The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 23: Cohen

Cohen threw his fist onto Vincent. The latter had a short time to avoid his fist.

“You were dead.” the Alpha fumed.

Vincent avoided another fist. “Sorry to disappoint you.” he laughed.

Even at a time like this, he could joke around. But, at his moment of fun, Cohen had his fist connected to Vincent’s jaw which caused the former second-in-command to fall on his butt on the floor. Vincent groaned while he held onto his jaw.

“I deserved that one,” he admitted before got up from the floor.

Stood across Cohen was Vincent Hale, the second-in-command of the 5th battalion who was supposed to be dead over a decade ago after Mira killed him except that he was right here as healthy as the horses. Wrong species, but everyone understood.

Cohen still remembered the first time he met the second-in-command. They were about the same age. Cohen was just a few months older than him, but that didn’t stop them from training together during their time in Werewolf’s Council. Among the guys in their group, Vincent was the Casanova, always had a different girl in his arms until suddenly he died.

There weren’t many changes in his appearance now. He still had the same brown hair with brown eyes, but the long scar on his left cheek down to his neck, that was new.

“Still want to punch me?” he raised his hands in surrender.

“You’d bet I would,” Cohen said.

“Sorry about the chaos,” Vincent apologized with a grim smile. “Let’s go up.” he ushered the Alpha out of the basement.

Cohen paid a brief glance at the basement door. “What are you doing here?”

Could Vincent be possibly sleeping with Mira?

“Are you—”

The dead man ducked again as if he expected Cohen to punch him. “I didn’t sleep with her.”

That was a relief.

The Alpha crossed his arms over his chest while Vincent made his way to the kitchen. The way he maneuvered around the cabin confirmed Cohen’s suspicion that this wasn’t the first time he was here.

“Before you get any wrong ideas, I didn’t sleep with her. We might share a room but not a bed.”

Did he—

Vincent quickly raised his hands again. “What I mean is that sometimes we share a room because of recon and stuff. She would sleep, I stay awake for over watch. Then I sleep, she stays awake. That kind of stuff. There was nothing sexual involved.” He brewed coffee before he placed a cup of hot coffee in front of the Alpha. “So, words spread fast. I just had to come to see it myself. Seeing you here in the cabin, I guess that’s the confirmation I needed.”

“How did you know her?”

“I came across her in a town. She was seeking a way to see the Werewolf’s Council about ongoing human slavery. So, I offered her my help.”

“You became her contact in the Werewolf’s Council.”

The brunette guy nodded casually. “Pretty much but I saw no intervention about it. The Werewolf’s Council did nothing about it at all. Someone destroyed the slavery cases, and got rid of the evidence. So, if I were to leave the Werewolf’s Council formally to help her, they would keep a close tab on my life and she would get caught in the crossfire.”

“You asked her to kill you?”

“Faking a death was much easier than trying to live a life full of lies.”

Easy for him to say while Mira had to take the blame when the Werewolf’s Council ruled her as Vincent Hale’s killer. If she risked everything to save Griffin and Grover a few days ago, for sure she would do many other things.

“Look, I’m sorry that I had to ask her to fake my death,” Vincent told him. “We were running out of options. I told her about the risk if she agreed to the plan. She said it didn’t matter what risk she would take.”

“She poisoned you.”

“We paid the coroner to forge the autopsy result. Mira gave me something she got from someone. It killed me, but for a few hours. Luckily, my comrades buried me three hours later. Then, she dug me out before giving me an antidote to revive me. As far as everyone concerned, I’m still dead by her dagger.”

If he took this much of trouble to fake his own death, Vincent must have a strong reason. He easily gave up his life just like that so he could help Mira.

“Why all this fuss?”

Vincent sighed. “The Werewolf’s Council isn’t what they seemed to be.”

“How could you be so sure?”

“I wasn’t at first. But she…” he trailed off to take a sip of his coffee. “changed my mind. Just like how she would change your mind later on.”

Mira already changed Cohen’s mind since the moment she saved those rogue pups from him. What else she could do to change his mind again? He wouldn’t reject her no matter what.

“Alpha Cohen, I hope you know the risk you’re taking right now.”

“She’s my mate. Nothing else could stop me from claiming her,” Cohen replied sternly.

Vincent leaned against the wooden counter. “Tell me, Alpha. Does the mating bond feel strong?”

Was it strong? No, sometimes he didn’t feel it but sometimes he felt it there to pull him to Mira.

Cohen shook his head. “It’s hard to tell.”

“Damien Kincaid injected his blood into her body.”

Cohen knew where the conversation was leading. Blood ties between the maker and his subject. The only way to sever the blood tie was to kill Damien.

“Blood Ties.” He nodded as acknowledged why his mating bond with Mira wasn’t as strong as he thought would be.

But, the next revelation made him doubt about anything he knew about her.

“But, Mira also has Lycan’s blood.”

“Lycan went extinct.”

Vincent’s lips pressed into a thin line. “Yes…” he paused for a minute. “Imagine three species blood running in the vein, what would be the result?”

“Demon Wolf.” Cohen flinched on his own answer.

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