The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 4: Mira

Mira took off her shirt; a short hiss escaped from her lips. A big purple bruise formed under her right rib. She pressed her palm on the bruise and she realized she had a fractured rib. A fractured bone would take a week to heal for an average werewolf. However, Mira was beyond average. It would only take an hour or two for a fractured bone to heal in her case—depending on the severity of the fracture.

She tore a few bags of ice-cubes to the bathtub while the water was running out of the tap. Dipping her body into the icy water, Mira sighed in delight. The ice would numb the soreness and tiredness from her body. Sometimes, her profession would take more than tracking missing rogues. She accepted contract kills, too. She was an outlaw and was enjoying every second. Laws didn’t apply to her, but in a certain situation, Mira wouldn’t cross a certain line. She knew her purposes and tried her best not to get side-tracked.

An hour later, she parked her motorbike in front of Grover’s nightclub. She had no intention of showing up in a public place as crowded as the nightclub. Not when she could smell every unpleasant scent oblivious to the human senses. Her enhanced senses were both a curse and a blessing to her.

Still, she felt the need to unwind her thoughts.

The smell of the sweats pollutes the air as she went further into the nightclub. Mira’s eyes saw everyone there, particularly, the Enforcers. She felt bad they couldn’t reprimand them on the spot without risking their identity exposed to the humans nearby.

They all recognized her as Mira Red, but nobody knew her true story—a story she had buried deep inside herself. For now, it was best if she kept her identity as Mira Red known to everyone while her real story remained buried.

“Scotch,” Mira ordered as she sat at the bar.

“Coming right up,” the bartender responded with a flirtatious smile.

Her thoughts well occupied—the thoughts of her mate. She came here to unwind her mind from thinking about it. The harder she tried to not thinking about it, the more the thoughts of him appeared in her mind. Shaking her head, she focused on her true intention of coming to the nightclub. The owner of the place, Jonathan Grover, was a human who had knowledge of the supernatural species and one of the main contacts of the Black Market.

The Black Marker in the supernatural world was more than just where people could buy illegal weapons, drugs, body organs, and things closed to illegal. It also provided information and contracts—killing, bounty hunting, confidential files, just to name a few.

Grover kept a close tab on those that went against the mankind. Called it professional courtesy, he wanted to see his own species safe. Also, he did every other business too. Legal ones. Otherwise, she would be there and waiting for him with her legs crossed and daggers in hand.

After a while, Mira’s nostrils picked the same musky scent. The same scent she got addicted to. He was nearby. Her electric blue eyes scanned the crowd until she spotted him sat down at the VIP 9 booth with two other men. They might be his Beta and third-in-command, also known as the Gamma. An Alpha never traveled without his two officers on the tow.

His plain black shirt hugged his upper body, showing the strong outlines of his muscular body. Despite their unfortunate confrontation earlier, Mira couldn’t deny that the Alpha was emitting sex appeal for someone at his age—a feast for a woman like her. The scars on his arms and neck showed he had involved in battles countless times. She heard about the victories he achieved during the decades-long of war with the vampires.

Well, the two species had been on each other’s throat since day one.

“Your scotch. Courtesy of the gentleman on VIP 9 booth,” The bartender said as he placed a second glass of scotch in front of her.

Mira chuckled. About two hours ago, she was neck-to-neck with the Alpha and now; he paid for her drinks. She wondered what would happen next.

“What do you know about them, handsome?”

She used endearment even though she knew the Alpha could pick every word she was saying.

“Sweetheart, just like you are, they’re the regular here as well except for the tall gentleman.”

He showed the Alpha’s first time in the nightclub because he was the tallest in the group.

She traced her index fingertip on the rim of her drink glass. “There is always a first time of something, huh?”

The bartender leaned closer to her face. “What about you, sweetheart? No first time of something?”

She wanted to continue the talk but a certain someone might not like it. Not that she cared for the bartender. But, Mira didn’t want to testify as of the first-hand witness. The Werewolf’s Council would do anything to bring her in. Besides, Alpha had the worst possessive and jealous traits.

