The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 13: Cohen

“I’m telling you, man. Nobody knows where she lives,” Grover groaned for the millionth times. The human was getting frustrated by the interrogation. “We contact her; she comes to the club for the assignment. We make the negotiation. If she’s interested, the deal’s on.”

Cohen sat across him with his arms crossed. He had broken another law by bringing human for interrogation. Grover was not just an ordinary human. He knew about the existence of the supernatural species. The Alpha stopped entertaining a certain part of the laws. The Werewolf’s Council could reprimand him for all he cared.

He wanted his mate, and he would get her.

“What assignment?” Cohen asked. “Was it involving saving the rogue pups? Killing Rebecca Julliard’s killer? Saving Olsen’s victims that nobody knew about? Or killing the eight bounty hunters at the alley?”

Grover’s eyes flickered with interest. “So, you’ve heard about the bounty hunters too.”

Heard? Cohen witnessed it with his very own eyes. He kept the case away from the eyes and ears of the Werewolf’s Council because he didn’t want them to get involved. He already planned to sort this out.

The bounty hunters had it coming when they went after the redheaded huntress. Eight humans were no match to a supernatural being like her.

“All that you’ve mentioned,” Grover answered at last. “She doesn’t care what assignment. As long as the payment is equal for the assignment. Mira never questioned why and who hired her. Less question, less headache if she gets caught. That’s how it works in her world. Hire her for the right price, you’ll get the result as you requested.”

Cohen wanted to know more about what Mira involved herself in than the ones he had mentioned. Grover was one of the few contacts who lent assignments to her. Surely, he knew more than he looked like.

“Who hired her to kill Vincent Hale?” Cohen questioned, earning a glance from Liam.

They weren’t supposed to talk about it. For the sake of solving all the unsolved cases where Mira was involved, Cohen had to break his oath. He couldn’t keep holding onto his oath and kept Vincent Hale’s death as a confidential matter while they blamed Mira for his death. He wanted to know why Mira killed the second-in-command.

Cohen did further investigation into her background included her traveling history. It wasn’t like she traveled via public transportation. But, there was still a record of her travels, especially when she trespassed werewolf’s territory. There was no territory she hadn’t trespassed yet. She had trespassed the Werewolf’s Council’s territory plenty of times but none of the Enforcers could capture her. Where did Vincent Hale make his mistake that caused his life ended in her hands?

Grover shifted uncomfortably on his chair as if he knew something about it. “I do not understand what you’re talking about. Mira never goes after a pack.”

“I didn’t mention he was in a pack.”

Cohen knew it. The club owner took the bait. How would Grover know Vincent Hale was in a pack if he knew nothing about it? It didn’t add up. From what Cohen had seen, Grover heavily involved with Mira. He knew the things that others didn’t. If the Werewolf‘s Council dragged Grover to give testimony in a trial, Mira wouldn’t make it out of the Werewolf’s Council if they got her arrested.

“You knew him. You knew who hired her to kill him,” the Alpha added.

“You want to kill someone in a pack, you don’t go to a private dealer like me. You call directly to the Black Market. Everyone in the supernatural world knows Mira never goes after a pack even if they provoke her.”

Cohen studied the club owner to check the truth behind his words. Grover earned money from the assignments Mira had completed. Did that mean Griffin earn the same too? As much as Cohen hated to admit it, there was truth inside Grover’s words. He couldn’t be the only private dealer that Mira associated with.

“Are you saying she accepted the contract from someone else even though she knew Hale was in a pack?”

“You want the answer, you need to ask her. Mira is a freelancer huntress. She’s not obliged to what I want her to do. She does what she wants to do. I’m merely a pawn in her game.”

“A very important pawn apparently,” Liam commented. “You’re playing a major role in her profession.”

“What can I say? She makes good money. I earn from that, too.”

“What about the bounty on her head? You have access to the Black Market. For sure, you know about it as well.” Cohen asked.

“Damien Kincaid,” Grover answered, scratching his eyebrow. “He’s pissed off that she killed his younger brother. He placed a bounty on her, hoping someone would bring her in alive.”

Not only the Werewolf’s Council wanted her in, but the vampire coven also wanted her. Now, Damien Kincaid was in the picture. Cohen could sense that Mira didn’t even mind about that. He studied the human in front of him and wondered how the Werewolf’s Council had done nothing about him.

“For a human, you seem to know many things.”

Grover chuckled. “What can I say? I get the Intel easily.”

“Doesn’t the bounty feel tempting on your side?”

“Are you serious? Even if they pay me a hundred million, I won’t go after her. I’ve seen her works. She’s a killing machine. Maybe some mad lunatics are crazy enough to hunt her.”

“Or you owed her something?”

“I owed her nothing. Mira brings profit into my business so I should be thankful for that. And, not stabbing the lion while the world is her den.”

“Wrong species but I understand.”

“I don’t care, man. Have you seen her work? They trained you to be the warrior of your pack. An Alpha even. Mira didn’t have that privileges. She fights for the survival of her own life. The only difference between you both is you are a warrior while she’s both a survivor and a warrior.”

“You know nothing about me, human.”

“You were right. But, who knows about her? The only things we know about her is the information in the file. Did you even know human slavery exist in your world?”

Human slavery? Cohen stared at the man to hope the latter was joking about human slavery. Rogues or not, the Werewolf‘s Council forbid human slavery and the punishment would be death. Cohen glanced at Liam.

“We forbid human slavery.”

Just because it was forbidden, it didn’t mean it never existed. Yet, Cohen never heard of human slavery cases in the Werewolf’s Council. Rogues slavery, yes, he heard about them all the times But, not human slavery. No such cases ever presented to the Werewolf’s Council. How did a human-like Grover know about this more than Cohen?

Grover sighed, shoulders slumped. “It is, but did the Werewolf’s Council do anything about it? Did they send their Enforcers to rescue those slaves? No, they fucking not! Mira stepped into the game! She risked her life for humans. While you’re here, she’s hunting down those responsible for slavery.”

“Watch your language!” Liam roared, but Cohen raised his hand to signal him to stand down.

Grover leaned to his chair and continued to sigh. “None of you ever know the real feeling for being a human. Mira didn’t know the feeling, but she knew the feeling of being enslaved. She could have just let those human slaves died for all she cared. But no, she tracked them down, killed their masters and freed them. No payment needed. Only a pure honor.”

“How long does she take to complete one assignment per se?”

“Depends on the difficulty. She could get two or three assignments done in a week. Sometimes it would take her as long as two weeks to get one done, but she’s more interested in slavery assignments.”

A cell-phone inside Grover’s jacket rang which made the Alpha gave a suspicious glance on the human. Grover rubbed his temple in irritation. He picked the cellphone from his jacket and answered it.

“Hello,” he said.

“Pass the phone to him.” The voice was no other than Mira herself.

Grover slid the cell-phone across the metal desk to the Alpha. “She’s asking for you.”

Cohen put the speaker of the cell phone to his ear to hear her voice. “20 minutes by the cliff. Bring Grover and Griffin or your valuable suspect dead.”

The Alpha chuckled although it came out restrained. “You could kill him for all I cared.

“Joel Blue, one of your Enforcers died a month ago because of a foul play. 20 minutes by the cliff.”

With that, the call ended. Dalton was right. They shouldn’t have underestimated her as the Werewolf’s Council did. The woman was resourceful. Her vast connection to the Black Market had made her assignment a lot easier to get in touch or tracked down someone. Not to mention she had every bargain tools to get out.

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