The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 35: Narrator

This chapter contains an explicit scene. Skip if you must. Read at your own risk.

Mira grabbed him by the collar of his shirt before smashing her lips on his. Growls erupted from his chest as he deepened the kiss. Cohen didn’t want to miss that chance. He was hungry for her. No woman ever managed to get his interest but when that one faithful morning he saw her news when he was training on the Council Land for the first time, that was it. He knew this woman was born to drive her mate’s sexual desire haywire.

She was driving him crazy.

When he was trying to get entrance to her mouth, Mira denied it, earning another growl. She was teasing him but he knew better. He wanted to exploit every weakness her body held—not to harm her but to show her how much her body responded to his touch.

His right hand traveled down her body. Mira moaned at his touch and he took it as an opportunity to let his tongue explored her mouth. Her moans made him holding to the last strand of his control. If she moaned again, he would lose it.

Her hands moved at their own accord, unbuttoning his shirt, feeling his chest muscle stiffening against her palms. Her fingers traced on his strong upper body as his lips lowered to the crook of her neck. Goddess, was this heaven? Every touch he made, she wanted more. She was craving for more.

“Once I start, I wouldn’t be able to stop.” He whispered huskily.

She pushed him before straddling him on the couch. “Do you even want to stop?” she whispered next to his ear, trailing her fingers down his naked chest while her lips brushed against his earlobe.

Cohen suppressed himself from moaning. Fuck, his mate was surely fast on figuring his weakness. She had the upper hand in the situation and he didn’t even want to stop but he didn’t want her to regret it.

Mira didn’t even remember when he took his shirt off. But, oh goddess, his body was made for perfection. It was hard to believe that this man was born for her — that his body was hers to explore. Her fingers were tracing on his chest, taunting his muscles until she stopped at the scar — the scar resulted from her claws stab.

She bit her lips again, feeling herself drooling for his sexy body. Cohen groaned at her action. He didn’t like it when she did that because he was the one who supposed to bite those plump lips.

Cohen placed his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her for another kiss, much passionate and deeper than before. His fingers were digging on her hips and his beast was slowly awakened against his trouser. It was starting to get uncomfortable with such hard-on.

“Don’t do anything you’d regret later on,” he mumbled. He didn’t want her to regret their first night together. Certainly, he had no regret.

Mira got up from his lap before her fingers reached for the zipper of her dress and let the dress fell to the floor, leaving her only on her black lace panties. For the first time, she wasn’t afraid to show her body — the scars of her past. It was ridiculous on how many scars on a body could hold. That was what happened when you were enslaved for fourteen years. She had claw scars, long straight line surgery-incision kind of scars, burnt scars, and even bullet wound scars. Each was speaking volume of her past.

Cohen’s eyes traveled up and down her body. To him, her body was a perfect imperfection. It was a temple that he was willing and would always worship. And that was exactly what was he intended to do. Worshipping her just like how wolf worshipped the moon. Mira was his moon.

His eyes darted to the big Phoenix tattoo on the side of her left thigh was stunning. That who she was. A Phoenix. The previous version of herself was burnt in ashes and arose in a newer version.

His fists were clenched on his side. He wanted nothing but to feel her naked body against his. How this woman managed to wrap him around her fingers? Cohen had no answer for that. Her small and yet teasing gesture was killing his control.

Mira straddled him again, smirking. “You have two choices. Watch me pleasuring myself or you could take us both to the bed and finish what we’ve started. 5 seconds to decide.” She gave a kiss on Cohen’s clenched jaw. “Tick tock, Alpha.”

His hazel eyes were replaced by black eyes as he stared at her, looking for any sign of uncertainty of what he was about to do to her. For the first time, she surrendered to her desire. Cowardly, he chose to follow her lead.

He carried her to the bed without breaking the kiss and carefully placed her on the soft quilt. Mira let him took dominance with their kiss. She couldn’t complain.

His lips were causing heat between her legs. She knew he could smell her arousal that was getting stronger as he trailed his lips down, leaving lingering kisses and possibly putting his love bites. The moment his tongue circled around her right nipple, she gasped in pleasure.

“Cohen,” she moaned as he sucked and nibbled her breasts, giving them equal attention. Her body arched upwards, wanting for more.

He loved it. He loved the reaction he was getting from her. Cohen wanted it to be slow, he wanted to explore her body, taking as much time as he needed. There was no need to rush. She was his. Her body was his to explore. This was the exploration he had been waiting for his entire life.

