The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 32: Mira

After the dance, she walked away from him to her target who still talked to several guests at the party. Mira eyed Northern Alpha through the corner of her eyes and he nodded and acknowledged her he knew who she was. It didn’t need to take a genius to figure it out. Alpha Cohen was the clue. As far as someone told her, he hated social event and yet, here he was. And he danced with her. That was the biggest clue.

She looked to her left and saw Giovanna stood with a group of girls. Mira chuckled when Giovanna glared at her. The woman looked like she was close to exploding.

“Sorry to burst your bubble. Cohen wasn’t yours, Giovanna,” Mira muttered to herself and hoped Giovanna able to read her lips.

“Beautiful lady doesn’t deserve to spend the night alone.” Erdington came to Mira’s side.

In the back of her mind, her monster was raging at the scent of him. Erdington or Kincaid—they were the same person. A change in the name wouldn’t hide the darkness of the Kincaid family.

“What makes you think I’m alone?” Mira said as she controlled every bit of her anger from surfaced out.

The vampire Prince chuckled, “Well for a starter, Alpha Cohen has a mate.”

Ah, he couldn’t recognize her scent. Thanks to Amanda’s tonic, it masked her true scent. He was just like Gregory. Easily tempted with the sight of women and the scent of blood. Demon wolf’s blood smelled better than a human’s blood. All Mira’s victims confirmed that before she took their lives.

She still remembered every bit of the moment Gregory died in her hands. Goddess, that was the most beautiful and satisfied feeling ever.

For three years, she had been on the run after she escaped the rehabilitation camp of the Werewolf Council and eluded those who pursued her. To survive in such a cruel world, Mira got involved with the dangerous crowd.

And then the name Gregory Kincaid jolted many unpleasant memories in her mind. He was living in the same town as her all along. Mira tracked him with the hope to find the real big brother of his, named Damien Kincaid, the true source of her suffers. Killing Gregory was just the beginning of her real plan. The vampire Prince owned a club in the town with a faked name Roman Lawson. Entering the club was one thing. Making her way to Gregory was another. With her quick and slick hands, Mira snatched a jacket from one lounge in the club and wore it to conceal her scent. Luck was on her side when Gregory came down from his office. He was chatting with several women along the way.

Mira was just seventeen. A mere pup, that was what everyone called her in the rehabilitation camp three years ago, but this mere pup was more than just that. She grabbed a drink and walked to Gregory’s direction, purposely looked away and bumped against him which caused the drink spill on his tailored shirt.

“I’m so sorry,” she apologized as her hands tapped on his shirt to clean it.

Gregory stopped her hands. “It’s okay, sweetheart.” then he looked at her face. “Never seen you here before. Are you new here?”

“Yes, I was visiting a friend here. I’m sorry about this. I am so clumsy!”

“My penthouse is just above the club, come with me. I’d get something for you to change into.” he gestured to her drenched shirt which stuck to her skin.

“Oh, thank you so much.”

And so her victim fell right into the trap. Damien created Gregory with his royal vampire blood, but he was nothing compared to what she was capable of.

He led her into the elevator which took them straight to his penthouse. Shame, such a beautiful place. Soon, the stench of his filthy blood would cover the place. Instead of letting him did what he was planning to do, Mira started the first move. She grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and smashed their lips together and the vampire prince replied such a gesture. The smell of the drink on her shirt would continue to conceal her scent. Gregory carried her to his bed. One plan at a time. But he had another plan for her when he sunk his fangs on the crook of her neck. He must have thought she was human because of the jacket.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Gregory Kincaid,” Mira whispered before pushed him away which she almost caused her own neck to rip out. by his fangs.

He chuckled as he wiped the trail of blood on his mouth with the back of his hand. “Your blood tasted better than anyone else.”

“Didn’t your brother tell you not to drink the blood of a demon wolf?”

Gregory’s eyes shifted uncomfortably by the truth. The same reaction she expected from her victims. They would always shock by the truth of her blood.

“Mira Red,” he growled.

“In the flesh.” She batted her eyes innocently.

And a brawl happened between them which ended up with Gregory’s neck ripped out. Mira inhaled the scent of his blood deeply. “One down, three to go.”

Mira pulled away from her memory and sipped on her champagne. “Is that so? I must have lived under the rock not to know such news.”

“Could you believe it he’s fated with a rogue? Mira Red out of many women.”

Could he even believe he was talking to the owner of the name?

“What power do we have to change such Fate?”

“If he knows what she is.”

“And do you?”

“A monster. That’s what my brother called her. A perfect killing machine ever created.”

Created? Such a harsh word to describe of someone’s birth. She wasn’t born to be this monster. She didn’t ask for this. It took everything in her not to yell on his face about it.

“If the Alpha is crazy enough to go after her, you wouldn’t stand a chance, sweetheart,” Erdington added. “We all know how crazy it is about werewolves mating bond. Except that…” he paused. “Would you like a dance?” he changed the subject quickly.

“Yes, why not?” she took his hand.

And, just like that, the prey fell into the predator’s trap.

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