The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 14: Mira

She stopped her motorbike in front of the closed Grover’s club after had received a distressed phone call from the bartender, Zander, about the owner of the club. Mira used the back alley of the club to access the back exit of the club before stumbled upon the bartender.

He was pacing back and forth before stopped to talk, “Two gentlemen came to see Mr. Grover at the parking lot. They were talking about something.”

“Was he forced to comply?” Mira questioned.

Werewolves pack couldn’t involve in this. Rogues or vampires probably.

“Yes, no, I don’t know! He entered their car with a little nuisance.”

“Are you sure they kidnapped him? Maybe an old friend or something.”

“Gentlemen from VIP 9 booth.”

Huh, looked like someone was ready to break the rules as she did.

“Griffin was there too,” Zander added.

Mira squeezed the bartender’s shoulders lightly to calm him down. “Don’t worry, Zander. I know where they are.” Actually, she didn’t, but not the case here. “Just an old friend looking for the business arrangement.”

“Boss never did business outside his premise.”

So, he was such an oblivious human being while he was facing a vicious huntress.

“My friend kind of shy. You know…” she trailed off. “Hey, why don’t you get back to work? I’d handle this.”

Reluctantly, Zander retreated to his bar before Mira took out her phone and dialed the number. Her feet were tapping on the marble floor impatiently.

“This is your operator, Jenna. How can I help you?” someone answered.

“I need the Package 1465’s account status.”

“Hold on a minute, please.” She put the call on hold for a few seconds before the operator’s voice emitted through the speaker again. “Someone had opened an account for Package 1465. Would you like to close the account?”


“I would transact the balance from the said account after the completion of the prerequisite condition. Do I need to elaborate the condition?”


“Please confirm your identity and codename.”

“Mira Red. Codename; Phoenix.”

“Identity and codename confirmed. Olive Hotel, room 34. One tango.”

She exited the club and headed to the private garage next to the club where Grover kept her car for her. While she was driving to the hotel where her package was waiting unknowingly, her mind already made so many plans for it. She knew she couldn’t kill her bargaining tool, but it didn’t hurt to beat the shit out of him first.

Mira made sure the coast was clear before she knocked on the door. The door opened and a man with a scar on his chin was looking up and down of her body — totally didn’t know who she was.

“Can I help you, sweetheart?” he asked as he leaned against the doorframe to show his strong physique.

She smiled sweetly. “My car broke down. I tried the front desk, their phone out. Is there a chance I can borrow yours?”

“Come on in. I will get my phone.”

She entered the room before he closed the door. Mira looked around and saw the mess on his bed. It looked like someone was in a hurry but probably halted because of her. She proceeded with her plan and took off her red leather jacket—purposely showed her black crop top that barely covered her abdomen area and shoulders. She could feel his hands were reaching for her hips and her back rested on his chest.

“Maybe the phone call could wait,” He whispered. His elongated canines caressed her pulsating neck.

He pushed her to the bed before crawled on top of her. The vampire leaned to her neck and she could feel his canines were grazing her skin. Mira hissed when his canines sunk into her skin, but she quickly regained her calmness. As much as she hated the pain, her monster loved the pain because such pain fueled her monster more. Instead of pushed him away which could probably result in her neck got ripped off, Mira leaned her head to the other side to give him better access. The smell of metallic rose into the room which made him even hungrier for her blood.

“You should think before you sink your teeth into my skin,” Mira said.

He pulled away and pain flashed on his face. He wiped away the trail of her blood from his mouth. They considered werewolf’s blood lethal to vampires and vice versa, but Mira’s blood was a whole different story.

“You tricked me!” he hissed.

“Surprise.” she mocked.

He grabbed her by the neck and smashed her head on the coffee table. Mira kicked him as hard as she could. She knew because, for someone like him, it would take time for her blood to affect his strength. Mira realized she couldn’t depend on her claws this time as she needed him alive.

He wrapped his hands around her neck to choke the air out of her. Mira reached for her belt which turned out to be a bladed chain before slashed his arms with it. She might look like she came unarmed because she wanted her victim to think it that way. Mira never came unarmed.

He growled menacingly and threw her into the wall. She coughed badly to get the air back into her lungs. He lunged to her and slapped her face. Mira punched him hard on the jaw before locked her arms around his neck while she wrapped her legs around his abdomen to trap him, but that did nothing much for now.

The rogue walked backward and smashed her back to the wall while he was trying to get her to lose her grip. She felt the pain on her back, but she withstood the assault as she didn’t want to lose her grip until he went limp. The locking on his neck wasn’t to kill him. It was just to render him unconscious. She kicked him off before she stood on the floor while she was breathing heavily as she wiped the blood on her lips, forehead and the bite wound on her neck. With silver in her system, it’d take time for her to heal. If it wasn’t because of the silver she had injected herself with, the monster would have come forth and her bargaining tool would have died on its claws. After nearly five minutes of laid down on the floor there, she dragged him to her car and pulled out her phone. Grover answered from the other end.

“Pass the phone to him,” She ordered.

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