The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 19: Mira

The dried branches and leaves made a crackling sound underneath her combat boots as she slowly made her way further into the Black Soil, the uncharted and unclaimed territory. There were many stories of why the land remained unclaimed. Some said there was a curse cast upon the land once inhabited by werewolves. Since there would be no vampires or werewolves patrolled the land, Mira took it as her safe haven—away from those two species and human civilization.

She grabbed a few firewoods from the shed before entered the two-floor wooden cabin. Although she never affected by the cold temperature of the night, it would still feel a lot better to have warmth in the cabin. She lied down on the mattress placed in front of the fireplace and enjoyed the warmth of the fire slipped into the pores of her skin. After what happened in Cohen’s pack mansion, she was too tired to think about it all over again. If he understood her riddle, he would stay away.

After lying down for nearly half an hour, she got up on her feet and walked into her bedroom while her mind was working in overdrive. She pushed one wall aside to reveal the hidden wall behind it. She pinned papers, photos, information, notes, and names to the hidden wall—each connected to one another by red string. These were the things she had been doing for the past thirteen years since she killed Gregory to find where Damien’s true hideout was, but the older Kincaid knew well to hide his track than his siblings. It made things harder for Mira to find him, but she would have to think of another way.

If what Dr. Pritchard said was true about Damien wanted to create super soldiers using her blood, then Mira finally knew Kincaid’s true intention for the many slaves he captured over the years. He was looking for the compatible DNA as hers. It was never about revenge or anything. Damien was looking for the compatible DNA, and he would capture anyone and everyone if he had to.

“The world would fall out of balance. Damien wouldn’t stop looking for the compatible DNA and when he does, the apocalypse would come.” Dr. Pritchard’s words rang in her ears.

Mira’s eyes scanned the map of the Southern territory. The land was vast, and many hadn’t discovered yet. Unlike other werewolf’s territory, the Southern had the most undiscovered lands although those lands were under the name of Kingsley. If she was Damien, on those lands, that’d be where she would hide. But, those undiscovered land was twice as big as the discovered ones and not to mention numbers of mountains. it would take days for her to discover it alone.

Mira massaged her temples as she was trying to ease the pounding because if she kept thinking this much, it would take a toll on her. She barely had any sleep lately because Dr. Pritchard’s words emblazoned in her mind. She couldn’t take her mind off from thinking about it.

Then, her hearing sense picked the sound of heavy footsteps came from the tree line outside her cabin. Mira pulled back the other wall to cover the hidden one before she went out of her bedroom to check on the new intruder.

Exiting the front door carefully, her eyes were restless as she looked for the intruder in the dense forest.

A heavy sighed left her lips. “Come out now. I know you’re here.”

A big black wolf stepped into the light of the moon. He must have followed her scent. She didn’t want to do anything with the Alpha right now because the tiredness was rubbing on her badly. She didn’t have a fighting spirit tonight. All she wanted to do was to sleep. She had enough fighting for the day.

“What? Cat got your tongue?” Cohen smirked after he shifted into his human form.

Good gracious.

He was naked as the day he was born. Her fingers were itching on her sides. She wanted to trace her fingers on his strong body to feel his muscles stiffened underneath her touch. Goddess, how many things she wanted to do to him?

Almost defeated by her own lust, Mira re-entered her cabin. His musky scent was filling her nostrils. She couldn’t get enough. It was like an addiction to a drug. There was no point to argue with him about his presence in her cabin. Now, that he knew where she lived, she doubted he would leave her alone.

If he was planning to stay naked, might as well just did it in the cabin.

Cohen entered shortly after her before he closed the door behind him. Even, the door felt so small in his presence. The cabin felt like a miniature to his large frame.

“I’ll get something for you to wear,” she said as she made her way to her bedroom. “The bathroom is down the hallway.”

As soon as she entered the bedroom, her claws instantly extended and grabbed the nearest pillar on her right. Her eyesight was now reddening. It was a good sign he hadn’t marked her because she didn’t want him to feel her emotions in his mind. This was what she was afraid of—losing control of herself. Every day her control was thinning and it didn’t help much that her mate was at her arms’ length.

She waited for a few seconds until her ears picked the sound of the shower turned on. Mira forced herself to walk to her arsenal and picked the silver throwing knife before slashed her palm with it. She hissed at the pain of the wound—not the pain of the silver. Silver did nothing to her anymore. Her body was immune to it, but it weakened her monster.

After a few minutes, she was back to herself once again. It was hard to fight the raging monster in the back of her mind, especially what it wanted right now was the death of an Alpha. Cohen was an Alpha.

It wanted to kill him.

It wouldn’t stop.

Why the monster had so much rage for an Alpha? She came across so many Alphas in her life, but why her monster had so much rage on Cohen now? Why was it so bloodthirsty for him? He did nothing wrong in her life before. But, why it was angry at him as if he was the source of her suffering?

A wave of realization hit her repeatedly. It wasn’t because of what he did to her.

It was because he was her mate.

“Killing Alpha is a good sport, Mira.”

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