The sweet scent of her arousal was just making him hungrier. It took everything in him from taking her instantly. He continued to trail his lips down, nibbling her skin as he did so. Sweet moans continued to escape from her lips. His ears were blessed with the way she moaned his name.

“Cohen, please,” she begged.

Fuck, he loved it, he thought again. Her hands were fisting with the quilt as she continued to arch her body to him.

“What do you want, baby?” he asked huskily as his right hand caressed her inner thigh, tracing higher and higher with every moan escaped from her lips but never reached where she wanted his hand to reach.

Cohen leveled his body with hers but keeping his hand where it was. She stared into his lustful stare. She was hungry for his touch to reach the center of her pleasure but he wasn’t giving her yet. He was teasing her.

“You wanted me to reject you, remember?” he mumbled against her lips before they connected, inviting her to another lustful kiss. “You ran from me. You hid from me.”

“Please,” Mira couldn’t hold on. She would beg him if she had to. And that was exactly she was doing right now.

Begging for the touch of her mate. The touch that could set her body on fire. Her body was already on fire.

“Please what?” he whispered, biting her earlobe just to make her gasped in pleasure again.

“Punish me, Alpha,” she responded instantly.

That was the last piece of confirmation he needed from her. His control snapped as he ripped the last fabric on her body. Mira writhed as his fingers touched between her legs on where she wanted him to touch on the first place. Cohen groaned by the wetness of her slit. His mate was soaking wet. For him. For his touch.

“So wet, baby,” he muttered under his breath.

“Cohen,” she forgot how many times she had moaned since he touched and massaged her slit.

Her moans were getting louder when his fingers were replaced with his hot tongue. Mira’s eyes rolled into her skull. This man was sending her to heaven. She was definitely regretting her decision of asking him to reject her. At this point, she regretted that she ran away and hiding from him. If she knew it would be this heaven, she wouldn’t run away.

Mira couldn’t think of anything else but the pleasure he was giving to her body. Her hands were gripping on the pillow on which her head was rested on as she panted in pleasure. Goddess, her mate knew how to exploit her pleasurable spots.

The pleasure increased when he stretched her sex with his fingers while his tongue continued to lap her slit. Mira moved her hips rhythmically to his action. His pace picked up and she knew she was close to her climax. After a few more seconds, pleasure washed all over her body as her nectar flowed out like a waterfall. She gasped for air after the pleasure he had brought upon her. Cohen got up from between her legs, licking the trace of her nectar from his fingers.

“Hmm,” he hummed against her lips.

Against her own breathlessness, she captured his lips. Cohen loved every taste of her. His body was loving the way her chest raised and fell heavily against his. He loved this moment of having her this close to his body.

“Make love to me, Cohen.” She said breathlessly. “Please, baby.”

No mate could decline the opportunity of making love to their mate especially when it was permitted.

He got up from her and unzipped down his trousers. Mira licked her lips when she saw his length. There was no way that could fit right in.

“It’ll fit,” he kissed her, knowing she was contemplating. “Do you trust me?”

She nodded. With one lingering kiss on her forehead, he positioned himself in between her legs.

Mira wrapped her legs around his waist as he slowly eased his way into her. She hissed at the slight pain. Cohen stopped for a second — giving her a breather before pushing in further. It was a while until his length was finally inside her canal. It was euphoria just to feel him inside her, buried deep. Mira purred next to his ear as he pumped in and out — building another wave of pleasure in her. For years she had forgotten the touch of a man. None of them as delicate and tender as him. Cohen had proven her that behind the storms there would be a rainbow. The rainbow that he intended to show to her. This was part of it.

At some point in the past, Cohen was assured that he would never get to experience the feeling of having a mate of his own. The pressure of needing a mate and heir was constantly catching up with him. He knew he had to choose a successor. Liam was that successor just in case he truly didn’t get the chance of having a mate or die. Now, thinking about that, Cohen wanted to laugh it off. Liam was probably laughing that off by now.

Here Cohen was, pleasuring and making love to his mate — a woman chosen and destined just for him.

Her nails dug on his back as she was close to her release. Mira knew he could feel it as he picked up the pace. Biting her bottom lip, she moaned his name in ecstasy. Soon, his body shuddered for a release deep inside of her. Breathlessly, Mira caught his lips with hers before he pulled out.

But the night was still young.

“I want more,” she said. Her cheeks blushed.

Cohen chuckled, “Don’t worry, darling. I’m not planning to stop after one round.”

This was what it felt like to have a mate of her own. He defeated her in the challenge. A sweet reward for being defeated.

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