The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 36: Mira

This chapter contains an explicit scene.

Taking a breath deeply as she woke up from a deep slumber, a smile crept on her face as she remembered what had happened last night. She forgot how many releases they had last night. Time seemed irrelevant when all she could think of was making love with Cohen. An Alpha like him had bigger stamina than she was in the bed.

Turning her head to her left, where he was, sleeping with his arm over her torso, imprisoning her in his naked embrace but who she was to complain? He definitely knew how to please her desires. And to prove that, he left plenty of love bites all over her body. Mira couldn’t help herself but trace her fingers on his naked chest to the scar on his abs.

“If you keep doing it, I won’t responsible for my next action.” He mumbled huskily, opening his hazel eyes to her.

“Good morning,” she responded as quickly.

Cohen pulled her closer, making her face nuzzled on his chest. “Good morning indeed. How are you feeling?”

“Aside from soreness, I’m good.”

They stayed like this and it felt like forever. Just listening to the sound of his heart beating and the soft snores that suddenly came out from his mouth, indicating he had fallen asleep again. Cohen would need more hours of sleep to recover his energy after their lovemaking last night.

Her eyes darted to the clock on the wall. It showed 7 in the morning. She closed her eyes briefly, excluding herself from everything else and just focused on her mind once again. So far, still nothing. What happened to the monster now? It was too quiet for her own liking. Did she drink something wrong during the party? The silver should have worn out by now. Or her monster was lurking in the dark, waiting for the right moment to strike?

Mira smiled against Cohen’s chest, taking the advantage of her monster’s absence from her mind. She didn’t know what happened to it but for sure, she wasn’t complaining. If she could freeze the time, she would have done it so that she could stay in bed with Cohen a little longer.

As much as she liked this newly found addiction to staying in bed with her mate, Mira knew sooner or later the monster would come out again. Until then, she had to put her guard up once again. She closed her eyes, letting herself drift into darkness.

Hours passed, she woke up again. Her back was rested on Cohen’s chest and his face was nestled on the back of her neck while his arm was draped over her with his hand cupped her breast. She didn’t know whether he did this intentionally or unintentionally. Mira laughed softly.

“What are you laughing at?” he groaned, woken up by her shaking body.

“Was it intentionally?” she patted on his hand.

“Hmm,” he hummed, nodding. “Are you rather have your breast in my mouth than my hand?”

“Which one feels better?” Mira teased him.

That jolted him up from his sleep. He made her laid on her back while he hovered over her body, grinning cheekily.

“Would you like to find out?” he questioned her with a hint of hoping she would say yes.

“Yes, please.”

Cohen’s hazel eyes changed color again. He leaned in, not to kiss her but to let his lips touch her right breast. Mira’s hands instantly went to his body just to get them pinned above her head. While his lips were fondling with her left breast, his left hand was fondling with her right breast. Mira moaned on his invasion on her body. She arched her body up as he trapped her nipple between his teeth, tugging it.

“Mmm,” she moaned.

The heat started to pool between her legs. He continued to tease her for the next few minutes.

“Now, which one feels better?” Cohen asked her. “My mouth or my hand?”

She couldn’t decide. Both felt equally euphoric. If she had to really give him the answer, then she would give one to him.

“Your mouth,” she answered.

Mira felt his erection between her legs. That needed to be taken care of. Her mind was still in peace with her monster, she would take advantage of that situation while it lasted.

Freeing her right hand from his grip, she reached for his thick shaft, giving it a few loving strokes. Cohen groaned in pleasure on the crook of her neck. With a tender grip, she guided him to her moist entrance. Cohen reached down and pushed it deeper into her. Mira moaned louder. He intertwined their hands above her head as he moved his hips. Soon, their sweaty body shuddered at the arrival of their climaxes.

“I could get used to this,” Cohen mumbled after pulling out.

She agreed.

Then they were interrupted by the knocks on the door.

“I’d get it.” he got up from the bed.

The moment he turned his back to her, her cheeks reddening as she saw her fingernails marks all over his back. He put his boxer on before he headed to the door.

“The Council will be here in thirty minutes.” She heard Liam’s voice. “Either you break Luna out of here or risk her being taken by them.”

“Get the car ready,” Cohen instructed before closing the door.

Mira already jumped out of the bed, picking her clothes from the floor before running to the bathroom. And so the moment was ended just like that.

She put her clothes on and began to collect her stuff frantically before Cohen stopped her.

“Mira, look at me.” his voice soothed her mind. “Baby, look at me.” Reluctantly, she looked into his eyes and drown once more in his beautiful orbs. “I’m not going to let them get you. We’re on this together.”

“You don’t understand. You weren’t supposed to involve in this mess.”

He smiled assuredly, “I am already involved on the moment you saved those rogues from my territory. So either you waste this 30 minutes of time window arguing with me about your mission against Kincaid or we go back to my territory and discuss your plan.”


“You think I would leave you alone after all that?” he huffed while she blushed before he continued, “No more running. No more escaping. We’re facing this together.”

His words stunned her. Cohen was ready to go full on war with the Council by harboring her in his territory. But for once, wouldn’t it be great that she had another person watching her back? All these time it was just herself alone.

“Okay.” she agreed at last.

Cohen left the bathroom and began to put on his clothes. As soon as she stepped out of the bathroom, Mira felt a sharp pain in her neck. Slowly she put her hand on it and realized she had been shot with a tranquilizer. She wasn’t the only one when she saw Cohen stumbled backward. He was tranquilized as well.

The last thing she heard was:

“Leave the dog here. We’re only after the woman.”

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