The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 20: Mira

She stood there, frozen by the realization. The monster wanted to kill her mate. His blood would be on her hands. She would lose her own sanity by the pain of losing him. Then, the monster would take over her body, mind, and soul permanently because killing a mate was the easiest way for one to lose their sanity. As Peter had said before, Damien was hell-bent to break her away from her sanity and humanity. And the key to that was by killing her mate. That’d surely make her lose it all.

Damien didn’t have to dirty his hands to do because her monster would. She would become the monster she had tried to prevent and the death of her mate would be in her hands. Words of Cohen being her mate had spread like wildfire. There was no guarantee that the words wouldn’t get to Damien. He had eyes and ears everywhere. Nothing went by without him knowing about it. Mira was certain he already knew about Cohen.

Mira stared on her hands and the image shifted from her clean hands to blood-stained hands repeatedly as if her monster wanted to prove to her it would happen—that she would be the one who would kill her mate.

”Mira stop,” his voice shouted in her head.

Mira moved her head to the right and left repeatedly as she tried to block his voice. She had enough turmoil as it was and added another wouldn’t help her.

“You killed him,” the monster whispered sadistically.

It was almost impossible for a werewolf to regain their sanity after the death of their mate. it would take a tremendous amount to bring one to the correct path once again. And, if it happened to her, there was no guarantee she could make it back again. She would literally lose it. That was the scariest part of having a mate.

Mira shook her head a few times, regaining her own mind before took out a few clothes from the drawer. The sound of the shower was no longer could be heard. Exiting the bedroom, she went to the door of the bathroom. Cohen couldn’t wait for a correct moment to come out with just a towel covered his lower half and showed his strong V-line. A few water droplets dropped from his hair and landed on his muscular chest before they rolled down on his body. The tattoo was covering his right side of his chest was screaming at her, begging for her touch. Mira kept her hands to herself and was thinking how much longer she could resist this Alpha.

“Hope these would fit you.” she handed the clothes to him and quickly walked away.

The silver was weakening the monster in her, but it didn’t mean she could stay longer around the Alpha. While he was still busy in the bathroom, Mira rushed back to her bedroom again to inject herself with silver as a precaution and then came out as if nothing happened.

“The thing you said earlier, what does that mean?” Cohen questioned as he followed her like a lost puppy in the cabin.

She made a beeline to the kitchen counter and poured herself a glass of whiskey mixed with a pinch of wolfsbane. As soon as the liquid touched her throat, Mira grunted silently at the burning sensation. The combination of silver and wolfsbane inside her body wasn’t something she looked forward to. Not only they were on uncharted territory, but the Alpha also came without protection. This was the moment of her vulnerability. Sure, she still could fight if something happened, but she wouldn’t able to heal as fast as usual until silver and wolfsbane wore out from her system.

For someone like her who had spent the past fourteen years killing and hunting, Mira showed a massive effort not to hurt those who deserved no pain. That included the Alpha, but the monster in her disagreed. Sooner or later she would succumb to her monster and Mira could only hope her mate wouldn’t die in her hands.

Mira sat close to the ignited fireplace and stared at the flames, “It was nothing. Just things slipped out of my mind.”

“Oh?” he looked confused. “Now that everyone knows about us.”

“There is no us, Alpha.”

“Mira, I would never reject you!” he roared in anguish.

His muscular chest heaved heavily while fists clenched on his sides. If he could breathe out a fire, he would have done it by now.

Mira sighed, stood up and looked at him. “Save yourself while you still could.” she walked away.

“Don’t walk away when we’re talking.”

Her claws were digging into her palms. Even, the silver couldn’t do much to her control.

“Cohen,” she shouted in a restrained voice. Mira inhaled a deep breath as her expression softened. “Please, just don’t.”

She didn’t mean to raise her voice to him. The Alpha just couldn’t understand why she would rather live her life without a mate than having his life taken by her monster.

“Why are you afraid of the mating bond?” he approached her only to make her retreated further.

It wasn’t the mating bond she was afraid of. It was his life she was afraid of. Her control was thinning. If her monster could control her this much even with silver and wolfsbane in her system while the Alpha was around, there would be a gruesome mess to clean up and Mira didn’t want to come to that. She wanted the mating bond as much as Cohen but now wasn’t the time. This wasn’t the correct moment.

There were too many things in this cabin wasn’t helping her at all. Cohen, his scent, his presence, and his body. These played a major role, and that wasn’t helping at all because there was nothing else she would rather do than jumping straight for the Alpha and begged him to make love to her.

“Mira,” he called her name.

She turned her heels around and walked away to the bedroom. “I’m sorry but I can’t.”

He did not understand how much she wanted him to touch her inappropriately. Having a mate was a gift. Mating bond was a beautiful and sacred thing for werewolves. They were lucky to have that for them. Mira was far from being lucky because she still couldn’t have him. He was within her arms and yet he was still far from her reach.

She reopened her hands and saw the claw marks on her palms. This wasn’t such a good sign. She had a little control even with silver in her blood. The longer he was around her, the faster she would lose her control.

And one thing for sure, Cohen would not back out.

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