The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 11: Cohen

The pack mansion was eerily quiet because it was already past eleven in the night. The only noise he could hear was the sound of footsteps of the patrolling team in the pack mansion. There were two teams of six members each patrolled the pack mansion day and night to ensure they secured everything.

The estate had three different pack mansions. They identified each pack mansion with a number. The main pack mansion was Mansion One where everyone spent most of their times—whether on patrols, on different duty, standby and everything related to their duty. It had sixty bedrooms, home theaters, offices, gym and all the essential rooms—kitchen, bathroom, living room and all that. The first basement floor served as the interrogation ground. They renovated the second basement as a prison to keep temporary prisoners before the Werewolf’s Council took them.

Mansion Two and Three were where most of his Enforcers slept. These were the barracks with eighty rooms in each. Each room was enough to accommodate six Enforcers—notably those who hadn’t found their mate yet. Everyone had a patrolling duty and the same group occupied in the same room to make it easier to regroup them during an emergency. Everyone had their own personal home in the territory but slept in the pack mansion to fulfill their duty easier.

Cohen wandered aimlessly around the border of his territory after a long hour of patrolling. It had been a tiring day for him. With the events happened a day ago, he strengthened the patrolling perimeter. Otherwise, other rogues would exploit the weakness.

Inhaling deeply of the fresh air, he felt enlighten even for a moment. He always enjoyed a late night walk in the woods like this. It helped to clear his mind even for a moment. As an Alpha, he couldn’t let his mind clouded with emotions. A clouded mind could risk everyone’s life whether it would his or his pack.

He arrived at the same cliff where the rogue pups and Mira jumped a day ago. That was nearly fifty feet drop. During this time of the month, the waves were monstrous.

He forgot how long he stood there, staring at the monstrous waves before he felt like he was being watched by somebody. His wolf became anxious at the back of his mind as he scanned the trees line. A silhouette stood near his location before the wind carried the sweet scent of lilac.

“I’ve strengthened the patrols. Yet, you slipped through,” He said, waiting patiently for the redheaded huntress to come out of her hiding place.

Mira stepped out of the darkness, wearing the same outfit but a different color shirt. She was wearing a dark blue shirt, still showing the scars on her chest.

“My world is different from yours,” She said with her melodic voice.

“We’re living under the same sun and moon. Serving the same Goddess. Nothing’s much different,” He answered effortlessly.

There was no hint of mischief or a smile on her face. She tilted her head up, looking at the full moon. The moonlight kissed her pale skin, making her even more beautiful like a Goddess. With the wind blowing her hair softly, he found a scar on her hairline, just behind her left ear and it followed down to her neck. It made him wonder where the end of the scar was. He could spend a lifetime looking at her face and never felt tired of it. Her electric blue eyes brightened even more as if it absorbed the moonlight. The orbs capable of trapping his soul. He would never want it back. His soul was hers to take.

“True.” her voice was full of sorrow as if she regretted who she was. “You and I are different. I am not who you think I am.”

Cohen admired the beauty of the full moon like any other werewolf. Soft howls echoed into the peaceful night towards the sky. The howls of the werewolves were more than just a howl. It was their way to express their gratitude to the Moon Goddess—to show how much they loved her—worshipping her until the end of time.

“Nobody is who they are as we all think,” He replied, making his mind up.

Even if Mira thought herself differently, he would never let her go. He would worship her like the wolf worshipping the moon.

But, the redheaded huntress was stubborn.

She stood next to him but at a good distance. “You don’t understand the monster in me.”

“We’re all monsters.”

Then, her next sentence snapped him.

“I want you to reject me.”

His wolf growled at it. With a speed of the lightning, Cohen pinned her against a tree and showed his eyes were turning black. His wolf was as furious as he was. Rogue or not, he wasn’t planning to reject her. Hell, he didn’t even want to entertain that topic.

Cohen put everything else aside and pressed his lips on hers as she tried to free herself from his grip. His wolf was desperately trying to prove his dominance on her. Eventually, Mira stopped struggling and gave in to his kiss.

“You wanted me to reject you,” He said huskily, trailing wet kisses along her jaw down to her shoulder. It made her body shudders. “But, your body said otherwise.”

