The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 21: Mira

“Why are you denying the bond?” the woman asked her.

Mira stood by the bonfire as she stared on the raging flame like she always did whenever this meeting happened. Her soul felt so cold and empty. The warmth of the fire couldn’t soothe the coldness out of her.

“He would get hurt,” she whispered. “I’m sick of seeing good people getting hurt.” She placed her hand into the fire.

Just like how she was immune to the silver, she was immune to the fire too. It didn’t even burn her skin. Maybe because this meeting wasn’t real. This meeting happened in the back of her mind. This place was the only place she allowed herself to be vulnerable because there was no repercussion for her vulnerability here. In the real world, Mira couldn’t afford a second of vulnerability because it could cost a greater price—a price she could never settle.

“The vision you saw—your hands covered in blood. You think it would be the Alpha’s blood.”

Mira looked at her. “I know it would be his blood. My vision always came true, you know that.”

The blonde woman straightened her posture while she was sitting crossed legs. “I know, but Mira, you cannot deny the bond. The longer you deny it, the stronger you would desire for it.”

“I can’t mate with him. Or anyone. Evil taints my blood. I can’t.” she shook her head. “I can’t.”

“The Moon Goddess fated you with him for a reason—”

“Then, she is wrong,” Mira shouted in anger. The flame raged just as much as she raged as if it was her anger meter. “She is wrong on this. The Alpha would suffer for something he does not control. An innocent man would suffer because of the monster inside me.”

The blonde woman looked taken back by her words. “Don’t question the Moon Goddess, Mira. Everything happened for reasons. There is nothing happen in the world without reasons.”

Mira looked up to the night sky decorated with stars and a full moon. “I don’t want him to die in my hands when I lose control.”

“Maybe he is the key to your sanity. Think about it.”

The key to her sanity—also served as the key to her insanity.

“Why are you so afraid of the monster in you? It is part of who you are.”

Mira shifted her attention back to the blonde woman. “Because that fear is the only reason it hasn’t taken control of me yet.” She closed her eyes.

“Maybe this is your happy ending.”

Happy ending? Was there such a thing as a happy ending? Could there be truly a happy ending for her? She forgot when the last time she smiled genuinely or laugh. She forgot what it felt like to be happy because her whole life was nothing, but pain and torments.

When the Werewolf’s Council rescued her, she thought it would be her happy ending. But no, they did not differ from those vampires. They wanted to cut her open and study her for what she was. She was nothing, but a subject. To them, she wasn’t a living being. She was just an experiment subject.

“There is no happy ending,” Mira said at last.

The blonde woman sighed. “You made the mating bond sounded like it’s a curse.”

From Mira’s perspective, the mating bond was more than just a gift. It was a curse to her because right now all she could think of was the Alpha while her monster was raging with bloodlust. That bloodlust turned the mating bond into a curse. As long as the bloodlust still reigned in her, the mating bond would always be a curse.

“You will not kill the Alpha,” the woman said before she stood up. “Trust me on this one.”

“Don’t push your luck.”

“I don’t play by the luck. I know things when I see them. The Alpha’s life wouldn’t end in your hands.”

“What did you see exactly?”

“Nothing. I see you. You are working hard to ensure he stays alive. And, your effort wouldn’t go to waste.”

“Words aren’t good enough.”

“No, it wouldn’t. But, you have to trust me.”

The conversation was getting nowhere. It was time for her to return into her body.

Inhaling the fresh breeze of the early morning, something wrapped her body in perfect warmth. Not too warmth or cold. Just perfect temperature. Then, his musky scent entered her air passage. Her eyes shot opened before they were reddening again. He draped his arm on her abdominal area while his chest pressed against her back. Her claws once again extended underneath the duvet.

The monster wanted to kill her mate. His blood would be on her hands. she would lose her own sanity by the pain of losing him. Then, the monster would take over her body—her mind—her soul. Nobody would believe her if her monster killed him. Everyone would see it was her who killed him.

Mira pushed his arm away and bolted out of the bedroom. She was running to one part of the cabin where she could control the monster.

“Mira,” she heard Cohen shouted while he was chasing after her.

“Stay back!” she roared.

She ran as fast as she could into the basement where the silver chain was cemented into the floor. Her control was just hanging by a strand. She was close to losing it.

Before she lost her control, she wrapped the silver chain around her wrists and ankles just-in-time Cohen arrived in the basement. The chain burned against her skin. Mira could feel her monster growled ferociously to her as it hated the chain. The chain could be the only reason she hadn’t kill Cohen on the spot.

“Mira, what are you doing?” he looked bewildered by her action.

She stopped him with her hand. “Stop, stay back, please. Please, please, I’m begging you. Just stay back.”

“Mira, the silver chain could hurt you.”

Oh Goddess, she wanted to yell on his face that this wasn’t what she wanted for herself. She never wanted this. This was a curse she would have to carry for the rest of her life. A curse that had caused many lives perished.

“The silver wouldn’t hurt me, but it would prevent the monster from surfacing.”

Cohen stopped advancing just a second before her claws could get a good grip on his flesh.

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