The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 45: Cohen

He pinched the bridge of his nose to swallow his frustration down. For two days, Leonardo had been bugging him with all the offenses and laws he had broken from the moment he protected Mira during her confrontation with Dalton until to this very moment he was harboring her.

Now that his mate was still unconscious, he would rather spend every minute sitting by her side than facing this bastard who had nothing better to do than bugging him and his pack.

“Your declination to co-operate with us will be called up to the Supreme Court and Alpha, we both know that this matter could be settled here on the civil way. All you need to do is to hand Mira for interrogation. If she is proven innocent—”

Cohen raised his hand, silencing the Supreme Commander, “What you’re suggesting is that for me to hand my mate for a possible impending death sentence. All she did was killing guilty rogues, freeing slaves and killing vampires.”

“And killing Vincent Hale!”

If they knew the owner of the name was here, they wouldn’t have mentioned his case.

Cohen was about to reply when he caught a swift sweet scent belonged to his mate shortly before the office door was slammed open. And there she was, standing, looking outrageously ravishing in his t-shirt and sweatpants. He made sure Vincent and Amanda didn’t change her clothes though.

“Goddess, the tension in here is killing!” she rolled her eyes to the Supreme Commander whom ready to command his Enforcers to restrain her with silver chain. “So, my name was mentioned. I’m here, let’s begin.” She had some files in her grip on which she kept close to herself as she made her way into the office.

She leaned against Cohen’s office desk, crossing her arms over her chest, waiting for someone to begin the meeting once more. He had to restrain himself from pulling her from behind. Her scent was intoxicating and he just couldn’t get enough.

Cohen stared at the outline of her back. She had her daggers hidden underneath the big t-shirt. Old habit died hard. Sooner or later, he must accept the fact that she still didn’t feel safe. Not even in his own pack mansion. He had to do something about that. Cohen wanted her to feel safe around him without carrying those daggers around. He needed to build her trust in him.

“Miss Mira, you know you are highly wanted—”

“Straight to the offenses, Commander.” She cut him off swiftly.

“Killing, trespassing, the death of Vincent Hale, possession of confidential information and insulting a battalion commander.”

“And his offense?” she pointed to Cohen that was still leaning on his chair behind her.

“Harboring criminal and obstruction of justice.”

“And yours?”

That got everyone curious. Mira’s expertise of poking everyone’s nerves wasn’t just an empty attempt. Cohen had seen the way she poked Dalton’s nerves. She didn’t do any empty attempts or threats. She had some tricks hidden up her sleeves. Mira was just waiting for the right moment to do her magic show.

“I am Supreme Commander of the Council and I command you to respect this meeting and address the officials with their titles.”

Mira rubbed her temple, “Eh, as if commands work on me. So the old wicked-witches-of-the-west sent you here to do their bidding?”

Cohen almost chuckled at her reference of the Councilors while Liam and Brandon were trying hard not laugh on the floor. Nobody ever dared to call the three Councilors—leaders of all werewolves the same way as she did. Mira surely had a talent on poking people’s nerves.

“I’d suggest you choose your words wisely,” Leonardo uttered with gritted teeth.

“Or what, Commander? Are you going to add it to my endless list of offenses? Please, do it as you please. The more, the merrier. It would just add more headache.” She opened the brown files she was carrying. “Let me read your offenses.” Mira walked to the meeting table. “May 21st, slavery case was reported to the Council. 12 young human boys. Zero action was taken. Evidence was erased. May 24th, second slavery case, 16 rogues, zero action was taken. Evidence was erased.” She continued to dump each file onto the table, reading the dates and numbers of slaves.

Leonardo took the file one by one. By the look on his face, he confirmed the validity of such files. Liam was right. Mira did have the confidential information delivered to her doorstep.

“Where did you get these files?” Dalton questioned.

“From Santa Claus.” She replied sarcastically. “I behaved last Christmas so I got this as my present.”

“Miss Red, provoking the Council—”

“Goddess!” she shouted, throwing her hands in the air. “I don’t have to provoke your Council. I could just provoke you. Press a little button here and there, boom, you’d hulk out. Doesn’t take much effort actually. Just like this one—” She was already stood next to the Supreme Commander and poked his forehead with her long index finger. “Hulk activated.”

“THAT’S IT!” the Supreme Commander slammed his hands on the meeting table. “YOU’RE DISRESPECTING THIS MEETING!

Mira quickly pulled her hand away as if the man was burning her skin. Leonardo glared at her. If a glare could kill, she would have been dead by now. He looked like he was losing his temper at this moment.

“Exactly.” Mira proved her statement.

Cohen looked away, trying to suppress his grin while Liam and Brandon rushed out of the office—probably unable to contain their laughter. It didn’t look professional but it was better for them to leave the office than risking laughing in here.

“Miss Red, do I need to remind you—”

Mira sneezed. Nobody knew whether it was intentional or it was just her allergic to the Supreme Commander’s command.

“Oooo, scary.” She said mockingly. “Ask your beloved Council on where I got the files.” She walked to the window before turning to face everyone one by one, “Does anyone hire sniper here?”

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