Her heart was beating crazily against her ribcage while her breath came out shaky. The Alpha continued to tease the redheaded huntress, nibbling the skin of the crook of her neck. One day, his mark would be there to show she belonged to him and only him. Thinking about marking her on the spot almost snapped him from his control. If he forced himself to mark her, it would serve nothing but infuriating her.

Then, it hit him. Her status as a rogue didn’t matter to him anymore. Sure, she had an impeccable record and impending trial from the Werewolf’s Council, but Cohen ignored those. She would be his and nobody could change that fact.

He would fight the entire world for her if he had to.

“Let me go.” she tried to push him off and failed.

Cohen pinned both of her hands above her head. Her chest heaved heavily as he leaned closer.

“I don’t let go of what’s mine. You can run. You can hide. But baby, I will find you whether or not you like it.”

Just before he could do any further domination on her, Cohen staggered by the impact her fist connected to his jaw. Chuckling, he touched his jaw right where she had punched him. Instead of feeling enraged by her action, he felt pleased to know she could defend herself. He required the female werewolves in his pack to train for their own self-defense.

He never backed down when someone punched him but this time, he backed down because it was his mate who had punched him. He staggered because the punch caught him off guard.

Right, a polite way of saying her strength was far greater than his.

Damn it, his ego wounded up again. First, she had thrown him across the yard. Now, she had punched his jaw.

“Feisty.” He teased to fume her even more. “I have to reinforce the bed then.”

Her glare bored deeply into the deepest pit of his soul. “Ugh, you’re impossible,” She roared before storming away from him.

Mira couldn’t get further than five steps before his hand caught her wrist and pulled her back to his body. Her hands rested on his chest as she breathed deeply at their closeness. Cohen tugged the loose strands of her beautiful hair to the back of her ear.

“Keep running. I like a good catch,” He whispered. Her first raised again, but he caught it this time and secured it behind her. “Don’t worry, baby. You will change your mind soon enough.”


His lips tugged upward, amused at her word.

Cohen kissed her neck right where he could feel her pulse against his lips before letting her go. Mira murmured some incoherent words under her breath despite her body loved the attention he was giving to her. He would tie her to his bed if he had to. Now, that sounded kinky. The mating bond wasn’t as strong as it was supposed to be. This was just the beginning. It would strengthen he finally marked her as his. Cohen couldn’t wait for that day to come.

His eyes locked on her retreating figure, admiring the way her body moved. “Mira, you’re mine.”

“Disregard any patrolling on the southern border. Mira just passed by. She’s leaving now.” Cohen linked to his Beta who was on patrolling tonight.

“Alpha, you know it costs me paperwork, right?”

Sometimes, Liam exaggerated his duty too much, though he was right. They needed to report each trespass into a file and sent it to the Werewolf’s Council so they could send their investigators out to assess.

“Bring Grover and Griffin in tomorrow.”

“Breaking the rules, eh? We don’t have the authority to bring human in.”

Cohen was more ready than just breaking the laws. He had found his mate and he never let her go just like that.

“I want to know where Mira’s hideout on my land.”


“No objection? I thought you hate paperwork.”

“As much as I hate paperwork, the sight of you getting thrown across the yard by a woman is entertaining. I want to enjoy the show while it lasts.”

Cohen strolled his way to his pack mansion. Along the way, he encountered some of his Enforcers on duty. They bowed in respect when they saw him. He exchanged a few words with them before continuing his way to the pack mansion.

It was crucial for him to know their names and what patrolling team they were in because his interaction with the Enforcers strengthened his relationship to his pack members. This was what he was trained for. It was more than just memorizing their names; it was a must for an Alpha to know about his pack members individually—to know whether their household was in a good condition; they cared everyone for, or financially stable.

Now, Cohen was about to break the laws to get what he wanted. Mira was what he wanted whether everyone liked it or now. He had waited this long to have a mate and a Luna for his pack. There was no way on Earth he would ever let her go just because she poked everyone’s nerves. While many she-wolves found him rather intimidating and vicious, Mira’s perspective was on a whole different level. She saw him as equal—both vicious, merciless and ruthless.

A perfect match made by Heaven or Hell.

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