The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 40: Mira

Shaking her head to get over the noises from her surroundings, Mira looked around. She was sitting on a silver chair and her hands were chained behind while her ankles were chained to the chair’s legs. At times like this, she could use help from her monster but she still couldn’t feel her monster’s presence in her mind.

The silver in her system should have worn out by now. But why her monster didn’t resurface in her mind like before? She still couldn’t figure out what happened to it right now. Did Cohen really tame it by making love to her? Or as usual, it was just lurking around? Mira hated it. She hated it that her monster was lurking around without hinting its presence.

“Hey look, the rogue woke up!” one of the vampires shouted.

She eyed them one by one. A hundred and three vampires in an old abandoned industrial area. She only saw three of them were females and the rest were males with guns, probably loaded with silver bullets.

One word.


Then she laughed when she remembered something. They left Cohen in the hotel room.

What a big mistake they could have done.

“What’s so funny?” the same guy asked.

She looked up, “You think your guns are good enough to kill werewolves? And injecting me with silver wouldn’t do much for you.”

With that, she earned a slap across her face.

But she laughed again, “And you left him there. He wouldn’t sit tight and wait for you to return me. Even as we’re speaking right now, he’d probably head here.”

That wasn’t an empty talk. Mira’s enhanced hearing was even better than the werewolf’s or vampire’s. She could hear the sound of heavy footsteps heading in this direction. But these vampires didn’t know that yet.

“Quiet bitch!” a punch on her abdomen. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? No strength to fight?” He chuckled at her hissing.

Mira could taste her own blood in her mouth. No doubt her inner cheek was torn. She didn’t want to spit the blood out knowing that a drop of her blood could do. So she swallowed it.

“Mira the greatest rogue with impeccable records. The most highly wanted rogue in history.” he bent to match her eye level, “You know what they called you? The Lone Wolf. But you lost your golden touch when the Goddess decided to match you with Alpha Cohen.”

“For a vampire, you sounded respectful to him eh?” Mira smirked.

The same male vampire once again landed a slap across her face. “If your blood wasn’t as poisonous as they told us, we would have drained your blood every drop of it.”

Shame to hear that they were afraid of her blood instead of herself. Mira kept on taunting the vampire guy and each time she earned a punch or a slap. The more blood she tasted in her mouth, the easier she could feel the presence of her monster.

“Dude, come on. We were told not to hurt her.” another vampire pulled him from pummeling her to death.

If he could pummel her to death with his baby punch.

Mira closed her eyes and stopped breathing for a few seconds, focusing her hearing. The werewolves were getting closer. They would get hurt if the vampires fired those silver-bullets guns.

“Let me tell you a secret,” Mira grinned wickedly. She knew her eyes flashed red as the vampire looked shocked. “Silver doesn’t hurt me.” With that she knocked her forehead onto the vampire’s nose, breaking it.

She easily broke the chain and kicked the silver chair towards another vampire which sent him flying across the place. Then the rest started to shoot as she took cover behind the rusty machinery.

As soon as the fire ceased, Mira focused on her hearing. Her ears were buzzing. This was why she hated gunfire. They were too loud for her liking. For someone who had enhanced senses like her, the sound of gunfire was like twenty times louder for her than what the human could hear.

Silent and swift death was her favorite although her monster preferred painful and slow death and a lot of screaming and begging too.

The vampires began to fire again and she could see a least over a hundred werewolves quickly took cover. Little she knew, one of them had managed to sneak into the compound. And it was no other than her mate.

This wasn’t the right time for her demon wolf tried to take control of her mind. Now, the monster decided to come forth when they had vampires to kill and all the demon wolf could think of was killing Cohen.

“103 vampires and maybe more outside!” She yelled over the gunfire.

And conveniently, the vampires had machine guns. Since when vampires became this equipped with the heavy ordnance?

As soon as they began to reload, Cohen and his Enforcers stormed out of their hideouts while Mira headed to one specific vampire who had slapped and punched her earlier. But the leader was a lot tricky than she expected. He used his inhuman speed to outrun her before injecting her with something and a second later, her hand went through his chest, exposing his beating heart to the air.

If it wasn’t because of her painful past, Mira could see herself developing the fear of blood. After nearly three decades of dealing with blood, she just saw the blood as if it was just a mere water with red coloration.

Mira dropped on her knees as her head suddenly felt like being thumped by a large hammer. Her claws were slowly extended while her body felt like she was on fire, being grilled alive. Her head felt so heavy as if it weighed tons until her forehead crashed onto something. Why was there so much buzzing around her?

“I got you, baby. I got you.” his voice echoed into her ears.

His strong arms wrapped around her. Mira felt like she was losing the function of her entire body.

“Cohen...” she mumbled.

She felt so weak. She never felt this weakened before. Even the silver never made her this weak before.

What was happening? What did the vampire inject her with? The thumping was too much for her to bear.

“You’re naked.” that was the last thing she said before darkness consumed her.

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