The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 31: Cohen

They danced among many other couples. Their body moved in sync. Cohen loved the feeling of having her close to him. It made him forgot about all the problems that ever occurred. It felt like there were just the two of them there—danced and enjoyed the moment. He felt the time had frozen, and the world had stopped spinning.

At the moment she stepped out, probably wanted to begin her work, Cohen caught her wrist.

“Don’t run away, Mira. I would always catch you,” he whispered.

There were tingles on the skin contact. Such a beautiful thing to feel.

Mira stared down at her wrist in his grasp as she said, “There’s no challenge being an easy catch, don’t you think?” she leaned closer to his ear and whispered, “And I heard an Alpha loves a good chase.”

She was right. An Alpha loved a good chase especially if it involved his mate. He knew he would get her.

“Okay, run then, darling.” he challenged her. “Run and run. And if I catch you, no more running. No more escaping.”

“Challenge accepted.” she kissed the corner of his lips.

He chuckled as she walked away from him. His phone vibrated inside the pocket of his tux. He pulled it out to receive a message from the same number of Vincent.

Your nine o’clock—V

Cohen looked to his nine o’clock and saw Vincent rose a glass to him to signal the Alpha to come. The Alpha almost didn’t recognize the former second-in-command. No wonder Vincent never got caught because he knew how to disguise himself well. Almost like a chameleon. He was standing near the corner, the most vacant corner of the mansion’s enormous living room.

Cohen approached him and pretended to reach for the drinks on the tables provided near the corner.

“What did you get?” he asked lowly so that nobody else would hear their conversation.

“You wouldn’t believe what I found out.” Vincent sipped his tequila as he continued, “Someone opened seventeen millions dollar worth of private contract to kill Erdington.”

Well, that wasn’t surprising considering that Cohen had his suspicions all along. The celebration was just to lure Erdington in. He turned around and spotted Mira by the bar across the room.

The moment Erdington sat next to her, Cohen almost crushed the drinking glass in his grip. He didn’t like it at all, but this was Mira’s job for the night. And he couldn’t fuck it up because the other Alphas would arrest her if they knew she was here.

“Not surprising,” Cohen said through a clenched jaw.

His eyes still trained on Mira and the vampire prince. They were obviously in a conversation. What could they have talked about? About the celebration? Or she was dancing with Cohen earlier? Nobody else knew she was here. To the others, she was just one guest. They didn’t know her real identity. They didn’t know she was here to end the vampire’s life.

“Looks like you’re catching up with her movement,” Vincent chuckled in amusement.

“Liam and Brandon knew there was something odd before we even arrived here.”

Vincent stood next to him. “Let me guess, want to break his hands?”

“I’d break his neck.”

The former second-in-command chuckled. “She had been in the worst situation.”

The Alpha whipped his head to his direction. “Like what?”

“How do you think she lured Gregory in his club?”

If Cohen didn’t know any better, he would have thought Vincent was trying to provoke him. The Alpha kept quiet instead.

“She fucking seduced the guy,” Vincent added.

“Is this amusing to you?” he growled.

Vincent turned around as he picked foods to a plate. “You didn’t know what it felt like shadowing her all the time, thinking she would be rational about her plan. Every time I shadowed her, I gritted my teeth in frustration.”

“She doesn’t go according to plan, I assume?”

“That was one reason. Another is that she knows what man’s weakness would be. For Gregory and Erdington, their weaknesses were women and blood. They lured women to their bed, had sex with them and then they drank the women’s blood. Sometimes the women survived. Sometimes they didn’t.”

Cohen was glad that Mira was the one who ended those vampires’ lives even though Cohen didn’t want to entertain that she used her body to lure them. What else could he do? If Vincent felt frustrated that she didn’t follow the plan, Cohen wouldn’t be any different.

Mira had seen the ugliness of the supernatural world. Cohen was too busy chased after rogues and punished them when there was a greater threat. True, that vampires fed on humans. The Werewolf‘s Council had implemented many laws to stop this gruesome thing, but some vampires still did it. For example, Gregory used his club to lure human in as long as nobody caught him red-handed of the other thing he did.

For some reasons, the Werewolf‘s Council was still blind. Mira had killed not for fun but to save lives. They didn’t see that. Whoever killed someone, the perspective would be the same. A killer was still a killer no matter what the reason behind the kill. Cohen was glad that Mira eluded them for this long. Now, the Werewolf‘s Council had another person stood between them and their goal to catch Mira. Cohen would do anything to stop them from getting his mate. He would go full-on war against the Werewolf‘s Council if he had to. Mira wasn’t just fighting for her own survival. She also fought for the survival of those who couldn’t defend themselves.

Cohen couldn’t be prouder for what she did. She was his mate and he would support her.

Growls erupted from his chest when he saw Mira danced with the vampire prince. The Alpha had imagined a million ways to break the vampire’s hands on Mira’s body. Nobody had the rights to put their hands on her body. Only Cohen had the rights. She was his.

“Who opened the contract?” Cohen forced his words out, eyes fixated on the vampire.

Again, he had an assumption of who opened the contract, but he still wanted to hear Vincent’s words about it to confirm. He didn’t need to know who would accomplish to contract.

“The party host.”

The night had just gotten better.

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