The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 28: Cohen

It had been a week since the incident in the cabin. Mira was gone after Vincent ordered her to leave. Cohen wanted to find her, but if she eluded him eight years ago, what difference would it make right now if he went to look for her?

The whole week he felt frustrated. Mira was blaming herself for sure. He saw that in her eyes at the moment she realized what she had done. He didn’t blame her. She lost control. That wasn’t her fault. Even if his life ended on her hands, he still didn’t blame her. Vincent already told him that Mira’s demon wolf was growing stronger than herself. That would be the demon wolf’s fault.

Cohen still could feel that exact moment when her claws pierced his skin.

He finished his showering and put on the clothes that Vincent had provided when he heard loud growls emitted from the basement. He knew something wasn’t right, and he wished that Vincent would have told him what to do when such happened, but the dead man was gone. He went out to the town, so it was up to Cohen alone to handle the situation.

Slowly, he went to the basement where Mira chained herself to the floor. Her claws were extended and dug onto the floor with such force. She looked like an evil spirit possessed her. She was mumbling incoherent words over and over as if she was talking to someone.

When her eyes snapped open, it revealed the blood-red eyes he knew well belonged to the demon wolf. The chain broke and Cohen found himself pinned against the wall of the first floor. She was losing it. A smile plastered on her face as she flashed her elongated canines before he felt pain surged on his abdomen. The flesh where she embedded her claws slowly turned black, and it reminded Cohen of the mutilated rogue in Rebecca Julliard’s apartment.

So, it was a demon wolf’s claws that could cause the flesh and veins turned black.

“MIRA, YOU’RE NOT THE MONSTER!” he yelled but her right hand’s claws dug deeper into his flesh and he could feel his strength was waning. “MIRA, STOP!”

She raised her left hand and almost got another stab on him before he ducked his head to the opposite direction. Her hand went through the wall behind him. She pulled it and was ready to finish him when the blood red orbs replaced by her original eye color. She looked down to where her claws had stabbed him.

“No,” she mumbled before his blood coated her skin. “I am the monster.”

“You’re… not…” Cohen grunted in pain before wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her claws out of his flesh. “a… monster…”

The rest was just blurry memories. He couldn’t remember well until he woke up in a bed with her scent, but she was nowhere. Vincent had told him everything else after that. Although Cohen wanted to be mad at him for telling Mira to leave, the Alpha knew the former second-in-command did that for his safety.

Cohen had to make his men that appeared on at the cabin to swear secrecy on what had happened included the living proof of Vincent Hale. The former second-in-command went to track down Mira while Cohen returned to his pack mansion for recovery.

The door opened and his Beta entered. “How are you doing?”

He nodded. “I’m good. Any news from the dead man?”

They had to be careful not to mention Vincent’s name for the sake of the dead man’s safety. If the Werewolf‘s Council knew about his faked death, then he wouldn’t be able to track Mira. Cohen didn’t care about the laws anymore. He wanted his mate to return and he would break every law to find her.

Liam shook his head. “He went to track her scent as far as into Northern pack’s territory.”

“Anything from Grover and Griffin?”

He shook his head again.

Mira couldn’t get that far. Could she?

Cohen felt restless and anxious. He couldn’t lose her no matter what the cost. He had been waiting for so long to have a mate of his own. And now he didn’t know where Mira could be. Cohen drew in a deep breath. His wolf was as anxious as he was. They wanted to their mate to stay safe. Mira had enough bounty on her head and that didn‘t make Cohen felt any better.

“Hey, we’ll find her,” Liam said assuredly. “She’s my Luna. We’ll find her.”

“Thanks for the support,” Cohen replied.

But words weren’t enough to assure him.

“Anyway, Alpha Nathan of Northern will have a celebration tomorrow. He invited you. If you’re still not well enough to make the visit, I could inform him.”

If Vincent made it to the Northern, then he must have tracked her presence in Northern and hid somewhere on Alpha Nathan’s land. The Alpha’s invitation could be a good getaway for Cohen to enter his land. Otherwise, he would have to come up with a reasonable reason if he wanted to visit the Northern when he had no official business there.

“We’ll make it there. Call my father to take over for a while,” Cohen instructed.

“You’re not there for the celebration,” Liam said knowingly.

“Might as well use the open opportunity.”

“And Dalton?”

Cohen sighed. That Commander would have to join the visit. It was a common duty for the Commander and the battalion to accompany an Alpha to a visit to ensure all packs on the venue would not be neck-to-neck with each other.

The problem was; Cohen was still neck-to-neck with Dalton. They hadn’t spoken to each other since Cohen commanded him to leave his land.

“Whether or not he likes it, it is his duty to join along,” He uttered just a second before his phone rang.

The screen was flashing an unknown number. Cohen answered the phone and placed the speaker next to his ear.

“She’s in Northern…” That was Vincent’s voice. He paused for a moment before continuing, “Alpha Nathan’s hosting a party and one of his guests would be Kit Erdington…” another pause. “also known as Kit Kincaid.”

Mira had found her new target.

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