The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 44: Mira

“Is she awake?” someone whispered. “Her eyes cracked open a bit.”

“She’s probably playing I spy with my little eyes.” a woman responded in amusement.


So many voices. Her head was hurting. Why there were so many voices?

Where was she? She could feel something soft caressed her arms. And the scent, oh goddess, the scent was relaxing. It felt like a bliss. Pure bliss. She didn’t want to stop sniffing the scent.

“What the hell happened to her?” the first voice was a man. “I think you broke her.”

“Relax, she’s just sniffing the pillow. I do it all the time.”

“Now she’s smiling. Oh Goddess, she’s broken!”

She opened her eyes and was greeted by a pair of green eyes before the owner of the green eyes flown across the room and landed onto a man who caught her body.

“Okay, she’s still strong.” the woman grunted.

“Amanda?” Mira adjusted her sight from the blinding sunlight. “Vincent? Where the hell are we?”

Vincent and Amanda got up from the floor, dusting their pants off before the dead man answered, “We’re at Alpha’s pack mansion.”

Her hairs stood up on the back of her neck. She looked around and realized this must be the Alpha’s quarter. His bedroom just smelled like his scent. The room itself didn’t have much furniture. A king-sized bed with essential stuff here and there. How did she get here? More importantly, what sort of mess she had dragged him into?

“Where is he?” she asked.

“Supreme Commander is here. I managed to mask our scent while Alpha Cohen went to greet his guests.”

Despite she just woke up, her brain back to haywire. The Supreme Commander was in the same place as her. She repeated the same information into her brain. The old dog finally showed up, she thought.

Mira had tried many ways to tease the old dog out of his turf but failed miserably. Now he was here. What a very good opportunity.

“I couldn’t remember anything. Give me a quick recap.” She mumbled as she looked around.

“The vampires abducted you. Alpha Cohen gathered his men and they went after you. Someone injected you with Dark Roots. He rushed you to me. I sent him to where you were trapped. Your wolves fought. You stabbed him with your claws. You slit your palm and placed it on his wound. The demon wolf was tamed.” Amanda answered in one breath.

Mira stopped wondering around. “But my blood…”

“We managed to cure him,” Vincent responded instead. “On time.”

None of these talks was making her feeling any better. Cohen again risked his life for her. And in return, she stabbed him. This was like the cabin scene all over again. Mira clenched and unclenched her hands, testing if there were any changes in herself. So far, nothing. She felt the same.

No, she didn’t feel the same.

Where did the demon wolf go? She couldn’t feel its presence in the back of her mind.

“What happened to the demon wolf?”

“It’s still in you,” Amanda replied. “But the Alpha tamed it.”

Did Cohen tame her monster? Was that even possible? Or did they say that just to ease her mind? Granted, she didn’t feel silver in her system. But was it truly possible for Cohen to tame her monster that had been dying to kill him instead?

Her mind was once again quiet. But somehow this wasn’t that convincing to her. At least not now. Even though it had been twice her mind felt this peace. What if the monster was just lurking around? Just like before. Waiting for the right moment to strike again.

“So you’re saying it is safe for him to be around me?” she mumbled softly.

Amanda went thinking, “I can’t really say. You were unconscious for two days and nothing happened when he stayed here by your side. But I don’t really know if you would still murderous on him when you’re awake.” she advanced towards the redheaded. “Mira, this is a good news. You would be able to control your demon wolf from killing the Alpha.”

Good news, Mira repeated the words in her mind. Those weren’t the correct words to describe the situation. There was never been good news. Not when a demon wolf was involved. Those words were too alien for her.

“Where are my clothes?”

“Well, they were a bit torn so I sent them for repair.”

The redheaded eyed the blonde. “For two days? Amanda, you’re the worst liar in the universe.”

She pointed to her, “Now that’s hurt. Why do you have to make everything personal?” She groaned mockingly. “The Alpha had your clothes. He said he would send it to the laundry room and we never see those clothes ever since.”

Mira checked the clothing she was wearing. Big grey t-shirt and sweatpants. This wasn’t her clothing. The sweatpants was too big and too long for her legs. And the t-shirt could pass as a dress on her body. Could these be the Alpha’s clothing? Well, it smelled like him so it confirmed her theory.

“I need decent clothes,” Mira looked at Amanda.

They were almost the same size except their height. Mira was taller. Amanda and Vincent looked at each other before avoiding her gaze.

“Seriously?” Mira grumbled.

“The Alpha said you could only wear his clothes,” Amanda replied sheepishly. “He would kick our butt out if he sees you’re wearing someone else’s clothes.”

If Mira could blush, she would have done it by now. Unfortunately, she didn’t blush easily.

“Look at the bright side though. You still have your bra and panties,” the white witch beamed a grin.

Grunting incoherent curses, Mira bent down, rolling the sweatpants up so that her foot could touch the floor instead of having the fabric sweeping the floor clean. She would need to talk to Cohen about decent clothes. Not that his clothes weren’t decent. She just wanted her own clothes.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Vincent asked as Mira walked to the door. “Amanda just covered our scent from being sniffed by the Supreme Commander and you are about to step out of the room.”

“Why missed the opportunity to tease the old dog?”

“Then you’re going to need this.” he handed her their bargaining tool.

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