The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 22: Cohen

He was born to be tough in life, no matter what he encountered along the way. He was born to mask his true feelings so he wouldn’t get too personal with everything. He lost a few people closed to him, but he could mask the feeling.

When the war ended one by one, he had to lower his fallen comrades down into six foot underground. He watched every single. He heard the scream and tears of those families that lost their loved ones, but he remained strong because he knew one person had to remain strong. If he didn’t, who else would? He was an Alpha. Cohen should show no sign of weaknesses.

Being strong wasn’t the only thing he had to do in every situation. Decision-making was another different story. An Alpha should be able to decide no matter how difficult the situation was. Whether it was his situation or someone else’s, it didn’t matter. Every decision had their own consequences. Cohen would lie to himself and everyone if he said every decision he ever made was the best. That was a total bullshit. He made a bad decision now and then, but he also made a good decision.

Not every decision he made would give him the outcome he wanted it to be. Sometimes, he didn’t get much time to think of everything before he decided. Sometimes, he questioned the morality of his decisions whenever his people died. At one time, he understood the risk. At another time, he questioned whether it was necessary to take the risk. Despite he was being indecisive sometimes, they needed to know his decision whether it was bad or good. Any outcomes, he would have to endure it—endured whatever resulted from his decision. Now and then, his mistakes were eating him up alive.

But this moment, he hadn’t endured it yet.

In fact, he didn’t know how to react to it. He didn’t know what decision he needed to make. Should he release her from the chain and let it took over her? Or should he watched her writhed in pain even if it pained him to see her that way? He couldn’t decide because he didn’t know what went wrong with her.

The thing she called as a monster, could it be her wolf? But, why she reacted differently when she wanted to shift? And, why would she prevent the shift? The longer she prevented the shift, the more painful it would get.

Too many questions and yet, no answers. Mira was the only one who could answer these questions.

His mate, the woman who destined for him, right now wasn’t herself. The thing she kept inside herself was slowing taking over. That was the hardest part. He had to watch his mate slowly turned into something she didn’t want to be.

A monster, she called it repeatedly.

“Mira…” he paused as she was on the floor and panted heavily. “Mira, I’m here.”

She was right. The silver did nothing to her skin, but surely did something to the thing inside her. He could see her bones continuously shifted under her skin. Stopping the shift was like breaking your own bones repeatedly. It was a very excruciating moment to experience and it could traumatize those who weren’t strong enough to recover from the pain.

She was mumbling incoherently to herself as if she was arguing. Cohen listened to her heartbeat. It was racing crazily. That was normal during a shift. Mira continued to mumble, grunted and growled.

“Mira?” Cohen called again. “Baby, are you okay?”

The markings on the silver chain glowed then they were pulsating like a pulse. A werewolf didn’t need these markings to prevent them from breaking the chain. Why would she need these?

Maybe that could explain her strength when she threw him when she was saving the rogue pups. She was too strong for a normal werewolf.

Mira fell flat on her back and screamed as her ribs shifted under her skin. “Cohen....” she panted heavily. “Leave... I... can’t… control...”

She took a deep breath, looking exhausted. Cohen approached her as he totally ignored her warning. Her heartbeat went back to normal.


“Mira’s gone.” her eyes shot opened and her voice contained so much rage and wickedness.

Cohen staggered over because of the chain. Mira stood up and inhaled deeply with her canines grazed her lips and it drew blood out. She stared at him with a smirk on her lips. Her eyes were so red as if they were just round glass filled with blood. Cohen never saw this kind of eyes in a werewolf.

“You should have left when she told you,” she said but that didn’t sound like his mate.

Her voice sounded darker and devilish than before. Cohen didn’t recognize this voice.

Cohen got up on his feet. “Mira, stop.”

She laughed and ran towards him, but before she could reach him, a silver chain wrapped around her neck. Someone dragged her backward and slammed her back against the wall. There was a masked man who was holding the silver chain with a gloved hand. No matter what she was, Cohen was protective of what was his. He attacked the masked man only to duck down when the masked man whipped another silver chain to his direction. While Cohen wanted to attack the masked man, Mira wanted to attack the Alpha. The masked man pulled Mira to the other side of the room, away from Cohen.

Her black claws were clawing onto the cemented floor as if someone made the floor out of sponge. Then, she lunged towards him once more, but the masked man pulled the chain again. This time he trapped her in his arms.

“Don’t fight me, Mira. You’re going to just hurt yourself,” He warned her before he stabbed a syringe on her neck. “Easy… easy… I’m not here to hurt you.”

Mira let out a painful hiss as she dropped with her hands gripped on her neck as if she was being choked. After a few seconds, she stopped struggling and eventually fell unconscious on the floor. He unwrapped the silver chain from her neck before he came face-to-face with Cohen.

The masked man took off his mask. “Vincent Hale.”

Cohen lunged towards him.

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