The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 27: Vincent

“You were dead.” He knew the Beta as much as he knew the Alpha.

Too bad, Vincent had a bad habit of disappointing everyone about his death. If it wasn’t because the Alpha was fighting for his life Vincent would have laughed at Liam after his statement. But, a serious time like this required serious attention.

“Well, you’re naked.” Vincent bandaged the unconscious Alpha’s cauterized wound before he pointed to the guest room, two doors away. “There’s a backpack in the guest room. Put some bloody clothes on before the lady comes back and your Alpha wouldn’t let his mate seeing you’re naked.”

He doubted that Mira would come back, especially she had realized what she had done and could do to the Alpha. Well, who could predict what that woman would do? Vincent couldn’t even though he had spent years shadowed her in her profession. He couldn’t predict her movement. Like every time she instructed him to go to left and wait, for sure he would go to the right because she never went to her own instruction. If she couldn’t follow her own plan why would he follow it either?

After a few minutes, all the men surrounded the same spot again. This time, they were all wearing proper clothing.

“He survived it. Just minor blood loss. You can move him to the bed,” Vincent told them as he cleaned up the mess like every other time he had.

They carried the unconscious Alpha into the bedroom while Vincent went to the basement to look at the chains. The chains snapped and the markings on them had gone. Mira’s demon wolf was getting stronger than he expected. They had to find Damien before Mira lost her battle against her demon wolf. If in the past ten years, they still couldn’t find where the vampire prince was, how they would find him in this short time?

“Mira, Mira,” Vincent mumbled in frustration.

He went back up and saw the men had done tucking the Alpha.

“Not bad for a dead man,” Liam joked as he shut close the door of the bedroom.

Liam and Brandon followed Vincent to the living room while the other four went out to do perimeter run as they were on uncharted territory. With the Alpha still unconscious, they had to safeguard the cabin. Vincent took the small time break to fix the front door. He forgot how many times the doors had flown off its hinges back in the past and every time he would have to fix it.

Before the Werewolf’s Council appointed Vincent as second-in-command in 5th battalion, he trained with Alpha Cohen, Liam, and Brandon together. The first three ranking of the Southern Werewolves Pack trained together because these three were born of Alpha blood.

“Did Mira do it to Alpha Cohen?” Brandon questioned.

Reluctantly, Vincent nodded. “Yeah.”

And, the explanation part started once again, but he left out the information about Mira as a demon wolf. It wasn’t his secret to share with everyone. He only shared such information with the Alpha because the latter was Mira’s mate and that made him deserved to know the truth.

Vincent walked to the window as he hoped Mira would walk out of the forest, but that was just wishful thinking. She wouldn’t go after innocent blood no matter how bad she lost her control.

He pulled out his phone and texted someone;

Mira is getting stronger. She broke the chain. Tell me if you have any leads.

Vincent put away his phone and joined the Beta in the kitchen before Brandon came in with some beers.

“The scar suited you. You looked scarier than before.” Liam pointed out.

Vincent flinched by such words. He didn’t like the scar. It was a reminder of something he couldn’t forget. A gift from Mira’s demon wolf.

That night was as peaceful as previous nights he had spent with her in her assignments. They were doing a recon job to locate a group of missing boys enslaved by a vampire. Things never went to plan no matter how times Vincent and Mira discussed their plan. A fight broke in the warehouse where the vampire kept the boys. The vampire did something to her which caused her to lose her control. Vincent knew if the missing boys were to walk out of here alive, he had to be the bait to keep Mira’s attention on him instead of the boys.

So, he fought her while the boys ran out to a waiting van. This was the only time Mira failed to recognize between good and bad. Her long claws slashed on the side of his face that resulted in the scar he had to these days. Amanda gave him several potions and worked hard to keep him alive. She cauterized his wound, and it took him two full weeks to recover.

That was the only time Mira lost control. For three days, he chained and injected her with silver continuously. Vincent didn’t want to do it, but he had to. She didn’t leave him with any choice. Either he did that to her or risked her ran towards a town full of humans. He survived because he was Alpha blood. He doubted those humans could if Mira had her claws on them.

“I get that it wasn’t a pleasant memory about the scar,” Liam said.

He shook his head. “But it was in the past. I survived.”

“Where is she?” the same commanding voice snapped everyone’s attention.

Alpha Cohen was leaning against the bedroom’s door frame to support his weigh. To be honest, he wasn’t well enough to stand for now due to the temporary side effect of the tonic Vincent gave him.

“I told her to leave until she calms enough to come back,” Vincent revealed just to earn a growl from the Alpha. “I did it for your own good. She could have finished you. Trust me, I know that experience.”

Demon wolf had the habit of hurting the ones close to its host.

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