Falling or Flying: The Fae

By Montahna_LU All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Emerald was involved in a car crash 3 years ago. She has no memory of who she was before or even who she is now, But that all changes when she meets a boy she seems to recognize but who she hasn't met. Who is he? How does he fit into the flash backs? Why is here suddenly here?


The car swerves around the demon, the monster. I can hear someone screaming, turning my head I look frantically for the source of the noise. When I go to breathe, my voice comes out in a rasp. Breathing deeply, I clutch Sam to my side as a dark shadow crosses the front of the car. Just as I try to detail his face darkness sweeps over me bringing me back to consciousness.

* * * * * *

Bolting upright in bed I struggle to breathe as sweat drips off my forehead. I can’t help remembering my mother’s voice as she screamed my name. I stare at my reflection in my mirror, a pale face stares back at me. The dream came out of no-where and the images so vivid I don’t know where it came. After a minute of controlled breathing, and my mind has stopped racing I realise I do know where it came from. From the accident that changed my life forever. The whispered voice at the back of my mind is so irritating, like a mouse slowly chewing away at my brain. After that car crash I was transported to my unknown grandparents and their mansion. The car crash killed my mother and father and my brother is deemed missing. There was no body. But that’s not all because my life couldn’t get any worse, couldn’t it? Well I have raw magic... that’s what Principle White says anyway. I just don’t know how to control it. It just makes me more of a target, along with my complicated looks. My deep tan, golden hair to just below my chest and turquoise eyes with a slim of gold around my iris. Girls and women call me a siren and the boys and the men.... Well let’s not get into detail about what they say. But also because of my grandparents and their weird ways. Lots of people are sad for me because they are horrible to most of the community but their nice to me. Obviously.

* * * * * *

I finish writing and close my book when my stomach rumbles. I make my way down past my sitting room, past my bedroom door laughing. I walk out past my ebony doors to the staircase. My grandparents are rich, I don’t even know where they get the money. But we live in a mansion. My room takes up half the top floor. In it is a bedroom, a sitting room, walk in closet, bathroom, spa and balcony. You think I’m spoiled? Yes. Do you think I like it? No... well I try not to anyway. I walk past my grandparent’s door to get to the staircase. My grandparents take up the other half. I don’t know what’s inside but whatever it is, it isn’t for me. That is what I was told from day one. As I head for the kitchen once descending the steps I go past the study. The doors closed and voices are behind it. Also, an out of bounds area. I grab a freshly baked muffin of the hot plate. Choc chip my favourite. I hear my name and walk to the door curious. I put my ear to the door handle. “Lucifer won’t wait anymore, he is getting impatient. The girl need to be broken in.” A women’s voice starts. She’s the one that sounds impatient, I think. It sounds like they’ve talked about this beforehand.

“Tell Lucifer that she is still recovering. I’m sure he-“Grandpa is cut off by a chuckle.

“Father will not be happy. However,.” Silencing off my grandmother’s protest.

“You have two months.” Silence follows. “Understood?” The boy- for that’s who it was waited.

“Yes your highness.” Replied Gran and Pa. I back away from the door quietly and run upstairs. I look around frantically not thinking and see the book. Lying innocently on the bed, how could they think there lay my secrets. But wasn’t I just another innocent thing, put into dangerous waters? I grab it and chuck it under the loose floorboards in my wardrobe just in case they search for it. Her Highness? The girl- is it me? Could it? What did he mean broken into? But one name stuck into my head- Lucifer. I quickly grab my laptop and sink down onto the ground. I type up the name and hit search. I quickly click onto the first website... nothing. Next website... nothing again. After what seemed like hours but what possibly could have been minutes I find a website.

The angel who had fallen from God’s left hand side. Lucifer was the second highest angel. Leia was the first. It was peaceful but Lucifer started falling in love with Leia. God wouldn’t allow the bond between the two. He put Leia on a mission, and even though it broke his heart. He sent her on a dangerous mission, that no other angel had attempted. She was to breed a new type of creatures on Mortal Earth. Faeries. They were to have the abilities of an angel but more powerful. They could change from two different types of animal forms excluding their Fae bodies. They were to live on a land, where three types of Fae were to live. Medusa: The Fae’s which embraced shadows and darkness but chose to follow light in their path. They could control shadows, enticers and protectors. Lalon: The Fae with the ability to control 1 of all the elements of the circle of life. These were fire, water, earth, air and spirit. Then there was Avlonic... where Fae with all the abilities, fire, water, earth, air, spirit, shadows, enticers and protectors lived. They were the royals. Once God had told Leia of her mission. She accepted it with a broken heart. But Lucifer was furious. Secretly meeting angels who had gone through the same experience which were kept a secret or those who approved planned. Planned the fall of God, and of all things living. Leia left against all Lucifers plans and followed her mission. God then made a globe that would keep the harmony of this land alive and the growth and beauty of it. Avalon was its name and so the land was named Avalon as the globe was the voice of the land. The globe told a prophecy to Leia, God, Lucifer and Joseph- the new right-hand angel. A Faerie was to be born and would be the image of Leia. He told the excited angel that she would be the saviour and ruler of Avalon. This was the prophecy:

On the 8th day,

Of the 8th month

A child will be chosen

To be the main reason

Of this world

The child, will have 8 powers

And have control of the 8 clans

On the 8th day

of the 8th month

the glow will be emitted

from the child....

Lucifer knew that Leia was going to die and mourned for her. He watched in misery as the prophecy was beginning... as she found her mortal love. He was jealous of them and as time went on she found her soulmate. They bared many children and when he died, she died along with him. Lucifer’s broken heart took him to act on his plans and he fell from heaven with his supporters into the fiery depths of hell. There he took the criminals and thieves. He took the assassins and the darkest creatures possible. He took the trolls, the ogres and at last he took the fallen angels. Their wings stained with black. Never to be seen by Gods left hand side again...

I shake my head and quietly slip into the bathroom after printing the page and logging off the website.

“I can’t believe this.” I mutter before shutting the bathroom door, shredding off my clothes and stepping into the steaming water which flowed like a curtain of pain towards me.

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