The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 3: Cohen

He stormed his way back to the pack mansion. Anger was apparent on his face. Nobody questioned anything as they followed their Alpha obediently. Not only he lost two rogues from his grasp, but he found out his mate was the notorious rogue. It fueled his rage even more.

Funny how fate twisted his life this way.

A rogue hunter destined with a rogue.

A true mate was no joke in the werewolves’ community. In fact, every supernatural species have their own true mate. No matter who would become their mates, they would cherish the sacred mating bond until their last breath. How was he going to cherish his when all she did was poking his nerves with her line of work she operated on his territory?

Growling in frustration, he barged into his office and led to the wooden door to slam against the wall. It fell off its hinges. His Beta, Liam, dived to the floor to save the door.

“Oh crap,” He said, landing on the floor with a thud sound.

He saved the door.


Liam rolled his eyes as he got up from the floor. He had rested the door against the wall before he walked to a cupboard and took out a toolbox.

A pack led by a temperamental Alpha like Cohen, the Beta always came equipped. He had over dozens of toolboxes hidden in the pack mansion. Liam stored one in the Alpha’s office to repair whatever the latter had broken unless it was beyond saving. This door had survived over a dozen times. In the door’s middle, there were few metal plates installed to withstand a strong force. But, the hinges could never withstand a furious Alpha’s slam. Liam could have gotten stronger hinges. It was better to use normal hinges in case somebody trapped inside. That way it would be easier for the rescuers to breach the door.

“You need to learn to appreciate the door,” Liam said loud enough to earn the Alpha’s growls. He waved off the Alpha’s growls as if it wasn’t a big deal. “Dude, the door provides you privacy.”

Out of many people in the pack, Liam was the sole one dared to entitle Cohen with many nicknames. That was his perks because he raised with the Alpha. Liam was three months younger than him. Grew up as a small kid made the Beta was a victim for bullies in the school. Cohen stood up and made certain those bullies never hurt him. The Alpha often got into trouble because he defended Liam. The two of them always enjoyed it because they skipped classes to attend the detention.

Cohen’s father, Eric, punished them every time they got into the detention. He made them train until they felt their limbs dislocated. Yet, those punishments were worth every second and every sweat they had shed. They grew up stronger and were capable to defend themselves better since then.

They were like brothers; it was safe to say only Liam in the pack got the privilege to call Cohen with many names and got away with it.

Liam knew he would be the Beta since his father was the beta for the previous Alpha. A title like this usually passed down from a father to a son unless there were reasons forced the successor unable to carry out his duty. The title was down to the person next in the line.

The Beta hammered new hinges to secure the door back to its frame within minutes as he said, “I get it. You’re frustrated about earlier.”

“Frustrated?!” Cohen snarled.

He was furious like a volcano in the middle of an eruption. His wolf was raging in the back of his mind. He had devoted his continuous life as an Alpha who hunted for rogues. Now, his mate was one of the most wanted rogues. Not to neglect that she saved rogues from his grip.

“What’s the big deal?” the Beta massaged his forehead as if the Alpha’s anger caused him a headache. “Moon Goddess destined you both for a reason. You’ve waited for so long for this moment to happen.”

“Which moment?” the Alpha narrowed his eyes to him. “This moment? Or the moment I found she’s my mate?”

“The latter,” Liam answered as quick. “Look, maybe there is a back story to why she is who she is exactly right now. We only know her from the news and those reports.”

Whether or not he liked it, his Beta had the point. Nobody knew about Mira’s back story. Especially, the part why she turned against the Werewolf’s Council. Cohen understood the Werewolf’s Council wanted her arrested alive. But, Mira’s retaliation against them was more than that. It felt like there was something personal about it.

Cohen stroked his jaw. “How did she get into my territory without the Enforcers recognize her?”

“She sneaked in when the patrol team was returning.”

“Get Dalton here in the morning. I need everything about her.”

Dalton Forest was one of the high-rank officers from the Werewolf’s Council. They assigned him to aid Cohen and his pack like any other pack in the similar region. Also, he commanded the 1st battalion, one of the strongest Enforcers of the Council. Besides, he served as a close friend to the Alpha.

“Got it, Alpha,” Liam replied before he got his leave.

Cohen sat there, thinking silently. Supposedly at 33 years old, he should have a mate and an heir to strengthen his future as the Alpha of the pack. His entire pack was putting their faith on him to have a Luna who could rule side by side. Majority werewolves met their mate in early or mid-twenties. Some found their mate as early as eighteen years old. Cohen was not as lucky as they were. He was famous with the ladies, but he barely paid any attention to them. He only needed them for physical intimacy. Nothing further than that.

He had enough share of women on his list. Never had an actual girlfriend either. A workaholic like him barely had sufficient time for personal commitment. His parents often brought up the topic about a mate to him whenever they had a family dinner. He avoided that topic at any cost. Cohen didn’t want to mate with any woman just because his pack was in need of a Luna. He wasn’t that desperate. He would rather wait forever to have his true mate than inaugurating a woman who wasn’t his mate as the Luna of the pack.

An hour passed, the Beta returned. He peeked his head while the rest of his body remained outside. “Hey man, you’re planning to sulk all night?”

Cohen glared at him. “What do you want, Liam?”

“Brandon and I are hitting the club in a few minutes, the best place to get information.”

“And you’re suggesting?”

“Come on, loosen up. Let’s hit Grover’s and get some drinks. Unwind shit like that.”

Grover’s Club was one of the prestigious clubs on Cohen’s land. Humans attended it. Human’s premises means off-limits. The Werewolf‘s Council allowed no werewolf’s business in human premises. Also, they couldn’t conduct interrogation on human either unless the werewolf would like suffering a penalty. If they were to visit, their identity must have to remain hidden. There were humans didn’t know about the supernatural species.

“All right.” Cohen sighed in defeated.

This time he needed a distraction. He had enough liquor in his office’s bar, but it seemed not an ideal option to drink on his own. Cohen wasn’t looking forward to attending human’s premises. He would much prefer avoiding attending them at all. This time, he was making an exception.

He needed a distraction for tonight.

A pleasant distraction that could halt his thoughts about his potential mate.

“Atta boy.” Liam pumped his fist in the air and ran away from the office. “He’s coming along,” he shouted to Brandon.

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