The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 16: Cohen

The mention of a certain person surely threw Dalton off the edge. The Commander looked like he was close to losing his control.

Everyone recognized the tension between the Commander and the rogue she-wolf, but what they didn’t know was the reason behind such tension. Even, Cohen was wondering who the certain someone was. Dalton was protective of his private life. Nobody knew of his private life, but it seemed like Mira had hit a sensitive button about his private life with someone.

Dalton’s expression held more than just a determination of accomplishing his task to bring her in. It also held a hint of personal vendetta. Cohen should have known it if he wasn’t so busy chasing after rogues.

Could it be Dalton’s brother Winston? He died five years ago when the Werewolf’s Council dismantled a brothel. Cohen didn’t inspect the case before it turned into the classified case file. Did Mira kill Winston? But, why?

Cohen wouldn’t get the answer from Dalton. Mira wouldn’t speak of it because that was what she did best. She was an expert in keeping her mouth sealed in everything. That was why the Werewolf’s Council was having a hard time. Mira said nothing about her jobs. A person like her who had tight lips and wouldn’t say anything even if it jeopardized her life. She could be an asset. A real asset, better than any Enforcer ever trained by the Werewolf’s Council.

“You are nothing but a rogue. Having him on your side wouldn’t change anything,” Dalton spat as he advanced to her before stopped because of her blade was inches away from his neck.

He was born in Alpha family, but it didn’t mean he was immune to silver. The substance could still hurt any Alpha blood werewolves, but at a much slower rate than an average werewolf.

The redheaded woman smiled. “Dalton, I don’t need him to defend me. You’ve been chasing me for fourteen years and look where it leads you to. Another confrontation and another escape.”

A mouse and cat chase.

“Are you mocking me?”

“I don’t mock people. I’m speaking of the truth. I am who I am. And, no matter what you do, I’d rather die before you drag me to the Werewolf’s Council for a trial.”

“You monster.” With that, he lost control of his wolf.

Dalton shifted into his black wolf and growled menacingly to her before Cohen stood in between them to protect his mate at all cost, but she signaled him to stand down.

“I am a monster, true. I acknowledge what I am. But, do you want to know something?” Mira’s voice held nothing but the truth. “At least this monster doesn’t cower behind and let someone else do the dirty jobs.”

“The Werewolf’s Council would have a hearing on this!”

The Werewolf’s Council could have all the hearing they wanted for all he cared. If the hearing could have brought her in, they would have done it ages ago. Mira was as elusive as a ghost. Nobody would see her coming. Now, they were just wasting their time and resources trying to capture her.

Cohen tried not to enrage as he spoke instead of mind linked the Commander, “Then, tell them to deal with me, not my mate. Bring your battalion out of here.”

“Are you kidding me, Cohen? For a rogue, you dismissed your own friend?”

“LEAVE!” As he sensed none of the battalion members weren’t moving, Cohen glared at them. “If I’m not making myself clear, leave before I drag each of you.”

“The Werewolf’s Council wants the rogue. They will never let you mate with her.”

Cohen towered the battalion Commander once again. “My patience is thinning now, Commander.”

With a loud growl, Dalton and his battalion left. Cohen turned to face his rather smug-face mate who just finished put her blade back to its sheath. Liam and their Enforcers left to give the two of them some privacy.

“You’re hurt.” Cohen forced his words out as his hand reached for the wound on her forehead, but she swatted his hand away before it could touch her wound.

“Don’t.” she avoided him. “Trust me. You wouldn’t want to touch my blood, especially it laced with silver.”

“Why would you inject yourself with silver? He’s a vampire.”

Yes, why would she inject herself with silver when she was dealing with a vampire? A werewolf’s blood was poisonous to the vampire. There was no need for silver.

“Don’t worry about me. Take care, Cohen.”

Cohen took a deep breath, “Say it again.”


“Say my name again.”

“Cohen.” she obliged to his command for the first time.

Unable to restrain himself, he pulled her for a kiss, totally ignored the blood on the corner of her lips was burning his skin because of silver in her blood. Just like before, she didn’t deny his approach which relaxed him because he knew she wanted the mating bond as much as him. And yet, he was still expecting her to throw another strong blow to his jaw.

She traced her fingers on his face. “Maybe things could have been different.”

There was hidden emotion in her eyes he couldn’t read. He buried his face on her neck and inhaled deeply. Her fingers buried in his hair to pull him closer. This was good enough for him. Her small frame fit into his embrace like a missing puzzle piece he needed to complete the whole puzzle. From there, he knew she was the one for him. The mating bond was a bonus.

They stayed like this for a few minutes. They needed no words for the moment because their action spoke louder and clear than any word in the world right now. This was good enough to keep him sane for a while until she’d agree to be his mate completely.

“You have few hours to interrogate the vampire before he dies,” Mira whispered which caused him to pull away.

“Why would he die?”

“I am not the person you think I am.”

There, she went again with the riddles. If only she could just tell him the truth that would have saved a lot of time.

“Good night, Cohen.” Mira stepped away from his embrace and left.

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