The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 33: Cohen

They moved to talk at a secluded area—away from the guests and Alpha Nathan. Cohen’s assumption that Alpha Nathan had a different motive for the celebration was confirmed when Vincent revealed that Nathan opened a killing contract to kill his own ally and had the nerves to ask Cohen’s mate to kill the vampire prince which probably still an easy job for her.

With Mira’s purpose, Cohen knew she would accept the contract without a second thought.

“Why would he do that?” Liam asked as curious as Cohen himself.

“It doesn’t make sense. Why the Alpha wanted to eliminate his own ally?” Brandon butted in.

Vincent rubbed the back of his neck, “Sorry, lads. I don’t have the answer you were looking for. Black Market didn’t ask for reasons if you want to open a killing contract on someone.”

“So this celebration was really to lure Erdington in,” Liam revealed.

“Seemed that way,” Vincent nodded in agreement. “Mira wouldn’t miss an opportunity to kill one of Kincaid anyway. She would still kill him for free.”

Suddenly, the alarm in the mansion tripped. It didn’t need to take a genius to figure it out that Mira had completed the contract because by the look on Vincent’s face, she had done it.

“I’m going to check that out,” Vincent told them. “Consider it as a favor.” he handed a folded paper to the Alpha before walked away.

“Follow him,” Cohen commanded his men who nodded before ran to join the rest in the chaotic situation.

He stood by there for a while as he was looking out through the glass wall with his hands inside his pockets. His mind was working hard. Now, Mira had killed two Kincaid. That would mean she still had to kill another one before her battle against Damien. For sure, she already had that figured out.

“I think you should stop.”

He looked to his left. Mira was leaning against the white pillar that divided the glass walls. Her mask was in her grip. The hallway wasn’t that bright like the rest of the mansion, but even the darkness couldn’t hide the beautiful curves of her body. If earlier she was mischievous, right now she was something else. That emotion was no longer lingering in her electric blue orbs. She stared at him with coldness as if he had done something wrong. This was her defense mechanism.

“Why would I stop?” he questioned, fully turned to face her. “I’ve told you if I catch you, there’s no more escaping.”

“You almost died, Cohen.”

Earlier they had spoken about what happened in the cabin and that he didn’t blame her even if she actually killed him. Now, it sounded like the previous conversation never happened. Was she bipolar? Or was she looking for another assurance? If that was the case, he would be glad to give her another assurance.

Cohen took a step towards her while she took a step back. The action continued until she was cornered against the wall. He put his hands on both sides of her head to her between him and the wall. Cohen nuzzled his face to her neck. He inhaled her scent deeply.

Lavender. The perfume she wore tonight was lavender. Not the usual lilac scent.

His lips touched her skin lightly as if he did something, she would break into pieces. Her breath hitched a few times and he resisted to smile because his action was affecting her very much.

“I’m not afraid of you, Mira. You’re not a monster,” he mumbled on her skin.

“Only monster cause pain to the people they care of.”

He smirked. She indeed cared for him.

“So you care for me?”

“I don’t want to kill you.”

His thumb caressed her chin softly. The action caused her breath came out shaky through her mouth.

Her eyes were changing color between her own and the demon wolf’s eyes. He didn’t care about the demon wolf that was inside of her. If killing Damien Kincaid could weaken the demon wolf’s bloodlust, then he would help her hunted him down.

Cohen closed the gap between their lips. As usual, he was expecting for her to push him away. Instead, she gave in to his kiss. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, but she was hiding her desires because of the demon wolf.

He took the chance to deepen the kiss. His hands rested on waist as he pinned her against the wall. Her hands were guiding his head closer to hers. He trailed down to her jaw to the crook of her neck to earn soft moans from her. Cohen had to restrain himself from taking her right then and there. Her moans enough to make him lose his control.

“I killed him.” She whispered after the kiss.

Her hands were tangling in his hair while their bodies were tightly pressed against each other.

“He was a vampire. We’re always on war with vampires.” the Alpha replied as if it wasn’t a big thing.

It was normal for everyone to kill each other in the supernatural world, but it wasn’t normal for a werewolf’s pack to ally with a vampire. Cohen didn’t know what Nathan was thinking for agreeing to ally with Erdington and in the end to have him killed.

“You don’t understand.” She pushed him away and walked to the glass wall, “I love the feeling of killing someone. I should have stopped long ago but I couldn’t. I’m addicted to it. The blood, the begging, the fear...” she paused as she took a deep breath, “Even right now I could still smell his blood lingering in the air.”

Cohen stood close. He stared at their reflection on the glass. “It doesn’t matter.” he spotted the scar that was lining from the back of her neck down to her spine and hidden by the dress. “I don’t care about what you did.”

“Doesn’t it scared you?” Mira’s voice sounded broken and fragile, almost like she was dropping her guard down. “That any moment I could kill you?”

“You are already the death of me. What’s the difference in that?”

She spun around, grabbed his hand and placed her fingers on his palm before her claws extended. It didn’t cut his skin, but just traced its sharp tip on his palm.

“Look how easy I lose my control around you,” Mira mumbled while her eyes trained on her claws. She took a sharp breath and the claws retracted into her skin, “I want you, Cohen but I can’t do that,” she fixed his tux, “At least not yet.”

That was good enough.

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