The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 39: Cohen

He was so close to sinking his teeth on Leonardo’s neck for wanting to bring Mira for trial while the vampires had taken her hostage. They were so busy wanting to bring her in for trial while they put a blind eye on her abduction. Cohen doubted her safety was important to them. Maybe what they wanted was what she was. A demon wolf with infinite secrets locked inside her DNA.

The Council was the least important thing in his life ever since he learned about it. If it wasn’t because of his parents’ persuasion, he wouldn’t even train in the Council before his father appointed him as an Alpha. But every future Alpha had to undergo training at the Council. For what? To blind them? Maybe the Council thought Cohen wouldn’t be rebellious against them. Guess what? They were fucked up at the moment Mira became his mate.

His duty didn’t only base on keeping her safe and sound, ensuring her wellbeing was well taken care of and keeping her happiness as his priorities. Those were just a few things. His duty as her mate included many things, so many that it was hard to list them all down. Importantly, it was his duty to support her. Someone who had been hurt and tormented like Mira, she would do anything to ensure other people wouldn’t go through the same thing.

Honestly, it scared Cohen sometimes knowing she would be out there, hunting those bad people while he was at his pack, leading them. But Mira had survived this far without his help. Even her skills were better than his. He knew she could take care of herself just fine. And it didn’t mean he would take it lightly. He would protect and watch her back for as long as he could.

Shortly after the Council had left, Cohen’s father Eric returned home with his trackers. Liam had rounded up all the available Enforcers at the backyard.

“They went further north. Passed the Black Soil.” the former Alpha informed. “Estimated 100 vampires.”

“Dad, I need you to stay here with some of the Enforcers for defense. I would take some with me.” Cohen ordered.

He didn’t want to waste so much time. The longer the vampires had her, the harder for him to focus on anything else. Right now, he just wanted his Mira back. He would put the entire mansion into lockdown if he had to ensure her safety once she returned.

“I will stay here to assist your father,” Dalton said. “My battalion is enough to double the patrolling until you return safely with your mate.”

Cohen appreciated his words although there was still some unsolved vendetta between the commander and Mira. He would like to put other stuff aside. Dalton wouldn’t go against Cohen. That was one of the few things he could sure of. The Commander was too smart just to follow orders from the Council.

“Dalton, you and your battalion patrol both west and east region of the territory,” Cohen instructed. “Anything unusual, report directly. I know I’m asking you to back me up right now.”

“I have a mate, Cohen. I would need back up if vampires took mine. You would have done the same for me.”

“Appreciate the words, Commander.”

“Good luck, Alpha.”

Cohen went to the backyard where his Enforcers were waiting for his instruction. Cohen had over a thousand Enforcers in his pack. Both male and female were given an equal treatment. He’d rather the females to learn to defend themselves than going for hunting. But now he needed all the numbers he could. There was no telling what the vampires could have laid down.

“My mate Mira had been taken by vampires. They passed my territory about an hour ago and we would go further to the north. As you all know, Mira is a wanted she-wolf. The Council will have a hearing on this matter but I could care less of what they wanted. My only focus is my mate’s safety and if you want to back out right now, do it. I won’t force you to break the law with me. But if you join me looking for her, I am totally grateful for it.” He stood there for a minute without a word, waiting for anyone to back out from the mission.

Murmurs and whispers arose in the crowd. He thought the first time he spoke in front of his pack during his coronation as the Alpha was the most nerve-wrecking day in his life. He didn’t think this moment was even worst. Standing here, waiting for his pack to decide what they wanted to do. Nothing more nerve-wrecking as this moment right now. He was anxious as hell. What if his pack back down? They had enough problems at their own homes and adding another one because their Alpha was fated with a rogue was a whole different story.

Even if they back down, Cohen couldn’t force them. That was their own free will. Everyone had the rights to voice out their opinions. His tension vanished when one by one of his pack members rose their hand to indicate they were all in. A simple gesture but with a strong meaning.

He couldn’t be more proud that he was right now as none of his Enforcers back out. It showed that everyone was as determined as him to get her back. And this time, Mira wouldn’t be able to disagree with what he had planned.

Cohen and Liam divided the pack members into different teams. Everyone couldn’t just barge in together. That was like sending everyone into a suicide. They would be using their old tactic. Sending one team at a time. Vampires might be stupid sometimes but they could get really clever. They wouldn’t go neck to neck with a pack of werewolves so they might depend on putting traps or using heavy ordnances.

“Scout team will go first,” Liam told him. “We really need to determine the numbers of the vampires. There could be more than just 100 of them.”

Liam was right. Mira was an important package to the vampires if they were willing to kidnap her while she was with an Alpha.

“I would be with the scout. You lead the second line and Brandon leads the third.” Cohen agreed.

“Let’s get our Luna back!” one Enforcer yelled in the crowd and followed by chanting ‘Hell Yeah!’

“Let’s go!” Cohen finished before shifting into his wolf form.

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