By Alena Willbur All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Inbetween North America and Europe, on the Atlantic Ocean, is the magical land of Amorta, invisible to most humans. When Elena Amor discovers her true identity as an Amortal and her parents' murderer, she finds herself adapting a life of royalty, magic, and a love triangle between her human life and her Amortal life when she meets an Amortal Prince while still with her first love.


Before, it wasn’t this complicated. I wasn’t always happy, but that’s how life is. You have your glorious, reassuring days, and you have your tough, diminishing days. Then, there’s the few of us who have the day where you find your supposed “disease” is actually just your mutated genes that aren’t human at all. And then you find out that your parents’ psycho killer is out to get you, too.

I guess it started the moment my parents died. And as I grew up, I grew angry and more determined to find their murderer.

And now I have a whole world to save.

Fucking fantastic, right?

I guess I’m getting a little ahead of myself though. I’ll just catch you up.

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