The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 12: Mira

She gazed up to the blue sky briefly. Life never went to what she had planned, and that was what she loved about her life. Anything could happen along the way no matter how many times she planned to avoid them.

She stood on the jetty, staring at the blue ocean. Ten minutes pass before a black Jeep stopped next to her motorbike. Griffin came out the vehicle; he approached her.

“I heard you’ve visited the girls in the hospital,” He said, standing next to her with his hands tucked inside his pockets. “They will be fine.”

“Perhaps,” She replies short. “Why are you here?”

“I was passing by after visiting the safe haven.”

The safe haven was where the people, who were saved by Mira, had no other place to go or kin to depend on. Grover and Griffin along with a few other trusted associates built a place far away from civilization for them with the money Mira earned from her contracts. She didn’t need much money to survive on. Those people needed the money to build their lives once again.

“How’s it going there?” She asked him as she never stepped her foot in the safe haven.

Mira refused to know the exact location of the safe haven. She knew Griffin and Grover could keep those people alive and safe while she was out here keeping the bad guys away. There was a reason Mira refused to know where the safe haven was. There were vampires, particularly those who had royal blood were gifted with the ability to see the memories of their victim by drinking their blood.

“They’re building two new houses.” Griffin took a cigar from his pocket and lit it up before exhaling the smoke out. “You should come to see them. I hate taking all the credits for your hard work.”

“It’s better if they don’t know me. I’ve put enough people at risk by working with me.”

He sighed. “So, what’s your next plan? Still hunting for the same vampire?”

“I won’t rest knowing he’s still out there.”

“I got a hit on someone.” Griffin reached for the inner pocket of his coat and withdrew an envelope. “Peter Scott, one of Kincaid’s henchmen. I don’t know if you’ve heard of his name.”

He handed the envelope to her. Mira opened it and her blood boiled when she saw the photo inside.

She let out a forced chuckle. “I know him. I will take this contract.”

She would not let him roam on Earth anymore. He was the vampire who lived his life to torture and hindered the weak. She was one of his victims during her enslavement. It would please Mira to be the one who would end his life. With that, she walked away to her motorbike.

“There are words spread around,” Griffin said, coming closer as she hopped on her motorbike.

“I told you not to entertain rumors.”

“It’s more than just a rumor, Mira. The Werewolf’s Council is getting restless. Now, they’ve known you’re in the Southern’s territory. One of their guys, Dalton Forest, is in town.”

Amusement triggered inside her. The Commander of the 1st battalion would be in town. He had been chasing her for fourteen years and each time; she slipped away. That infuriated the Commander even more. For someone at his age, he should have just retired, spend time in his hobby or with his grandchildren. Instead, he chased after her.

Dalton excelled in hunting down rogues, dead or alive. That was before Mira existed as the redheaded huntress. Then, he dedicated his career to hunting her down. As long as she was still roaming about, Dalton would never retire.

“Just a heads up,” Griffin concluded.

“Thanks, I’ll be all right.”

Two days later, she found herself was chasing after the vampire in the woods—her prey for the night. Mira jumped off the dead logs and avoided low branches. Her hands were gripping on her dual daggers. Her eyes were flickering on her side where he was—a few meters from her. He was running faster than the bullet. His form was blurring. In the blink of eyes, he was no longer around her. She stopped running. They had been chasing each other for two hours straight. There was no sign of tiredness yet. Her stamina was still peaking at its highest peak.

“Peter dear,” she called.

Her grin was a sign of wickedness. Goddess, she loved this moment. Her monster loved this. Mira inhaled the scent of his blood. It sent adrenaline into her body. She injured the vampire before he bolted into the woods. She could smell his strong blood. Her canines elongated, not for his blood, but for what she would do to him. She was bloodthirsty to see him begged for his life.

“You can’t hide, Peter.” Mira chuckled as she walked past the trees.

She put her dual daggers back into their sheaths as she checked on her left and right as she took one step at a time. Mira closed her eyes as she focused on her hearing sense.

Dub, Dub

Dub, Dub

Dub, Dub

What a beautiful lullaby? The sound of a beating heart about to end soon. Such a shame, she thought. It raced crazily, but every beat laced with fear—fear of his own life. It terrified him. She could smell it emitted from his skin pores.

He was close. He was lurking in the dark and waited like he always did. He was good at lurking and waiting for a moment of vulnerability of his victim. When someone outmatched him, he would escape and continued another day.

But, Mira was different. She wouldn’t wait for another day. If she could get it done in a day, then she would.

“I can hear you, Peter dear.”

The tip of her tongue grazed against her canines and tore the soft tissues of her tongue to draw out blood. Blood—that was the weakness and strength of a vampire. No matter whose blood, they would attract towards it.

Peter finally stepped out of the dark. Her eyes were searching for a hint of recognition in his eyes. Mira smiled because he knew who she was and why she was there for him.

“I don’t know you,” He stuttered with a hint of pure fear.

His voice said different things, but his eyes said otherwise. He knew her.

The denial, the smell of pure fear, and the lullaby of his beating heart. These were what her monster lived for.

Mira lifted her shirt to show the scar on her abdomen, “You struck me with a silver knife when I was ten.”

Peter shook his head, no doubt he denied it again. “No, it can’t be. They said you were dead.”

“You raped me since I was thirteen.” Mira continued as if he had said nothing earlier. Goddess, such a painful memory for thirteen years old. “You laughed as I begged you to stop.”

To those dungeon guards, Mira was another object for their pleasure and lust. She recalled it when Peter and his men forced themselves on her. She thrashed around, cried and begged for them to stop. But no, they laughed at her and continued until she bled all over again because they knew she would heal. Her wounds would heal. That was why they never felt scared when she bled.

Mira felt disgusted at the way they touched her. Numbers of things and men had touched her body that wasn’t something she could forgive and forget. She felt disgusted with herself until she couldn’t even stare at her own reflection on the mirror.

She wasn’t the only victim. Every night there would be another girl reacted the same way as she did. The dungeon was never in silence. There would always someone cried whether it was because of the torture or raped.

He dropped on his knees, and his shoulders shook as he sobbed. This was her favorite part. Her victim dropped to his knees—to beg for his life and denied every bit of his mistakes.

“Please, I was following orders. He wanted to break your mind. He knew how strong you would be if you come to age. Before that happen, he wanted to break every humanity pieces you had left. He wanted to turn you into his killing machine.”

Mira yawned as she sat on a dead log, cross-legged. “I’ve heard the story.”

“Please, I could tell you anything—anything you wanted to know. There’s a man named Dr. Pritchard. He worked there during the time they enslaved you and he—”

By a blink of an eye, she was standing behind him with her hand punctured through his chest. Her claws clenched onto his still beating heart. The warmth of his blood coated her skin and the crimson liquid dripped to the ground. Mira withdrew her hand from his chest.

“You don’t get to negotiate.” She patted his cheek. “I was following orders too.”

The order of the monster inside her.

She watched him as life essence escaped from his body. Mira crushed the heart before let it fell to the ground. She wiped her hand on his shirt and then lit the corpse with fire a second before her phone rang in her pocket.

“Mira,” she answered without looking at the caller ID.

“They had taken Boss.”

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