The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 15: Cohen

It had been ten minutes since they had left the pack mansion. Dalton offered to join Cohen and his Enforcers to do the exchange. The Alpha was only interested in getting the murderer of his best Enforcer. He wanted to bring the murderer to justice and let his Enforcer finally rest in peace.

As soon as they reached to the said place, he scowled when he saw the bruise on the corner of Mira’s lips and the wound on the left side of her forehead. Despite the collar of her jacket pulled up, he still could see a glimpse of a fresh bite mark on her neck. Cohen was furious at the sight. It took everything in him not to run to her immediately and demanded an explanation for her injuries, but Cohen stood still on his ground although his wolf was anxious as hell.

A heavily bruised and unconscious vampire lied on the ground. She tucked his head underneath her black leather combat boots as she watched the pack slowly came to her line of view.

“Sir Dalton,” Mira acknowledged the Battalion Commander. “It’s good to see you again.”

Cohen knew the redheaded woman was poking into the Commander’s nerves. Well, that was her expertise too, and it worked because Dalton looked like he was about to pummel her.

“What makes you could walk away this time?” Dalton snarled.

The Alpha didn’t appreciate Dalton threatened his mate right in front of him.

She chuckled before she wiped another trickle of blood from her forehead wound. “Heard the Council was nowhere near solving the murdered case.” She kicked the vampire to them. “Don’t worry. He won’t fight much. What’s with the battalion enforcers, eh?”

Now, the Alpha turned his attention to Dalton. “You brought your battalion in here? I told you this meeting is private.”

“Ooh,” Mira cooed, “the big bad Alpha doesn’t know.”

If it wasn’t because of the tension in the air, the Alpha would have rushed to her and kissed the life out of her for the nickname.

Big bad Alpha, he could smirk at that. At least, she acknowledged him. That would just boost up his ego. His mate found him as big and bad Alpha.

Dalton held his hands in surrender. “I’ve sworn an oath in front of the Council to stay loyal to them in any situation including this matter!”

Before Cohen could respond, Mira cut his chance. “All right, boys, let’s get this over with.”

He’d have a word with the Commander later on. Cohen signaled Liam to let go of the two humans before she pushed the vampire to his way. It seemed like she was keeping a close tab on her human contacts. Not to mention, she rather took this huge risk to get them back. She whispered something to the two humans before they both ran.

“You are not going anywhere.” Dalton threatened.

“Enough!” Cohen roared and earned a smirk from her. “I’m a man of my words. She got them back, and I got the killer of my Enforcer.”

“You got to be kidding me, Alpha.” Dalton stared at him at disbelief. “Her capture is much more important than anything else.”

“I said enough.” the Alpha towered the Battalion Commander with his large frame. He didn’t like the tone the Commander was using. Cohen hissed, “You and your Enforcers would stand down.”

Dalton was close to shifting into his wolf, but he was still no match for the Alpha. Cohen was the strongest Alpha in existence although he wasn’t mated, his strength had surpassed every other mated Alpha.

The only person who stood between Dalton and Mira was Cohen himself. He wouldn’t let the Battalion Commander caused a scene there and let alone hurt his mate. Mira still could cause damage to Dalton if brawl happened, but Cohen rather not risked his mate’s safety for that.

“Remember, Commander. You’re just a guest on my land. I summoned you here. Therefore, you’re bound to follow my command,” The Alpha growled to his Battalion Commander.

Dalton came forth, totally wouldn’t go to back down either. “They gave me the duty and permission to bring her in for trial.”

A pack of twenty men came forth in their wolf’s form. Cohen threw Dalton to the tree as he enraged his own battalion Commander disobeyed his order. Disobedience was a big no to the Alpha. Dalton stood on his feet. His Enforcers were ready to battle against the Alpha.

“Every wolf is obligated to the Council,” The Commander reminded them. “Me, you, her, everyone is obligated to the Council.”

Liam raised his hands to stop the rest of the battalion from fighting with his Alpha. No matter how much training they went through, Cohen was still not their opponent. The only person that ever threw Cohen to the tree was Mira when she saved the two rogues.

When two battalion officers bravely chained the furious Alpha, it served nothing but to infuriate the Alpha even more.

“He is. I’m not.” Mira feigned a yawn as if they tired her with the fuss. “I’m tired. I have silver in my body.” She glanced at the two Enforcers. “Let’s be civilized here, boys. Not that I care of if brawl happened here, but I don’t want to testify as a witness. I would rather be the offender. Much fun.” Cohen felt her hand brushed on his right arm to calm him down. “Alpha Cohen is obligated to the laws with the rest of his pack. And you, too…” She nodded her head to Dalton. “But, I’m a rogue. So, if I provoke you neither that silver nor the Council could stop me right now.” Mira took out her blade and easily cut the chain silver from restraining the Alpha.

Cohen growled protectively next to her as she continued to face Dalton and his battalion. Hell to the Werewolf‘s Council for all he cared. Mira was his priority not because she freed him from the chain, but because she bravely brought herself against the entire battalion for his sake. He felt a sudden rush of proud at her. She was his mate. It was his duty to protect her even if he had to break the rules for it.

Mira continued to advance to the Commander. “If I were you, Commander, I’d back down. Nothing could stop me from punching the shit out of you. So, either you stand down or we end this with a bloodbath. I’m open for the suggestion, but I’d rather not to make your fate same as his.”

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