The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 43: Cohen

Mira’s eyes shot open, revealing the demon wolf’s eyes as she screamed. She struggled on the bed. Cohen pinned her down while Vincent was trying to prevent her claws from slashing them. Amanda put her hand on Mira’s forehead and whispered incoherent words to her ear. Slowly, the struggle ceased and her eyes shut once again. But her body remained burning hot.

“We have to hurry. She’s too deep in the realm.” Amanda urged. “Is the bathtubs ready?”

Liam came out from the bathroom with tons of empty ice packets. “It’s ready.”

“So how this would work?” Cohen asked as he lowered Mira’s body into the first bathtub filled with ice before he entered another bathtub with ice.

Amanda put her hand on his shoulder, lowering his body into the ice, “You have to focus on the mating bond. Reach to her mind and seek where she is.”


“Look for the gate. Whatever you see before it, you just keep moving forward. And brace yourself for what you are about to witness beyond the gate.”

“If I don’t?”

“You’d die and Mira will become the monster she tried to prevent.”

“That’s encouraging.”

Amanda grabbed his hand and connected it to Mira's. “Now close your eyes. Feel the coldness of the ice.” And so he did as she asked. “Relax, Alpha.”

He focused on the coldness of the ice slipping into his body and Amanda’s hand on his shoulder, preventing him from coming out from the ice water. After a while, he was no longer able to hold his breath and started to struggle in the bathtub. Cohen forced himself out of the bathtub and gasped for air as he looked around.

It was really cold. Too cold even for a werewolf. The place was dark. His nostrils picked nothing but the smell of dried blood and rotten corpses. Then he realized, he was inside Mira's painful memories.

Her enslavement.

He could sniff the faint scent of hers. So he followed it. Nobody there seemed to aware of his presence as he continued to walk down the spiral stone staircases until he reached two-rows of cells, imprisoning slaves.

Cohen continued to walk straight, following the faint scent of hers until he reached the last cell where he finally spotted her lying on the cold ground with her bare back facing his way. She was naked, curling into a ball. At this moment, she was no older than thirteen. He could feel anger surging in him as he trained his eyes on her fresh wounds on her bare back.

Three vampires came, opening the cell door of hers before two men held her on her knees while the third man struck her back with a silver chain. Mira screamed. The entire place shook around him as if there was an earthquake but it didn't affect those men as they continued to torture her.

Don’t stop, Alpha.” Amanda’s voice echoed softly.

Closing his eyes tightly, trying to control his anger. There was nothing he could have done to change her past. The only thing he could do right now was pulling her from the slumber and make sure her future would be treasured, cherished and loved.

Find the gate,

He went down to the same staircases, a lot deeper than previous. Cohen found himself continued to end up in front of her cell; witnessing such a fragile girl being struck with silver chain, beaten up, tortured and even rape. Her screams filled the entire dungeon.

He closed his eyes, “Mira love if you can hear me, guide me.” he whispered.

He opened his eyes and saw the same enslaved Mira but this time she was looking at him before pointing behind him.

“The gate,” she whispered.

He turned around and saw the gate, one gigantic silver gate with weird signs engraved on both sides. Cohen spun to see the enslaved Mira but she was no longer there. In fact, he was alone now. He walked past the gate and everything changed. He was surrounded by fire.

Mira was standing far ahead of him with her back facing him. He looked down to her hands and saw her claws extended.

“Mira,” he called cautiously as he stepped forward to her.

“She’s not yours anymore.” another voice answered. That was when he saw what was supposed to be imprisoned beyond the gate.

The demon wolf.

A gigantic demon wolf stepping forth from the darkness while Mira was still standing in the same spot.

“Love, I’m here. Look at me.” Cohen didn’t want to give up even if he had to stay there forever with her.

“She is not yours!” the demon wolf sent him flying across.

“Mira, please, look at me, love.”

The demon wolf threw him again. Cohen could feel blood was trickling from his mouth.

Just as he prepared for another strike from the demon wolf, the strike was prevented by something else.

His wolf.

In the same size as the demon wolf.

And hell broke loose between the two wolves.

As the two wolves started to wrestle one another, Cohen took the opportunity to get to Mira. He grabbed her by her arms and forced her to look at him. Her eyes were blood red as the demon wolf.

“Love, I know you’re in there. I know you can hear me. I’m here for you. I’m here to take you home.”

“I am home.” Her voice finally left her lips and second before her claws stabbed him on the same scar on his abdomen.

Instead of pulling her claws out, Cohen pulled her into his embrace, letting her claws to go through his flesh.

“Remember the hotel room?” he whispered. “I didn’t want that moment to end. It was perfect to see you smiling around with me. For a moment I saw the hidden emotions in your eyes—the emotions that you hid far away because you fear for once, you would lose control but I wasn’t afraid of you. I watched you as you were asleep in my arms and from that moment I knew you weren’t the monster that you said you were. You’re the woman that I’m helplessly in love with. Baby, come back to me, please.”

“Cohen…” his knees began to buckle as she called his name. Her arms wrapped around his body as he was slowly losing his strength.

Cohen looked into her electric blue eyes that he fell in love with, “I’m okay, love.”

She cut the palm of her right hand, “This will hurt.”

She pulled him into her embrace before he could feel her wounded palm found its way on his wound. As soon as her blood touched his wound, Cohen growled at the pain.

After a while, the pain ceased. Cohen’s wolf howled before its eyes that were pitched black were focused on the monster ahead. One last strike before the demon wolf finally admitted its defeat.

The monster had been tamed.

And so was he.

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