The Cartanian Chronicles: Spark (Book 1)

By Drandolph All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1

Words: 954

Aadya’s POV

My legs burn as I continue to run. I run until all I see in front of me are a bunch of trees. Grabbing onto the first tree I struggle to climb the trunk. I continue to climb until I am about a good 30 feet from the ground. As I steady myself on the branch I notice an archery set and a dagger, just the right size for my hand, just sitting there. Grabbing the dagger I slip it into my boots and sling the bow and quiver over my shoulder, onto my back. Just then the tree starts to shake, I look down and realize the tiger was still down, at the bottom of the tree prowling. I run trying to stay on the branches, and avoid falling into the claws of the tiger. I have been under attack for what seems like 5 hours. This freaking assassin and his pet tiger just won’t give up. When I reach the next branch I stop in my tracks, not only was I out of breath, but there’s a huge clearing. Across from the clearing on a tree, staring directly at me was the hooded assailant. I freeze, many thoughts of attack flow through my head, but none make it to becoming an action as fear pulsates through my body. He prepares his arrow and releases it. The point comes spiraling towards me! Then,

I wake up!

This has been my fifth dream this month about this hooded assailant. I think something big, something that’s going to drastically change the world is going to happen soon. There’s this gut-wrenching feeling that I just can’t seem to shake. I’ve tried multiple times to tell my parents, but its hard. I mean what will I tell them, ¨Oh hey mom and dad, I know I may sound crazy but I need you to listen to me. Something big is going down, I don’t know what or when but something is definitely going to happen.¨

I can’t say that to my parents, they’ll think I’m high on some shita** drugs and that’s the least of my problems. On several occasions, they have threatened to ship me off to a fucking mental hospital for simple things like not telling them how I feel. Shaking the thoughts from my head, I walk towards my mirror. Staring back at me was what looked like a ghost of myself. I looked so deprived of sleep.

Slipping off my I heart Sleep pajamas, I couldn’t help but think back to what I kept seeing in my dream. After I put on my sports bra and tights, I walk over to my closet, opening the door. I grab my black sneakers and slide my feet into them, as I release I breath that I didn’t even know I was holding.

Running out of the house, I tilt my head back and enjoy the fresh air with just a tiny presence of morning dew still lingering. Jogging down the street I immediately feel relaxed. As I pass the thrift shop at the end of my block I notice that all the clocks are stuck at the same time, 5:14. Ignoring this I continue to run down my normal route.

Suddenly it feels as if the air around me has changed as if it has become thicker. Turning around I look to see if there was anyone else on the street, but I was the only one there.


I hear my name and swiftly turn back around but see no one there either.


I continue to look for the source of the sound, but the streets are deserted. Blocking out the noise I continue running, trying to clear my mind. Each time I think that the noise will stop it comes back louder than the last time. Soon it got so loud that I just screamed,

" What the fucking hell do you want”

As soon as the words left my mouth, my mind goes blank. Seconds later my mind floods with images that I know are not my own. I see fire and chaos all over the world. Then, in the background, almost a whisper, I hear my name being chanted over and over again.


“Witch supreme mighty in power, save the world in midnight’s hour, icy cold in the cool night’s grasp, destruction falls on the blood moon’s bath, fire, air, water, earth, and shift will help you save the world at night, gather your crew, your people, your clan that destruction may fall at your hands. Warlock of fire descendant of dragons, Sorceress of water, a mermaid’s child, the Elfin’s daughter to hold the earth, the pegasus’s descendant to which air will bend, and nature’s child with a tiger’s neck. Find your clan, your crew, your tribe and save us all from Mudammir’s rage. Unlock the power within yourself to be The Angel Witch Aadya, our saving grace”

The chanting dies down and more images flood my mind, like a river without a dam. Houses and towns are literally being torn apart. The sea flooded over most of South America, all you can see is the tip of Venezuela and Columbia. The world is being destroyed. Earthquakes covered most of the African region, and lava flowed from once dormant volcanos. Everything is either demolished or is damn close.

When I come back to the present, I was still in the middle of the block. Turning around I sprint back home forgetting about the rest of my route.

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