to the Supreme Commander and fight happened.

“YOU FUCKING BROUGHT SNIPER TO MY LAND!” Cohen continued to throw a punch.

The Enforcers once again threw silver chain to him making Mira rolled her eyes as she again deflected it somewhere else. Didn’t they get the message? His mate was covering up his ass while he was pummeling the Supreme Commander. They already had a perfect teamwork.

“Cohen, come on!” Mira tried to pull him away. “Baby, look at me.”

Leonardo threw Cohen towards the wall during his brief distraction. That didn’t stop the Alpha from lunging towards the Supreme Commander. Cohen was sick of the Council’s methods of trying to bring Mira into the trial. He was sick that they didn’t care about collateral damage. He would kill each one of those people in the Council if that means the only way for him to prevent Mira from getting drag to the trial.

With the help of Liam and Brandon both who barged in after the fight happened, they managed to pull the Alpha away only for a few seconds. Cohen was too mad at the Council. There were no words to describe his madness. He wanted to spill the Supreme Commander’s blood right then and there.

Mira’s hands cupped Cohen’s face before her lips touched his. That was a very effective way to stop him from killing Leonardo.

“Just stop, okay?” she mumbled on his lips. “Nothing happened.”

“They brought a sniper to kill you,” he growled but the growl wasn’t directed to his mate.

Cohen could feel her hand slowly wrapped around his clenched fist before he pulled her close to his body and inhaled her scent to calm down.

“Relax,” she whispered. “It’s alright, now.”

At this point, Cohen didn’t care about the damage he had done on the Supreme Commander. Sneaking a sniper into his land and had the sniper targeted Mira on his pack mansion was something he couldn’t forgive. What did the Council was thinking? Sniping his mate on broad daylight in his office?

“It was merely a contingency plan!” Leonardo retorted, wiping his bloodied face that already started to heal.

“A contingency plan?” The Alpha fumed. “What would you do, huh? Shoot her dead if I refuse to give her up to your interrogation?!” He was furious that the Council decided to go that far regarding the matter of his mate. “The Council is corrupted as it is! And you wanted to snipe my mate for exposing a small part of such corruption?!”

The only reason he wasn’t dashing towards Leonardo again was because of the pair of arms wrapped around Cohen’s waist. Mira’s hands were brushing on his back while her lips were whispering soothing words to him. She pressed her lips on his collarbone, instantly wiping away his anger off his body.

“She manipulated you!”

“I saw her memories, alright!”

Mira stiffened in his embrace. Yes, her memories had been haunting him every time he closed his eyes for a sleep. For the past two days, he could barely sleep. The memories of her enslavement kept replaying in his mind. He held her hand in his and watching her unconscious face were the only reasons why he didn’t lose his mind. Cohen could never understand how she survived those fourteen years of pain and torments on her own. If there was one thing he was sure of, Mira was a lot stronger than he was. To go through that enslavement without losing her sanity that fast was something Cohen could never do. He would have lost his sanity, every bit of it, if he was enslaved and tormented that long.

This proved that Mira was a lot stronger than anyone could imagine. Her mind was very strong to survive this long — to hold on this long while her demon wolf was being murderous. Cohen could only hope that he had tamed her demon wolf. Just looking at her right now, he felt like she had better control of it. He didn’t smell silver in her scent. But it was too early to say anything yet.

Right now, he had a bigger matter to settle. Cohen didn’t want Leonardo and his battalion to stay any longer on his land. They had to leave or he would drag each one of them out by his bare hands. They could test that theory if they wanted to. Cohen had no problem showing how much sacrifices he was willing to do for the sake of his mate. For Mira, he was ready to do anything.

“LEAVE OR I DISPOSE ALL OF YOU PERMANENTLY!” he roared again, pointing to the door.

Mira flinched in his arms at his tone. He knew she never saw this side of him. He would apologize later on.

Leonardo stepped forward, trying to intimidate him, “Don’t challenge the Council, Alpha. You’re strong but you’re outnumbered.”

Cohen growled. As expected from the Council. He didn’t challenge them. They challenged him.

“You challenged me on the moment you stepped on my land. You challenged me on the moment you wanted to bring my mate for trial. You challenged me on the moment you snuck the fucking sniper in.” he said through gritted teeth. “You risked my mate’s life and I don’t take that matter lightly. So, Commander, bring all your men and leave my land immediately. My pack is no longer affiliated with the Council.”

“You don’t mean that, Alpha.” Leonardo scoffed as if Cohen was bluffing,

Too bad, Cohen wasn’t bluffing. He was ready to go full on war with the Council right here and right now. Granted, he was outnumbered but the Council forgot one thing. His family was the reason why they still remained strong to these days.

“Oh, I really do.” He pulled Mira behind him. “I, Alpha Cohen Kingsley of Southern Werewolves Pack hereby renounce my pack’s affiliation with the Council.”

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