The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 25: Mira




Why did she feel all these at once now? It was too much for her to grasp. She was never good with emotion. These were like a brand new experience for her to feel things all at once. But, she didn’t want to feel these. Mira hated it if she experienced so many emotions at once. They compromised her mind. They interrupted her focus because she had a bigger matter to think about.

“Get out, Mira!” someone yelled to her. “Get out, you’re too deep!”

A hand wrapped around her neck and it blocked her air passage. Mira writhed, while she was trying to get the choking hold loosened but it was too strong. Her legs were kicking repeatedly while her fingers were still trying to loosen the grip. It gripped her hand and slammed roughly next to her before she screamed in pain. It impaled her hand onto one large nail. The nail continued to rotate until it pulled them out. Mira was no longer screaming in pain.

“Mira, get out!” the same voice screamed to her.

But, what else could she do right now when it impaled her hands? The nails rotated which caused an immersed pain to her body.

“Now, you know what happened if you disobeyed my words.”

A pair of glowing red eyes stepped into her vision. Mira knew she was too deep in its realm right now as it stood on four and walked in a circle around her. She turned to face the gigantic monster. There was still a silver chain around its neck.

“I do not take disobedience lightly, Mira,” It said although its mouth remained shut.

“I would not let you hurt him!” she shouted.

“Why fight me when I can make the entire world bow on your feet?”

Mira looked to the black void on the ceiling she had seen many times before. “What’s there to rule when everyone is dead?”

What was to rule when everyone was dead? Mira never wanted to rule the world or hindered those who were weaker than her. She never wanted that kind of power. She had seen what it could do to someone.

It smiled down to her and bared its bloody canines, but Mira didn’t feel a slight fear of this monster. Its blood-red eyes didn’t affect her at all. Its gray fur coated with blood. Whose blood? She knew well. The blood of its victims. The people she let it killed.

She surrounded by red raging fire around her, in a circular formation and it played every bit of her painful past. The tortures, rapes, and experiments. Then the hatred and rage she had for the world for not saving her from those damned soulless creatures.

“That’s it.” it smiled. “That’s it. Nobody loves you. You are nobody. The Alpha wasn’t even there for you.”

Cohen? Did he leave?

“Cohen is alive and well, all right?” slight irritation clear in its voice. “But, not for long.”

Mira looked at one particular fire that played a memory of her in the basement. She saw he left. Cohen left. Did he fear for her monster? Did he abandon her as everyone did?

“I’m here for you, Mira. Just let me ease the pain from you. He didn’t want you. Why would he wanted a mate that was murderous?”

She dropped to her knees. Tears fell onto her palms before she realized blood coated her hands as if she had killed someone right on the spot.

Cohen’s blood.

Then, there was his body lifelessly laid in the pool of his own blood with his heart ripped out.

Mira wanted to scream, but she couldn’t find her voice.

“MIRA, FIGHT IT!” someone shouted.

“Don’t listen to him, Mira. He left, remember?” her monster whispered.


She wasn’t the monster.

“I’m not a monster you thought I was,” She said to herself before a silver dagger miraculously appeared on her hand. “I’M NOT THE MONSTER! YOU ARE THE MONSTER! AND I Will KILL YOU!”

With that, she charged forward. The demon wolf swatted her as if she was just a fly. Mira slammed against the wall, but that didn’t stop her from charged towards it once more. With the silver chain on its neck, she climbed up and then, leaped in the air with the dagger above her head. The entire place quaked when the demon wolf growled. It moved to the side and Mira fell to the floor.

“You’re so predictable,” it taunted her.

Mira threw the dagger towards it before her claws extended. She charged again without giving up. On the moment the dagger struck the demon wolf on the neck, she jabbed her claws underneath it which caused the demon wolf to howl.

But, she was wrong when the demon wolf disappeared and reappeared behind her. The blood that coated her hand wasn’t its’ blood. Its blood was black. The blood on her skin was red. At that moment she knew her monster had tricked her again.

“MIRA STOP!” the voice snapped her out.

She woke up and regained her eyesight just to see Cohen pinned against the wall of the hallway on the first floor. Something broke the chains around her wrists and ankles. Cohen’s eyes reflected her own. She looked down at her hands.

Her claws embedded into his abdominal flesh.

“No,” Mira whispered before his blood flowed. “I am the monster.”

“You are the monster,” it smirked in the back of her mind.

“You’re… not…” Cohen grunted in pain before wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her claws out of his flesh, “… a… monster…”

“Oh, shit!” she heard another male’s voice. Vincent’s.

He quickly pulled her off from the Alpha. “Get out!” he caught Cohen’s body.

The Alpha lost his strength because of the blood loss and the poison inside his system.

“Vincent, I—”

“GO! You can come back when you’re not murderous on him!” he took off his shirt and pressed it against the Alpha’s wound.

With teary eyes, she looked at Cohen. “I didn’t mean to do it. I’m so sorry,”

Her vision was always come true. And, it already did. Cohen’s blood was on her hands. She was the killer of her own mate.

Mira ran out of the cabin without looking back. Dear Goddess, what had she done?

“Killing Alpha is a fun sport, Mira.” Its voice echoed in her head while she stared on her hands covered with Cohen’s blood.

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