The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 34: Mira

She looked at the mirror on the wall, touching her lips with her fingers. Mira still could feel his lips against hers back in the estate. The remarkable things his lips could do to her. The tux he was wearing, it took everything in her not to rip it apart from his body. Who would have known that the Alpha looked so sexy in a tux?

All the other men that ever laid their hands on her weren’t very kind. Cohen treated her body as if she was made of glass. His delicate touch made her yearning for more of it, maybe more than just a touch of his hands.

And she didn’t have to mention the power of Cohen’s lips. He almost made her knees buckled and begged for more of his touch. More than the touch of his lips.

What would she do to have more than that? True of what those people told her. A woman would always crave for the touch of her mate. And Mira was craving that like a pregnant woman craved for weird foods.

The soft knocks on the door of her room snapped her out of her thoughts. Quickly grabbing the silver dagger and hid it behind her, she walked towards the door. Then the scent she was inhaling, it made her stopped on the track.

Cohen’s scent.

She opened the door revealing the Alpha in the same tux. He was leaning casually against the door frame, waiting. Cohen’s hair still looked messy as if someone had run their fingers in it. Then she remembered, she ran her fingers in his hair when they were lip-locking. She had the urge to run her fingers in his hair again. Men often gifted with the best hair in the history. Cohen was one of those men. Even her own hair wasn’t as soft as his.

Was she complaining that he was here looking this sexy? Of course not.

“Found you again,” he mumbled in amusement.

“I would like to blame Vincent on this.”

Of course, she knew it was him telling the Alpha because Vincent was the only one who knew every movement she made. He had wide connections too.

Cohen’s eyes traveled up and down of her body. She was still in the same dress she wore earlier as she was busy reminiscing about his lips whilst she was supposed to change clothing. Now, she was contemplating whether to let him in or slam the door close.

But she already knew the answer to that when her hand pushed the door opened wider, a gesture of inviting him to come into the room.

“Come in. You’re alone?”

He walked past her and his musky scent almost swept her. This was ridiculous even for her. How did one’s scent smelt like famous brand cologne? If his scent was a drug, Mira was beyond saving at this point.

“Going to your room, yes, I am alone. The guys are just five doors away.” Cohen answered.

Truth to be told, Mira wasn’t paying attention to a word he was saying. Her eyes fixed on something else. The Alpha’s butt. It wasn’t her fault to stare at it while his back was fully facing her. Would it be too inappropriate if she chose to smack his butt right then and there? He’d probably wouldn’t complain. Maybe smacking would be overkill.

How does someone appreciate someone else’s butt?

Whoa, what was happening to her? Out of many things she could have thought of, she decided to think about his butt?


Her thought snapped and she quickly looked at him. His eyes indicated he knew she was zoning out while staring on his butt. It was official, she was caught in his sex vortex.

“What?” Mira questioned.

His head tilted to the side. A cocky smirk plastered on his lips as he stalked towards her, slowly eliminating the space between them. And eventually, there was barely space between them.

“Like what you’re seeing?” he whispered.

Mira ignored him, heading to the bathroom and closed the door. She took out the black bag she kept in there and opened it. Inside the bag were syringes filled with silver. She injected one into her thigh before putting the stuff back. By the time she left the bathroom, Cohen was rolling his sleeves up to his elbows.

“You injected yourself with silver, didn’t you?” he asked as she cautiously sat next to him on the couch.

“How did you know?”

“Your scent smelled different.”

She waited in silence for a few seconds. Waiting for her claws to come forth but it never did. Her mind was silent, no more of its voice for now. Battling her own turmoil for many years, she had forgotten what it felt like to have a quiet mind like right now.

Or did her monster fainted because she stared Cohen’s butt longer than expected? If that was the case, she would thank his butt for it.

“Did you dance with her?” she changed the subject.

Cohen’s head snapped in her direction, “Her?”

“Giovanna. She was all over you at the party. She threw glances at me.”

His sly smirk returned, “And what if I did? Are you going to punish me? You might need a stronger bed to do that.”

“What if I said that the vampire didn’t just dance with me but more than that?”

With that, he was towering her on the couch.

“Don’t provoke me, darling.” he murmured huskily.

His eyes were pitched black, telling her that his wolf wasn’t happy about what she said earlier.

“I’m very possessive and jealous if another man lays his hands on you. If I wasn’t being considerate earlier, I would have carried you out of the place at the moment I saw you arrived.”

She bit her lips, feeling nervous at how dark his voice sounded like. It sounded like two people talked at once. Using one hand to support his weight, he used the other hand reaching for her lips.

“Don’t do that,” Cohen frowned. “You’re stripping me from my control if you continue to bite your lips like that.”

Then Mira realized. Cohen was playing two roles in her life. He could be the reason why she lost control or he could be the reason why she was still in control.

Maybe he could be her last hope to tame her monster. And maybe that few hours was what she needed right now. Few hours with him without worrying about her monster came forth.

Mira tilted her head to his, “I want you now.”

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