The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 41: Cohen

Cohen led the first team which was the scout team closer to the compound. Mira’s voice entered his hearing. She was taunting the vampires. But what enraged him the most was the vampire who punched her repeatedly. Cohen was mad at the sight but Mira was laughing, knowing exactly what she was doing. She was keeping them busy and distracted for him. It was a brilliant move from her but Cohen didn’t want her to risk her life doing that.

"They’re all inside there,” Oliver told him. ”Alpha?"

Cohen growled silently. His saliva was dripping from his jaw and his stare was pierced into the leeches who had landed his hand on Mira. Cohen instructed the scout team to regroup with the others while he stayed. He couldn’t move. Hell, he didn’t want to move. His claws were aching to sink into the vampire’s throat.

While Mira was busy provoking the vampires, Cohen’s Enforcers slowly surrounded the entire compound, taking their own positions and waiting for his command. A second vampire pulled the first one who had been punching Mira on the stomach repeatedly. She laughed again and Cohen saw she licked the corner of her lips, swallowing her own blood. Even at a time like this, she still managed to keep her origin as secret.

“Let me tell you a secret,” Mira’s eyes flashed red and she was grinning. It was so wicked. “Silver doesn’t hurt me.”

Cohen watched as she knocked her forehead on the vampire’s nose. He smiled mentally as she managed to break loose from the silver chain as if the silver chain was made of paper. She sent the same vampire across the room before everyone opened fire. Mira jumped and took cover from a big rusty machinery.

"Get ready!" Cohen commanded.

The moment he heard the first click of an empty clip, he barged into the compound and ripped apart the nearest vampire to his location. His Enforcers did the same but they had to take cover as soon as the vampires finished reloading. Cohen jumped to the machinery next to the ones Mira was using as her shield. She was taking a deep breath and her eyes were tightly closed. Then he realized that she was having internal turmoil with her demon wolf.

“103 vampires and maybe more outside!” She yelled after a while.

Mira flinched when the third round of gunfire happened. The sound of the gunfire affected her hearing more than it did to him.

Cohen peeked for a second, looking for the vampire that hurt his mate. The vampire was running for the exit.

Cohen’s wolf was itching to sink his canines into the vampire’s neck. As soon as they started to reload, all hell broke loose. He was aided by his Enforcers as they eliminated 102 vampires while Mira went after the one that punched her. A flash moment, Cohen saw the vampire injected her with something before his heart was exposed to the air.

The veins on her neck were blackening. The thing that the vampire injected into her for sure that wasn’t silver. Cohen saw Vincent injected her with silver before. Her veins didn’t turn black. This time was different. It was something else. He shifted back to his human form and rushed to her before her forehead hit his shoulder.

“I got you, baby. I got you.” He whispered, wrapping his arms around her.

“Cohen...” she mumbled.

Her eyes were blinking weakly as if her eyelids were too heavy to stay open. Her skin was burning on his touch.

He continued to hold her until her next words, “You’re naked.” made him chuckling before she fell into his embrace, unconscious.

Amanda is waiting at the cabin.” Liam linked to him.

The only person could figure out what substance had entered his mate’s body would be the white witch. But Cohen had the feeling that he was about to receive bad news.

He put on a short that he brought with before carrying Mira in his arms and rushed out of the compound. Liam and the Enforcers were doing temporary patrolling around the area to see whether there would be more vampires. Half of the Enforcers returned with Brandon to the pack mansion to strengthen their defense in the territory. Vampires trespassing was never taken lightly even if it was just one vampire trespassed. Every possible contingency plan would have to be considered.

As soon as he reached the cabin, Vincent and Amanda quickly followed him to Mira’s bedroom before the blonde woman began to identify the substance in Mira’s body. And the way Amanda looked at him, Cohen was prepared for the worst.

“Most likely the vampire injected the first dosage of Dark Roots into her body. Dark Root is a type of herbs which mainly used to mess up someone’s mind to fuel the worst side of a person. It was a common practice for a dark witch to eliminate their enemies without dirtying their hands. Because of her demon wolf, Mira is almost immune to every known poison.” Amanda explained.

“But?” Cohen could sense there was more.

“Demon wolf is always fueled by bloodlust. And when Dark Roots meets Demon wolf, it’s like pouring fuel into the raging flame.”

“Can you reverse it?”

Amanda shook her head, “We can’t reverse it but you, Alpha,” she trailed off. “You’re her mate. You have the slightest chance to tame the demon wolf.”

Vincent grabbed her by the arm, “Amanda, what are you talking about?”

“There’s no creature that couldn’t be tamed. Even the vicious one had its own weaknesses. Mira’s demon wolf’s weakness is him.” She pointed to the Alpha, “That’s why it wanted to kill him. It knew the effects he had on Mira.”

“He could get killed if you send him in.” Vincent protested.

He sounded like he knew where she would send the Alpha. Cohen didn’t care about his own safety. He couldn’t just stand by watching Mira in pain. Enough with the pain she experienced in the compound a few minutes ago.

“How can I help Mira?” Cohen asked.

If there was a chance, even the slightest and tiniest chance he could help his mate, then he would do it.

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