She tapped the bartender’s nose with her index finger. Mira laughed. “Zander dear, there is always an exception for everything,”

He withdrew his face from hers. His lips stretched into a smile. “Boss is waiting for you upstairs, sweetheart.”

A glass-walled office was showing Grover who was staring down on the first floor of the nightclub. He had a drink on his hand while his other hand was in the pocket of his trousers.

“Get those gentlemen new drinks and put on my tab this time,” Mira whispered. “I don’t like to owe anyone.”

“Your words are my command, M’lady.”

Mira chugged down her drink before made her way to the stairs on which she had to walk past VIP 9 booth.

She could feel Cohen’s eyes didn’t leave her figure as she walked past the booth towards the staircases. She wanted to end the night and whatever Grover had for her, it would better be worth it.

As soon as she reached the office, Grover’s men searched for weapons on her body.

“Cut the bullshit, Grover. I’ve been here countless times,” Mira said.

The owner chuckled. “Darling, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.” He took a seat before his desk.

“I could kill you by the snap of my fingers.” She reminded him.

The nightclub’s owner looked uncomfortable by her statement. But, he masked it. “I heard you’ve completed your assignment. Your share of the payment already transferred to the account.”

“Then, why did you request me here?”

“Your presence, darling, had caused a tiny stir. Someone wanted to know about you.”

“You mean the gentlemen on VIP 9 booth?”

“You know them?”

“Cohen Kingsley,” She replied.

When she saw Grover’s reaction, she could tell he didn’t realize he had the owner of the town in his nightclub. Still, she couldn’t blame the human either. The nightclub was dark, and he was a human with no enhanced senses like her. Besides, Cohen Kingsley didn’t mingle around human much. He spent his time to hunt rogues like her. It wasn’t a surprise if someone in the town didn’t recognize the Alpha.

“Relax, Grover. He might come here to have fun like everybody else.” She reassured him.

“How could you be sure?”

Mira walked to the glass wall and saw the Alpha was looking at her while his men were entertaining two women. Another woman came to his side which caused Mira bit the inner flesh of her cheek.

Whoa, how did she become jealous this fast?

“Because they follow their rules,” she answered, shrugging her shoulders. “The Alpha may have an impeccable reputation, but that doesn’t mean he would hurt the innocent.”

Grover chuckled at her last word. “Innocent.” He repeated it.

“Don’t forget you, as a human, have an advantage of this situation. He could bring you in for interrogation if he’s desperate enough to break the rules. Then, he must answer the Council which means he would invite problems into his own hands.”

As soon as she finished her sentences, an unsettling feeling washed over her. She felt that the Alpha would do anything even if it means he had to break the laws of the Werewolf’s Council? He was an Alpha. Laws didn’t always apply to an Alpha.

“What are you going to do about them?”

“Depends on what your staffs and customers reveal to them.”

“They’re clean. They know nothing of you.”

“Booth 2 and 5 are bounty hunters,” Mira revealed as she looked at both booths. “It’s a matter of time before Kingsley and his men ask the right people about me.”

“I don’t think those bounty hunters would give up their target.” Grover drank his Scotch. “Your bounty doubled.” He handed a small brown envelope. “They would have fight each other to bring you in for bounty.”

Mira turned around and walked to his desk to take the envelope. “Wicked.”

She grinned as she checked it before she put it inside her inner jacket pocket. Same old hunting. Her definition of fun was killing bounty hunters. Mira loathed tracking missing rogues. It was too much drama for her.

She turned her heels to the door. “See you around, Grover.”

“Hey, about the Alpha,” Grover shouted. “Don’t mess with him in my nightclub. No business here.”

Mira laughed before she exited the office. Sometimes, for a man like Grover, he seemed to fear Cohen Kingsley the most. The nightclub hosted outlaws more than pack members.

Well, what else a human like him would feel for conducting business on Kingsley’s land? The Southern Werewolves Pack built the town.

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