Queen of Alphas

By Erin Nicole All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica


Tatiana is an alpha female pretending to be a beta in order to trick the most powerful alpha into bed, so she can kill him. Her plot to power is about revenge and passion, passion to change the werewolf world and turn it away from its misogyny. And revenge for what her father has done to her. Nicolaus is the most powerful alpha in the realm, who dreams of becoming the lord alpha of all. He has come to the conclusion that the only way to ensure his power is not just a fading blip on history, he needs an heir. he decides to take a mate. He doesn't want to fall in love though, it would make him weak, so he chooses a female that he could never love. A submissive beta. Will she produce him an heir? Or did he bite off more than he can chew? Mature and graphic content. Readers have been warned.

Chapter 1

Trees surround me as I venture deeper into the forest, I have been wandering around North America for several months. Restlessness pricked at my bones, my wolf side’s intense need to dominate and destroy was shaking my core. I could tell I was nearing a pack territory; scent marks and clawed trees notifying me, and it made my pace quicken. The excitement caused my being to quake. I scented the air and antiquated myself with the smells of this pack. They weren’t that strong and I longed to rip them apart and eat their alpha’s heart. Regrettably, the Werewolf Council has set a mark out on my head so I would have to lay low for a while. I reigned in my wolf as howls pierced through the air. I would have to pretend I am helpless. The alpha was the first to burst through the brush, growling with menace. Shifting as he walked forward, sniffing the air. When he was fully shifted, he lowered his eyes to me and cleared his throat.

“Who are you?” He growled. “And what are you doing in my territory?”

“My name is Tatiana,” I said while dropping to my knees, remembering I need to be submissive and shot my eyes into the dirt. “And I am seeking asylum.” Stifling the growl threatening to escape passed my lips.

“What’s your rank.” He said suspiciously.

“B-beta.” I stuttered. “Alpha...”

“Herald.” He supplied.

“Alpha Herald. My rank is Beta.” He grunted and motioned for me to follow him.

I scurried off my knees and rushed to meet up with him, making sure my head was below his. I have had to play this role before and have perfected it. The sudden urge to kill him shot through me, causing my hand to twitch as I discovered myself lunging forward slightly. Herald stopped and spun around.

“Why do I smell desire on you?” He said stepping much to close to me.

“I-uh. I am eager to serve you Alpha, and I desire to please you and yours.” I said, lying is a dangerous tact to use on wolves who can smell anxiety and hear the heart rate picking up. Fortunately, it is something that I have taught myself to be able to do with no hesitation. The only emotion I ever feel anymore is hunger and anger.

He grunted and dipped his nose into my neck, inhaling sharply. “You’re unmated.” He said as he brushed a strand of hair from my shoulder.

Heat dusted my skin as my wolfs anger exploded inside of me, my outside appearance wouldn’t give it away, though. The control of my wolf was something impressive. When we got back to the pack house it was utterly boring and I looked at my new temporary home unimpressed. Keeping my calm demeanor and remaining unfazed I followed him inside. He escorted me up some stairs and stopped in the doorway of a room that was occupied by two other bitches. A blonde haired omega and a brunette gamma. Rankings in order from strongest were Alpha, Beta, Gamma, at the bottom was Omega.

“This is where you will be staying for the time being. Until you find a mate that is.” I inwardly scoffed, I have no use of a mate. “You girls show her what chores she is to do after she gets cleaned up.”

“Yes alpha.” They said in unison. As soon as the door closed they turned to me and sneered.

“You better keep your dirty claws off Justin.” The blonde said with a hiss. I growled lowly and approached her slowly, like a wolf stalking her prey. We didn’t appreciate the omega stepping out of her place. Even though she didn’t perceive me as an alpha I knew she could tell I was a beta.

“I would watch whom you threaten pup,” I said while letting myself out a fraction, enough that they would be able to tell I was an alpha female. They both whimpered while showing their necks, I moved forward and brought my lips to the blonde’s throat, scraping lightly with my teeth. A need to dominate her pulsed inside of me and I maneuvered my head to the side of her neck. I then suckled on her tender spot at the base of her ear eliciting a throaty moan. A knock on the door would snap me out of my trance, and I sucked all my power back inside me.

“Be a dear and answer that while I take a shower.” I didn’t have to wait around to know she had obeyed my order. When I came out of the shower, I was wrapped in nothing but a towel, my roommates nowhere to be found. In their place was a blonde haired young male, he barely smelled of alpha blood so I knew this must be the alpha’s son.

