The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 29: Cohen

The Northern Alpha invited his close ally, Kit Erdington, to his celebration, this was the opportunity for Mira to come forth with her expertise once again. Yes, the Northern Alpha had one of the four vampire royalty as his ally. The only problem would occur was that Alpha Nathan allied to Cohen. This could provoke a war between two packs. Cohen didn’t mind though as long as his mate came home to him. As he promised before, he would fight the entire world for her if he had to.

However, there was something odd about this celebration. Cohen couldn’t explain it, but the celebration felt like it was being staged for an unknown reason. They knew Alpha Nathan for his formal parties and often threw one once a month, but Cohen couldn’t ease the feeling inside him. A big celebration like this was a good opportunity for someone to kill their target. It was too convenient that Alpha Nathan threw a celebration at the same time Mira was in his land.

“It’s weird,” Liam’s voice entered his mind link.

Cohen wasn’t the only one felt this whole celebration weird. He was in the same Escalade SUV as Liam, Brandon, and Dalton. He resolved the matter with Dalton over a mutual agreement, but the Alpha doubted about the Commander’s true intention. He still answered to the Council and not Cohen. Dalton would continue his duty as usual.

“Erdington never attended a celebration in the Northern.” Brandon joined in. “Why out of the sudden he attended this one?”

Cohen kept quiet as he listened to his Beta and Gamma’s perspective about the celebration.

“Courtesy, maybe?”

No, it couldn’t be courtesy. Cohen scratched his head. There was a possibility that this celebration was just to lure Erdington in. If Brandon was right that Erdington never attended previous celebrations and suddenly he was here, this could mean that the Northern Alpha was trying to get rid of his ally. Mira would be Nathan’s choice to get rid of Eddington. But, why suddenly he wanted to get rid of the vampire prince?

Hopefully, Vincent would have better lead than Cohen because honestly, the Alpha had the feeling he would be mad at Alpha Nathan about something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t just throw a masquerade-themed celebration for nothing.

“Keep an eye on Nathan,” Cohen instructed his Beta and Gamma.

After two hours of driving, the Northern’s pack mansion finally came to their peripheral view. Many cars queued outside the pack mansion to drop off the guests before the drivers drove away. Cohen’s eyes were restless as he looked around before Liam stopped the car and everyone got out. The valet drove their car away while Cohen kept on searching for a particular redheaded woman. Mira wouldn’t just walk in without a disguise. There were too many Alphas in the venue and those Alphas wouldn’t have a second thought before they arrested someone. Cohen didn’t want to risk her life just to kill Erdington.

“Alpha Cohen, it’s great to see you come this time,” Alpha Nathan greeted as Cohen walked up the stairs to the mansion.

“Alpha Nathan, a grand celebration as usual,” He acknowledged before nodding to the Northern Alpha’s sister Giovanna. “Miss Giovanna.”

He stiffened when Giovanna hugged him a little too long. “Oh honey, just call me Anna.”

Nathan’s sister was one of the many reasons Cohen didn’t attend the celebration all the times. A celebration was a great opportunity for Alphas to come together and just had fun. Cohen’s term of fun wasn’t involving Giovanna linked her arm around his and threw death glares at other women because they stared at him. That woman could be insufferable. Even Liam and Brandon refused to talk to her.

Cohen didn’t know how Mira would react if she saw him with Giovanna. Maybe his mate would be jealous. It was hard to tell through her cold expression. As much as he wanted to see her reaction, Cohen didn’t want to test it. There were too many things he didn’t know about her. What if she killed Giovanna because the latter was around him all the time? The image of Mira was getting jealous was a huge turn on for him as he knew she wanted no one else to have him.

“Yes,” Cohen agreed reluctantly.

“I hope you enjoy it this time,” Alpha Nathan said with a hint of amusement.

The Southern Alpha gave him a small nod as he answered, “I’d try.”

“Come on, Cohen.” Nathan patted his shoulder. “I guarantee you it’s not that bad. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go to greet my guests.” The Northern Alpha excused himself.

“Erdington has arrived,” Liam linked to him.

Cohen looked to the vampire prince who walked directly towards the group.

“Lady Giovanna beautiful as always.” the vampire prince kissed the backhand of Giovanna before turned his attention to Cohen. “I believe we haven’t formally met before, Alpha Cohen Kingsley. And, I heard a congratulation is on the way.”

“What congratulation?” Giovanna interrupted as her hand snaked around Cohen’s arm.

“Rumors saying that Alpha Cohen had found his mate. A famous Alpha fated with the famous rogue Mira.”

Just as he was about to intervene, Cohen’s wolf became relentless by the incoming black car. All eyes focused on the masked woman who wore a dark red dress and masquerades mask. As soon as her eyes met his, he could recognize the electric blue orbs anywhere.

His Mira.

His eyes trailed up her body as he corrected the vampire prince, “It wasn’t a rumor. It was the truth.” Cohen pried Giovanna’s hand from his arm, “She is my match and I wouldn’t ask for more. Excuse me.”

Cohen walked into the mansion where the actual celebration was. He spotted Mira was walking with a glass of wine in her hand as she mingled around the unmated and oblivious werewolves. He didn’t like it. He didn’t like it that his mate was talking to unmated males. Out of a sudden, he felt a sudden feeling of possessiveness and jealousy.

Mira was his and his alone. That was his decision. No other male could take her from him.

Now, who was jealous first?

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