The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 37: Cohen

Where was he? Oh yes, Mira’s hotel room. How could he forget such a spectacular night with his mate? From a light conversation to making her moaning his name on the bed. He was very careful with her body as if she was fragile. Every scar on her body spoke volume of her past and yet he kissed them all. And of course, he was territorial when his love bites stayed on her skin. He was expecting her to claw him for putting so much love bites but no, she loved it. All his touch and kisses, she loved each of them — and moaned his name even.

There was nothing else could compare to well-spent hours of making love to his mate. Now, he sounded like a high school girl having sex with her crush for the first time. He couldn’t help himself anyway. He could have done it for the whole night non-stopped with Mira but he needed to be considerate. Cohen spent one hour, staring at her sleeping face, caressing her rosy cheeks after hours of making love. That night was perfect. Everything was perfect for that moment. He loved it the way she draped herself over his chest during her sleep.

He went to sleep, holding her in his arms. He could stay in the bed for the whole week next to her if he wanted to. And he thought it was still a dream. But when he woke in the morning, seeing her right to him, that was not a dream. That was real. This was what he always wanted. Waking up next to his mate. Seeing her sleepy eyes as the first thing in his morning. Nothing else matters.

But then Cohen remembered; Liam’s warning about the Council and the argument with Mira. Then everything else went blurry.

“He will be alright.”

Woman’s voice. Not his Mira’s voice. Who was that?

Why was she touching his face?

“Leave the dog here. We’re only after the woman.”

His Mira.

Someone had taken his Mira!

He jolted upward, not realizing that he had pinned the blonde woman against a wall and his canines were threatening to end her life right then and there. But he was tackled and crashed onto another wall by no other than Vincent before the dead man rushed to the woman, pulling her behind him.

A gesture of protecting of a mate.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Brandon stood between his Alpha and Vincent. “She’s here with him.”

“Witch,” Cohen said darkly.

He never had a good history with witches, especially as it was hard to tell the good ones and the bad ones. They were all looked the same. Even if they were in a witch coven or not, their scent didn’t change. Werewolves’ scent changed when they entered a pack.

“A good one,” Vincent replied with a clenched jaw.

Ignoring the witch, Cohen checked his surroundings. Definitely, something was different about it. This wasn’t the room where he spent his night with Mira. He went to the window and saw the hotel was just across the street. How did he get here? If these two carried him, how did nobody notice it? And where was Mira?

“Where’s Mira?” Cohen asked although he seemed to know the answer to his own question.

“Vampires took her,” Vincent answered before Brandon could. “By the time we reached your hotel room, it was already too late. We were all knocked out but not as strong as yours.”

The Gamma stepped forward, “Vampires trespassed your land shortly after they took Luna. Liam rushed back home to assist your father with defense. Vincent and I just returned from tracking Luna’s scent. They went passed your land before disappearing further north of your land.”

“And her?” the Alpha pointed to the witch.

“She’s here to reduce the tranquilizer in your system,” Vincent said, pulling the woman behind him as if he wanted to protect her from another possible strangle from the Alpha. “Her name’s Amanda. She had been helping Mira and me in many things.”

First, Alpha Nathan opened a killing contract for Mira to kill his own ally. Now, vampires kidnapped her. Was this how her whole life feel like? Always in action?

Cohen would never know. Being a highly wanted rogue mean Mira had to be on the constant move. But no more because she got him now. He’d protect her from everyone that wanted to take her away from him.

“Here,” Brandon took some clothes from a bag. “I’d get the car ready.”

“No, we’re running. Driving takes too much time.”


Cohen went to the bathroom to wash his face and gather his thoughts. When he got out, Vincent was whispering with the witch. It seemed like they were in a heated argument. Cohen didn’t have much time to waste. He needed to hunt down those vampires and bring Mira home to him.

“You two done?” Cohen asked them as he walked to the door.

Vincent followed him while Amanda followed behind, keeping her head low as if she was afraid to look at the Alpha.

“This never happened to Mira before. Nobody knew about her location in each territory.” the former second-in-command said.

“If you could find her, someone else could as well.” Cohen rubbed the side of his neck where the tranquilizer dart was once hit his skin.

“Good thing, nobody opens a new contract on her head,” Vincent put away his phone. “Bounty is still the same.”

Cohen doubted the bounty would stay the same. Mira had killed 2 Kincaid easily. The big brother wouldn’t just stand around and wait for his turn.

“Mira needed to lure Emma Kincaid out,” Amanda spoke. “And Damien would surely increase the bounty soon.”

“How Mira would lure Emma?”

Amanda and Vincent shared a glance before they shrugged their shoulders. Right, Mira never worked according to the plan. Why would Cohen bother asking that when he already knew she never had a plan?

“Let’s get back and hunt those leeches.”

The earlier they arrived at his territory, the better it would be. The vampires had one flaw in their plan.

They left him alive.

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