A deep growl emitted from his chest as he clearly liked what he saw. I plopped down on the bed and started to apply lotion to my legs fluttering my eyes to him every so often. He moved from where he was standing and brought himself into my personal space.

“You must be Tatiana.” He said while biting his lip.

“Yes, sir,” I said meekly, I then pulled my legs apart and leaned back on the bed, offering myself to him in a submissive way. I knew the alpha was on the fence about me I could solidify my place by becoming the son’s bitch. He growled lowly and practically pounced on me.

One Year Later

When word came to the pack that the deadliest and most powerful alpha was to come and select a mate I licked my lips excitedly. My wolf perked up, perfect, she whispered to me. He required someone who was dominant but weak. Someone who rolled over at his command. Pathetic. I could pretend. I’ve been pretending since I was dumped in this disgraceful, weak pack. I was born the daughter of an alpha and prepared a warrior I was as dominant as they come.

“Tatiana, are you almost ready?” One of my roommates asked.

“Yes,” I responded with fake meekness, smiling at myself in the mirror. Glancing at my vivid green eyes and my plump full lips. My face was a pleasing mix between round and long. My nose a gentle upturn. I combed through my long chestnut, honey-tinted hair. Smiling I got up to leave it was time to put on a show. This is going to be fun my wolf sister purred.

What I chose to wear, based on the criteria that Nicolaus set, left little to the imagination. I had chosen to wear red; it was the color that suited me best and made of almost completely see-through fabric. Small bits of slightly thicker fabric clung to my breast and pushed them up slightly and made them look nicer. Two strings connected the bra to the skirt, that split just below my hip bone to fully show off my thick thighs and full and dominant calves. Because the skirt was see-through, I choose to wear a red thong that showed off my big posterior and wide hips. The only thing you couldn’t see was, well nothing. My outfit was on the riskier side. But I had a chest and a waist that couldn’t be matched in this pack full of scrawny females, so I might as well flaunt it.

I stepped out of the ordinary beige room that I shared with two other females. As I started to walk towards the entryway as requested, only to be disrupted by the alphas son, who whistled at me like I was a dog. I rolled my eyes and stifled my growl before turning around. I despise men. Justin was on the slender side, a wolf built for speed rather than power. He had ash blonde hair and dull blue eyes. Even his face was sleek, and in any other circumstance, I might have considered him pleasing to look at.

“Yes, sir?” I bit out. My temper flaring at the smell of him. He smelled, wrong.

“We might have to keep you hidden,” Justin said as he adjusted his crotch. My ire grew more towards the deadly side with each second that he stood in my presence.

“Come on baby.” He said, puckering his lips into a pout. “You’ve got time.” His voice was unbearably whiny. “For old times sake.” As he completed his sentence he had become irritatingly close, close enough that he snaked his hands around me and snatched me by my waist, jerking me into him. He then started kissing me, sloppily, his saliva oozing into my mouth. I felt my canines sharpening as I fought the gag that was about to burst. I was itching to rip his throat out. Saved by the bell, the housemaid cleared her throat.

“My lord... Tatiana.” She regarded me with fear and respect. I had long ago made my position clear to every worthless she-wolf who dare defy me. Her being no exception.

“What is it, Sarah?” Justin growled. Clearly frustrated with the interruption.

“Lord Alpha Nicolaus has arrived and Tatiana is the only one who is not present.”

I smirked to myself. I get to make an entrance.

“We wouldn’t want to keep Lord Alpha waiting,” I said dipping my head into a bow before I bounced off, eager to meet this powerful alpha. My veins were buzzing with excitement and an eagerness to devour him, in more than one way. I paused and almost giggled when I heard Herald’s voice coaxing our guest, who sounded vexed and irritable.

“Alpha Nicolaus, you can proceed without her present. I can assure you she is nothing special.”

“I wanted to examine all of your beta females. Not almost all of them, we shall wait.” Nicolaus growled, his voice deep and raspy, I notice an Irish hilt. I love accents, what a waste, I thought as I clicked my tongue in tune with my heels.

As I glided down the stairs, I pretended my heart rate picked up due to nervousness and fear instead of excitement and eagerness. I even played with the hem of the outfit that I wore. Herald growled at me, not pleased with my delaying. I noticed Nicolaus was fixated on me and I bit back my smirk.

His appearance screamed power, he was built like a wall, tall and thick. He had long honey hair, a slight shade lighter than mine, and deliciously broad shoulders. His face was square with a jawline I found myself wanting to lick. He wore a neatly trimmed beard. He looked wild and intense, not wearing a shirt or shoes, it was as if he was prepared to shift at any given moment.

