The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 38: Liam

Oh great!

Just what a great day for him!

The Council appeared on the pack mansion’s doorstep. And he had two choices; one, slam the damn door on their face or two, let them in and let the Alpha handled them. Also, the pack mansion would be harboring two fugitives; Vincent Hale and Amanda whatever-her-last-name were. Liam wasn’t really paying attention to the phone call earlier from Brandon saying that two fugitives would be under Cohen’s protection.

He had too many things running in his mind. With the former Alpha, Eric took the tracking team to track Mira, Liam was left to deal with the Council. Not a choice he would have chosen but Eric was a former Alpha meaning Liam would still listen to his commands.

“Alpha Cohen is on the way,” Liam announced half-heartedly as he let the Council entered.

They were accompanied by the Supreme Commander Leonardo Pierce. The Councilors themselves didn’t come. Why would they? Leonardo Pierce only came to werewolf’s pack when there was a bigger problem such as Cohen broke the laws when he was neck-to-neck with Dalton and of course because Cohen’s mate was Mira. Leonardo wasn’t here for peacekeeping but instead, he was here to bring Mira in for trial which Liam could tell his Alpha wouldn’t be very happy with it.

Nobody was happy with anything right now. The pack’s Enforcers looked like they were getting annoyed as time passed by. But they had to tolerate the Supreme Commander and his Battalion for as long as Cohen wasn’t here.

If the Alpha was running in his wolf form, he could reach the pack mansion in just one hour. Well, if he drove, then everyone had to tolerate the Council’s presence for two hours.

“Is that true you were present when your Alpha was threatening Commander Dalton?” Leonardo began to question as Liam led him to the Alpha’s office.

“I can neither confirm nor deny details of such confrontation between my Alpha and Commander Dalton without my Alpha’s approval.” Liam looked at the Supreme Commander dead in the eyes.

Damn, it felt good to be rebellious once in a while against the Council. Liam resisted the urge to poke his tongue out to the Supreme Commander. Ever since Mira was fated to be his Alpha’s mate, Liam was one of the many pack members who supported that news fully. It didn’t matter if he broke the rule but for certain, nobody could stand in the way if Fate decided to join the game. Everyone in the pack wanted to see their Alpha happy after years of being grumpy as hell. Well, not everyone. Just excluded those women Cohen ever slept with. A man had his needs. Couldn’t blame Cohen for that. Not when Liam himself had his own needs too.

Liam began to wonder. When would it be his turn to have a mate? Those who were younger than him already had a mate and a family of their own. He understood how much this was taking a toll on his Alpha. That was why he never complained. For him, Cohen’s wellbeing was far more important. He was an Alpha and his survival was more important to lead the pack.

“Liam, I’d suggest you answer my question,” Leonardo said sternly.

Liam sighed, “Listen here, Supreme Commander, I have no time to play questionnaire with you as I have vampires to hunt and defense to look on this territory, so if you excuse me,” he added.

Just as he stepped outside the pack mansion to take a breather or a yell of joy for what he had said to the Leonardo, Alpha Cohen and Brandon came from the tree line. Behind them were Dalton and his battalion.

“Your father went to track down the vampires. He told me to wait for you here and regroup once he returned.” Liam informed them. “And Leonardo is in your office.”

Cohen didn’t answer the Beta and just stormed straight to the pack mansion. Instead of trying to stop the Alpha, Liam fist-bumped with Brandon. Living according to the laws could be exhausting sometimes. No wonder many preferred to go rogue or break the laws here and there.

“I only said this once. Leave!” Cohen’s voice roared in the mansion.

Quickly the Beta and third-in-command rushed inside. Alpha only gave a warning once and if it was neglected, there would be a bloodbath. And Cohen was a man of 'punch now, question later’ that if the Supreme Command survived to answer the questions.

“Alpha Cohen, we have every right to bring Mira Red for trial,” Leonardo demanded. “And you’re committing obstruction of justice. There would be a heavy consequence.”

Cohen’s frame could intimidate just about anyone, “My mate was abducted by vampires. I have no time to entertain your justice.”

“You will stand down and let the Council handle this situation.”

“Fuck the Council!” the Alpha roared.

His patience was thinning as time passed by. His glare was piercing the Supreme Commander. Liam knew he had to do something to prevent the Alpha from mauling anyone.

Leonardo took a step towards the Alpha, showing that he wasn't intimidated.

“Be careful of what you say next, Alpha. You are committing numerous offenses right now and I could bring you in for trials.”

“Listen here, Supreme Commander. I’d suggest you leave immediately or risk being dragged out by myself. So leave while your dignity is still intact.”

Without further words, Leonardo took his leave with his Enforcers. Everyone knew an enraged Alpha whose mate had been abducted was a ticking bomb. Cohen was a ticking bomb right now. There was no use to create another argument with him as his mind was entirely occupied with the thoughts of saving his mate. Liam doubted that would be the last time they would see the Supreme Commander. For as long as Mira was still Cohen's mate, the Council would never leave them in peace. As if the Council would ever leave anyone alone. They only knew how to meddle in people's lives who interested them the most.

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