The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 18: Cohen

As he thought his morning would get better, the Alpha groaned in annoyance as phone calls from the Werewolf’s Council came endlessly. He knew he would receive punishment for what he did last night, but he also understood it was worth every risk. If the Werewolf’s Council had her, he doubted about her return. There was only one punishment for a highly wanted rogue.


A soft knock on the door awakened him from his thoughts.

“Come in,” he said.

Liam entered with a stack of brown files which made the Alpha annoyed even more. “Now, don’t get your panties twisted. This is what would happen if you messed up with the Werewolf’s Council. Let alone a battalion commander.”

The Alpha tilted his head to the side. “And, what? Let him humiliate my mate?”

“Paperwork, Cohen. Paperwork,” his Beta grunted harder. “If your mate isn’t this hard with you, we wouldn’t have handled this much of paperwork!”

Cohen was an Alpha. He craved for a challenge occasionally. Paperwork was never an Alpha or a beta’s work. These two were born for combats, not just stuck in the office with a mountain load of paper. But, what could they do? Actions didn’t come all the time. Rogues knew to stay away from their territory.

Cohen crossed his arms as he leaned backward on his chair. “Are you saying I never been nice to you and your work?”

Liam huffed, “All you did is just growling here and there. Like when Brandon asked you about the perimeter run went south, you growled. Fiona wanted to make you lunch, you growled. I was so close to getting you admitted into a mental hospital for growling out loud.”

“But, why the Werewolf’s Council is so hell-bent to bring her in?” The Alpha had to change the subject.

Cohen understood that breaking the law was intolerable. Usually, the Werewolf’s Council would issue the death penalty to the highly wanted criminals whether they captured those highly wanted dead or alive. But, Mira’s case was different. The Werewolf’s Council wanted her arrested alive, no matter what heavy penalty laws she had broken.

“Maybe she’s too valuable for them. You also know Mira has a vast connection to the Black Market means she has all the confidential Intel delivered to her doorstep.”

“But, why?”

The Alpha questioned himself all night about it. His curiosity had overpowered the extent of his knowledge about the Huntress. Everything they wrote in the file about her was ambiguous. It didn’t give enough glimpse of her back story. Could there be more of her life?

“They could have issued a death warrant for her to keep her mouth shut,” he went on while his brain kept on thinking.

Even, he himself cringed at his own words. He would rather the Werewolf’s Council didn’t sign a death warrant for his mate. Something didn’t match with this whole thing with the Werewolf’s Council and Mira. Sure, she was a daring person to go neck to neck with the Werewolf’s Council on her own, but for what? What was the cost? That was the question had been bothering Cohen. Because she killed Vincent Hale and Winston Forest? What made her risk everything to go after the Werewolf’s Council while they were after her?

With the number of jobs she had made with her skills, she could just disappear and live somewhere where nobody knew who or what she was. So, why she bothered to stick around for so long?

“Or she has something they wanted. We don’t know Mira as much. She could be something that everyone was searching for. Something that might trigger both species,” Liam added.

“Vampires trespassed,” Brandon shouted from outside the office.

Both of the Alpha and beta rushed out before the sound of painful coughing greeted them. Cohen could feel his skin was sizzling and saw his Beta was experiencing the same. Everyone dropped on the floor, unable to move or speak.

“Silver,” Cohen said between his cough.

Someone put silver in the air vent in the pack mansion. Even as an Alpha, that amount of silver could weaken him, especially if he inhaled it. That’d drive the silver into his body easily.

Cohen crawled as he tried to get to the red button which would make the ventilator to emit indoor air out, but he couldn’t reach it when someone sent him flying against a wall. The wall cracked as soon as his back collided with it. He fell to the floor like a stone. The Alpha was about to get another kick to his rib when he caught the leg and forced himself to stand up against his attacker. It was the vampire. Cohen ripped the vampire’s neck before he joined his Enforcers to fight against their attackers.

“Kill them all,” another vampire ordered.

Someone broke the glass wall connected to the outdoor area into pieces. A dagger flew in and stabbed the vampire directly on the throat. The vampire dropped on his knees with hands covered his neck as his blood flowed out like a waterfall.

One hell of a throw.

The Alpha tried to focus on what was happening. He saw a figure who was fighting against over twenty vampires.

That was his Mira.

She pulled her belt that turned into a bladed whip. One hand swung the whip towards a vampire’s neck to pull him to her and another hand stabbed him on the heart. She grabbed a throwing knife from the strap on her thigh and threw it. The sharp knife missed Cohen’s face by inches before it embedded to someone behind him.

Mira took the vampires out one by one with a little effort. Her speed was way too fast for a normal rogue. It was like she disappeared in thin air and appeared on somewhere else.

One of her daggers struck the red button just next to the door of his office and the ventilation sucked the indoor air out. She put a towel on fire on the stove and the smoke rose to the ceiling before it tripped the fire sprinkler system of the entire ground floor. As it soaked everyone, the silver effect wore off from their skin. Cohen stood up and saw she was standing in front of a vampire with her back was facing the Alpha. With a swift movement, she was standing behind the vampire and her eyes locked with the Alpha’s as she slit the vampire’s throat.

“You couldn’t leave that one alive for interrogation, could you?” Liam grunted.

She kicked the vampire’s dead body as she wiped her dagger and retrieved the other from the wall. “You would get nothing from him.”

“And, she broke the button.”

“Mira, stop,” Cohen ordered as she was about to leave.

She glared at him as if it was his fault that vampires attacked them. “I appreciated you stood up against Dalton for me. Now, that the world knows you are my mate. You’ve painted a bull’s eyes on your forehead.”

“It would take more than bounty hunters to kill me.”

Mira didn’t turn around but glanced over her shoulder. “No, it only takes the monster to kill you.”

He stunned by her words.

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