“Tatiana. You’re delayed. Why?” Harold had gritted out, noticing my ogling.

I knelt instantly and pretended to cringe. My wolf, however, didn’t pretend; although it was for a different reason. She hates that I have to act like this.

“Sorry alpha.” I stammered.

“Answer the question girl!” Nicolaus snapped as he took two big strides towards me, clutching me by my hair and snatching me to my feet. Taking the time to sniff me properly. Surely smelling Justin’s pungent arousal mixed with my disgust. “And why do you smell of another male. I thought I said for them to remain untouched. Who touched what might be mine?” I could feel his possessive anger flow through me like lava and my wolf wanted to dive into that lava. She howled in pleasure.

“Lord Justin requested an audience with me,” I whispered. Inside I was all but singing happily, giggling to myself for setting this powerful male on the simpleton prince.

Nicolaus’s eyes shot to the would be alpha and filled with bloodlust. I found that, oddly, his violence lured me in and caused me to feel weak in my knees. “Tell me boy is she a good lay?” His eyes kept darting between Justin and I. Stopping longer on me to appreciate my thick form. “Answer.” Oh, how my wolf longed to conquer this power.

“She is the best lay. Docile and submissive.” Justin smirked, being ignorant to the danger poised in front of him. “She even swallows.” Nicolaus’s nether regions twitched at the same time his hand did. Eager to kill. I couldn’t conceal the fact that the display left me aroused as well. My scent filling everyone’s nostrils and pushing Nicolaus further.

“She sounds more like a prized bitch to me. You meant to keep her for yourself?” His hands clenched my hair a little tighter as I bit my lip, trying to bid my hormones to calm down.

“No...” Justin stammered. He truly is pathetic.

“I see. Tatiana is her name?” He said to no one particular. His mellifluous voice sending chills down my spine.

“Indeed, her name is Tatiana.” Alpha Herald responded, acting bored of the scene that was playing out in front of him.

“Tatiana. Join the rest of the girls for now.” Nicolaus purred at me. Damn him.

I purposely stumbled out of his grip and ungracefully made it to the line that was formed. He examined the line and appraised each girl and inspected them like meat. I licked my lips as he approached me. He caught sight of my tongue just as it darted out to wet my bottom lip and growled lowly.

“Tatiana. 21, 5′5", mid-range beta 135ibs. She hardly has to be beaten.” With that he raised his hand and instead of blocking like my instincts screamed too, I flinched. “As you can see, she has wide birthing hips and nice plump breasts for feeding young.” It didn’t surprise me he was looking for a birthing bitch.

“Tatiana.” He crooned. Tasting my name. “What’s my name?”

“Lord Alpha Nicolaus. I could call you Master if you would prefer sir.” My wolf was swooning while I was wondering what his blood would taste like. We were quite the pair, my wolf, and I. Both bouncing between detesting him and desiring him sexually.

He bit his lip. I have him hooked. “This one will do.”

“For this specific bitch $15,000.” Harold deadpanned.

“How about instead I don’t rip the head off your son for touching things that don’t belong to him.” He ground out, locking eyes with the lesser alpha. Herald said nothing more and Nicolaus collected his prize.

“What about my things?” I asked softly. I didn’t genuinely care.

“There is no need for those things. I’ll provide your new clothes at our home.”

He hauled me behind him with a firm grip like I would try to run away. “Why don’t you try to fight? You recognize who I am?”

“Yes my lord, I know who you are.” My wolf growled at the words that left my mouth next ” And I know I represent nothing compared to you Master.” Internal growl. “It would be futile.” I am excellent at pretending.

“Call me master again.” His voice came out husky.

“Master,” I said and bit my lip. He growled and jerked me into the limo.

“I want you to pleasure me.” He said as he grabbed his crotch. I climbed on top of his lap and started grinding against him biting his neck. Reaching my hand into his pants. Him not making a sound but I could feel him enjoying it. My skilled hand massaging and yanking. I felt him almost release so I stopped and then started massaging and cradling his jewels and thighs. He started coming down from the edge, so I started nipping and stimulating my way down. Drawing blood ever so often.

When I finally saw his full length, my wolf made me moan at the thought of what he could do to my body. He will do to meet our needs while he lives. I licked him once and then accepted his full form into my mouth flicking my tongue. I then suctioned my mouth tight and moved in swift and quick motions still massaging his jewels. It hadn’t taken long before he released a heavy load and I consumed him dry. When I was finished, or rather he was, he said nothing more. I climbed off his lap and stared out the window for the rest of the ride, continuing the journey in absolute silence

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