The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 26: Vincent

He knew the moment he sniffed an Alpha’s scent around his cabin; the rumors were true then. Mira’s mate was an Alpha. Not just an Alpha but the famous vicious Alpha of the strongest werewolf pack in existence.

Well, he was expecting for more challenges with the explanation with Alpha Cohen. Nobody could handle the explanation as calmed as Alpha Cohen which made Vincent felt the Alpha was trustworthy for the secret he had held long for the sake of Mira’s survival. The Alpha took his explanation well with some questions here and there.

Vincent was preparing breakfast for them as Mira wouldn’t be able to join them for a while. He rummaged the entire kitchen to look for the rest of the ingredient. The fridge was close to nothing except for boxes of energy bars.

The woman never kept proper food supply. What did she even eat for the past months she had been staying there? Frustratingly, he sighed when another truth smacked him in the head. Mira didn’t consume that much food.

“Hey, I’m going to the town!” Vincent shouted as he saw the Alpha was heading to the bathroom.

The most hated things for him to do was going to public places and that made him cringed. He would have to hide his identity like what he did for over a decade. That what happened when you faked your own death and roamed around on werewolf’s territory.

He left the Alpha in the same cabin with Mira whom more likely was still fighting to get control of her own mind. Alpha Cohen didn’t seem to mind much about the monster that was lurking inside her mind although Vincent had explained that the Alpha was the current target.

He went to the grocery store with the slightest feeling of uneasiness. Quickly finishing his grocery shopping, the uneasiness was growing inside him. He practically drove on full speed towards the cabin. As he was getting nearer, it confirmed his assumption when he smelled blood. There were no dead corpses outside the cabin which means the blood was coming from inside. Slammed the door of his truck and dashed into the cabin as fast as he could until the front door flew off its hinges, he saw she pinned Alpha Cohen against the wall as she was in her monstrous mode.

“Oh shit!” Vincent exclaimed when he saw her claws had stabbed the Alpha’s abdomen.

He ran fast as Alpha Cohen’s time was ticking before Vincent pulled her from the Alpha. Demon wolf’s claws were lethal. It was her ultimate weapon when she was facing a stronger opponent and the only reason Cohen wasn’t dead yet because of his Alpha blood.

“Get out!” Vincent roared to her before grabbing the Alpha’s weak body.

“Vincent, I—”

“GO! You can come back when you’re not murderous on him!” his words came out harsh, but he didn’t care for that now. No time for an apology. Not when the Alpha was dying on the floor.

She never escaped the silver chain he made for her, but now he knew the demon wolf was growing stronger especially it wanted Alpha Cohen dead.

Mira stared at the Alpha for a moment with tears pooled in her eyes as she said, “I didn’t mean to do it. I’m so sorry,”

From the corner of Vincent’s eyes, he watched her as she ran out. He didn’t want to let her leave, but he knew her, it was better for her to leave. Demon wolf didn’t leave a work halfway done like that. Maybe the fresh air could calm her. As much as he wanted to chase after her, Vincent didn’t. He had an Alpha to save. Mira would never forgive herself if Cohen died in her hands.

Slowly, Vincent let the Alpha’s body down to the floor as he didn’t want to risk moving him towards the better spot. The poison would spread faster because of movement. As long as the Alpha stayed still, the poison would take time to spread.

He ran outside and went to his truck to grab the small brown duffel back. Inside the bag, it contained a lot of different tonics handmade by a white witch named Amanda.

Yes, witches existed too.

“You got to drink this. It tastes disgusting, but it helps to flush the poison out.” Vincent put a small bottle of brown liquid close to the Alpha’s mouth.

Alpha Cohen drank the liquid in one swallow before his expression revealed the disgusting taste of the liquid.

“Yeah, I didn’t like it either,” Vincent confirmed.

Black liquid came out of Alpha Cohen’s wound. That was the poison on demon wolf’s claws. There was no modern cure for such poison. After a few seconds, red blood came out showed the poison had entirely left the Alpha’s body.

“Tell me, do you handle pain well?” his question earned a death glare from the Alpha. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Vincent took out a small hunting knife. “Your wound wouldn’t heal on its own. Demon wolf’s claws are not only poisonous but also prevented the wound from healing. So, the only way to close the wound is to cauterize it before you lose more blood—” but someone threw him against a wall before he could finish.

Six angry werewolves were standing between him and the Alpha. And, he wondered how the hallway could fit such big wolves.

“Bloody hell!” Vincent yelled in frustration. He knew those wolves well. “He’s dying for Goddess’ sake!”

“Liam...” Alpha Cohen muttered weakly. “Let him…” with that he lost his consciousness because of the blood loss.

Reluctantly, the wolves stepped aside but guarded their Alpha with such intense determination. Vincent heated the knife at the stove. Then, he began the cauterization on the Alpha’s wound.

That would leave one hell of a scar.

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