The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 24: Cohen

Demon wolf — a creature of death. That was what everyone called it. All species had coexisted with each other for over millennia especially with the vampires. But, a demon wolf—there was no history of it ever existed. Not the ones created by the devil or something. The name was just a term that the storytellers often used to describe such a creature. It was just a myth.

But Mira was the living proof of such myth could truly exist.

Was that why the Werewolf’s Council was so hell-bent to bring her in alive no matter what the cost? Because she was something that everyone never thought would exist? If it was true, Mira as a demon wolf would be like infinite knowledge. There was no telling what people could learn from her origin as a demon wolf—her abilities as a demon wolf. In fact, she was a precious target for those who wanted to exploit her on their advantages.

“And Alpha, you’re the current target. Demon wolf doesn‘t like their host to have a mate. Mira is fighting it badly for the sake of you. That is why she kept avoiding you. As long as Damien is still alive, you mustn’t claim her. The marking process could weaken the control of her own mind.”

Cohen looked at the dead man. Now, he understood why Mira was doing bounty hunting. It was a way to quench her demon wolf’s bloodlust. The constant killing was giving her a good edge to control her mind by herself.

“It’s getting stronger, isn’t it?” Cohen asked softly.

Vincent nodded sadly. “Unfortunately yes. Severing the blood ties could weaken the bloodlust. It’s a gamble we‘re willing to take. If you want to get freshen up, I have clothes in the truck. And as I can see, my old clothes weren’t that fitting in your frame.”

“This is your clothes?”

“Well, technically, this was my cabin when I was a dead man. She needed a place to crash in while doing assignments here. So, I let her stay here while I went to other places.”

With that, the former second-in-command left through the back door of the cabin while Cohen sat in the kitchen and let the information sunk into his mind.

He understood her purpose of bounty hunting on human slavery. She understood the pain of enslaved and treated like nothing. Such experiences had scarred her and many others for life. Now, she had a murderous thing took refuge in her body.

“All those slaves Mira rescued, what happened to them?” Cohen asked as soon as Vincent stepped back into the cabin.

He placed a black backpack on the dining table before he pulled out a few clothes. “We sent them home to their rightful family. Those who didn’t have a real home, we sent them to the safe haven. A place we’ve been building for the past few years.” He looked around and inhaled. “Damn, I hadn’t come back here for years.”

That explained why Cohen couldn’t pick up his scent in the place.

If Vincent had been hiding near his territory before, how long Mira had been here?

“How long you’ve been hiding here?”

“I built this place about two months after I ‘died’.” He quoted the word ‘died’. “I lived here about four years. Give or take. I come and go from this place ever since. The first time Mira came to your territory was about eight years ago.”

It astounded Cohen. Mira came to his territory eight years ago. And yet they never met because that was just how elusive she was. Like a ghost. You would hear about it all the times but impossible to have a glimpse on it.

“Then, she comes and goes like me. Until a few weeks ago, they contracted her to find the two rogue pups who happened to cross path with you.” he opened several cabinets then the fridge, taking out anything he could find edible. “I’ll prepare breakfast. You do whatever you do or return to your home first. Mira wouldn’t leave the basement until she wakes up on her own.”

“How long does it take for her to gain consciousness?”

“Depends on how much control she lost. Sometimes a few hours or a day. Last time, three days before she woke up from the silver.”

“Silver weakened it?”

“She’s immune to silver after the experiments but the thing that lived in her, silver could prevent it from taking control. It’s like having three brains in one body and each of them wanted to take control. If one takes control, not much of the damage she could cause around but if all three take control, that’s what we’re afraid of.”

“Why silver?”

“Well, unless you want to rip out her spine or heart, let’s settle on silver,” Vincent answered nonchalantly. “She’s still werewolf blood so silver could weaken it. However, silver wouldn’t do much effect after many years, so we gamble on her blood ties with Damien. Kill him, we’d permanently severe her vampire bond thus weakening the control of the demon wolf which also means she could control her own mind easily with a little effort.” He chopped the tomatoes. “Demon wolf has its strength from three species blood. Blood ties fuel more. As long as the blood ties exist, your mating bond wouldn’t get stronger and she would always have bloodlust.”

“Did she ever lost control before?”

The former second-in-command fell silent. It looked like the Alpha had triggered an unpleasant memory for him. Something was telling him that Vincent had a bad memory with Mira before.

“No, not that I know of.” Vincent avoided his gaze. “She never shifted in her life which I figured out why the demon wolf was always trying to gain control. The longer she prevents the shifting, the more pain she would feel. She needed constant killing, to make the demon wolf focused its attention elsewhere.”

“You said the demon wolf wouldn’t stop unless my blood spill.”

Vincent unintentionally pointed the knife to him as he answered, “And that too. But, Mira has bigger targets. Kincaid siblings. That could keep her mind distracted from killing you. Damien went off the grid so she’s chasing after his siblings. Gregory was dead. There are two more to chase before the big boss battle.” Then, he shrugged his shoulders. “Or maybe she could just jump straight to the boss battle. Mira could get unpredictable.”

Cohen could feel his brain was in overdrive mode. What Vincent had told him was nothing like what written on the file about Mira. What everyone knew was that she was highly wanted for her crimes. And Cohen knew that wasn’t the case. She was highly wanted because someone in the Werewolf’s Council knew what she was. Maybe that was the job of the mole in the Werewolf’s Council. To lead everyone else on false trails while she was out here, unearthing the truth. That would buy her some time to get whoever was responsible.

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