The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 42: Mira

Where did all these pain come from? Why was there so much pain? It felt like her body was torn from piece to piece as she was engulfed in fire. It was too much. Too much pain for her to withstand. Fourteen years of tortures weren’t able to compare with the pain she was currently feeling. She wanted to scream or cry even but there was nothing coming out of her.

She was with the monster again. How could it do this to her? All these times, all the things she did was to fulfill its bloodlust. And this was how it decided to repay her. With pain and tortures. Mira was tired. Getting back to this place with the monster again was draining her energy out. It never ended well until Mira gave up her entire being to it.

“Why are you doing this to me again?” she mumbled weakly.

“You left me no choice. You let him touched you!”

Him? Who was him? What the hell did it talk about? Was it talking about Cohen? Her mate? He didn’t hurt her. He looked at her body as if he was worshipping her. His eyes contained adoration and admiration at that night.

“You disobeyed my words and now you’re suffering because of it. When you realize your mistake, I can end your suffer.”

With that, she screamed as more pain slipped into her body. She screamed as loud as her voice could. She couldn’t lift her arms or her legs as if she was chained down. Mira could feel tears began slipping from her eyes.

Why it had to be very painful? Why couldn’t she just live her life just the way it was? Why she had to be tortured this way?

“Please.... stop... ” She sobbed.

“Let it go, Mira.”

“No....he doesn’t deserve to die!”

She would never let go even if it cost her life. She didn’t survive this far just to let her monster took over her body. Goddess knew what it could do.

“He doesn’t deserve you! No one does! Did you forget? They sent you to die in that dungeon. They tortured you. Raped you. Enslaved you. Their world didn’t deserve almighty creature as you are. You are a lot stronger than any of them. I could make them bow to your feet if you just let me.”

Memories of her torments in the dungeon were playing before her eyes.

Mira screamed when the vampire struck her body with the silver chain over and over again. Then they laughed wickedly at her weakness as they continued to strike her back.

“Weakling!” the vampire spat, struck her back even more. “I didn’t even know what the Kincaid saw in this weakling.”

“Please stop,” Mira begged. “Stop.”

“I’d bet she begged the same to the Kincaid.”

“Come on man. Teach her some lessons.”

They looked at each other. The man stood in the middle smiled at her, cupping her jaw with his rough hand. She hated the way his eyes looked at her. How could they do this wretched thing to a young kid like her? Didn’t they have any heart or humanity?

“Let’s see what your body could do this time,” He let her jaw go.

He signaled the two men to hold her arms while he spread her legs opened. Mira tossed around, trying to fight them but they were too strong. She cried as he forced himself into her. With every movement he made, they laughed wickedly. They took turns to have their lust sated using her body. Mira couldn’t stop herself from crying as they didn’t stop until she was bleeding. Just like that, her body was used to satisfy their lust all over again. They laughed as they left her jail cell. Mira curled on the corner of the jail cell, letting the droplets of the water from the ceiling drenched her body. No amount of water in the world could clean her. No amount of washing could get the stench of their touch off her body. She was forever dirty.

Mira yelled to the ceiling, dropping to her knees. She felt disgusted at the way they had touched her. So disgusted that she wanted to skin herself alive.

“I could help you to kill them all,” it whispered softly, level its blood-coated jaw next to her head. “No more games. No more Alpha. Just a pure massacre to sate your lust. We can make them bow to your feet, begging for your mercy,”

Mira stared at her hands. They were coated with blood. There were bodies piled up in front of her. The stench of their blood entered her nostrils. She looked at their faces, one by one. She recognized them all. These were the people who had caused pain to her.

“Don’t you want to see them suffer and tormented like you did?”

She closed her eyes, imagining a scene where they screamed in pain and begged for her mercy. The fear in their eyes was sending adrenaline rush to her. It felt like she was feeding on their fear to survive this long.

“Don’t you want to kill them slowly? Hurting them slowly and let them healed so that you could hurt them again and again?”

It circled around her, “Did they come to your aid to save you? No, they pretended to come to save you. They just wanted to cut you open like those soulless vampires.”

It was right. Nobody came to her aid to save her out of pure sincerity or pity. They saved her because they knew what she was. If she didn’t break herself out, she would have become another experiment subject to them.

“What you want me to do?” she asked.

“Just let go. Accept yourself for who you are,” it answered. “I’m you. And you’re me. We are one body — one mind — one soul.”

“And then what?”

“Leave everything else to my wake. They deserved to die. All of them.”

Mira got up, looking to the monster, “Yes they are.”

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