Little Star

By Zachary Kupferschmid All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


Class 1 Squad 1, the best of the best. Their leader and teacher a woman with silver hair and an eye patch named Elanor though her students call her Mrs. White. Class 1 squad 1 member 3 is a girl named Allison. She stands at 6 foot 2 inches tall with long brown hair. She wears shorts and a t-shirt that clearly and purposely show off her body. She has two pistols in holsters clear at her sides and wears circular shades. She was known as a problem and many teachers tried to keep her behind but her unrelenting skill got her a spot in class 1 squad 1. The next member of the Squad is Member 2 her name is Maya. She stands 5 feet 6 inches and wears very modest clothes. She is currently wearing long jeans and a sweater. She has long brown hair as well. She had a short sword reminiscent of a roman Gladius to her her right side. On her left side she has hooked and clawed glove. She is an incredible prodigy both in the art of combat and the art of magic. Her brains has jokingly been referred to as a super computer by her previous teachers and she really is a rare genius. Lastly Member 1 is a boy named Nathan. A happy go lucky boy standing at 5"4 with short blonde hair. He is sweet and caring which often goes against his combat training as he doesn’t really want to hurt anyone. However his understanding of magical theory, martial arts, weapon use and his doctor level of information on how the body works means its just about the only thing holding him back. On paper he is the most skilled student the academy has ever had though in practice it has been shown he is rarely as effective as Maya or Allison. The class 1 squad 1 of the battle mages officer school is considered for missions of global importance with danger rankings of C or lower. Though they rarely take missions even that dangerous as they are still training. Every squad shares a room at the school. In the room is three separate bed rooms and then one common room. This is where you can usually find the top squad of the school as they are very rarely needed.

300 years ago space travel became much more effective thus began the colonization of distant star systems and planets. Earth became the intergalactic capital of the human alliance. Which is why the school for humanities greatest guardians is located on the moon that orbits earth. There are 17 planets that are owned by the human intergalactic alliance. Through humanities travels through space they have found both many friends and many enemies. Among the friendly races we have found are the Seren a race of humanish beings with green skin and that usually have either blue or pink hair. Their eyes are golden or silver colored. They are usually taller are just generally larger than humans. Additionally they have slightly pointed ears and Long scaled tales that end in a blade like stinger. The Seren Empire has 3 planets under their control they are a warrior people in that they like battle prowess and constantly train to be good at themselves and are ready to battle. That being said their empress is both very pragmatic and kind hearted as she prefers to make friends than enemies. The Seren were the first race to explicitly ally themselves with humanity and thus we started a governing body called the high council. Over the years three more races joined the governing body. The first of which was a race called the Lune. The Lune are in their purest state small balls of golden light. They absorb magical energy while in a protected place when they are born until they can materialize a body to move around in. Once in their bodies they look as though they are made of black glass or thin volcanic rock. Over the course of their lives they absorb and store magical energy around them which they can if so inclined use to alter their body. Because of this some Lune have been known to make their bodies look like other races of the high council though because of the golden light that comes out of their eye sockets they are usually able to tell a part. At first humanity had thought that the Lune were immortal and unable to be killed but this was very off base. The light that the Lune refer to as Elth is as easy to disrupt and destroy as the organs of a person or Seren. That being said the Lune have different sub races that for the purposes of explaining to the high council they call classes. Meaning Lune go from class 1-5. The higher class a Lune is the longer it will live. A class 5 Lune could possibly live for tens of thousands of years. Which the longer a Lune has to build and store magical energy to more powerful they become. They can’t call magic to them as quickly as human wizards however they are always absorbing small amounts of magic from around them and can hold an infinite amount. The Lune have only 1 planet however they have many space station and have scouted far into the universe. The second of the three races to join the high council is called Velspree. The Velspree refer to their governing body as the legion. They own the most planets by far of any race on the high council with 47 planets under their control. The Velspree are small only about 3-4 and a half feet tall. Even a large one of them only weighs about 80 Lb. They are like gray skin humans but with a very small torso and mid section and very long limbs in proportion to their body. They are a warrior species but individually they are much weaker than any other member of the high council. But they are geniuses in both technology and war. They also have many prominent wizards. When the high council first met them there was a very bitter war that lasted nearly 40 years. The Velspree Legion is comprised mostly of soldiers who use massive circular energy shields on their right arm and long spears made of titanium and bladed with a small plasma blade. They are utterly fearless and always come in greater numbers. However in a battle called the battle of Hralmet named after the planet it was fought on the Velspree where forced grudgingly to surrender. To their surprise the Velspree were not taken as slaves or prisoners but invited to join the High council. Upon joining the high council the Velspree made the massive space station that now houses the 5000 members of the high council. The Velspree are loyal and taking them as allies when they where defeated is still told in their stories as the greatest feat of kindness they could imagine. They are now the first into battle when it is time to defend any other members of the council. Additionally they have come to appreciate humanity for it similar interest in weaponry and conquest. Most of the High councils combined forces are lead by either Velspree or Human generals. The Last race to join the high council is called the Zelk. A Zelk is a giant standing nearly 16 feet tall. They have four arms and wings. They are reptilian in nature. Despite this they are not a warrior species. Their culture has always been based on art especially poetry. They have an army and are certainly capable of battle but they have never attacked another collectively. Like humanity they have a large history of fighting each other over the years. However mostly their fangs are in politics. They play the game very, very well. They joined the high council bringing their 10 planets. They had the good fortune of large planets near by that could support life with no sentient races already on them. So they have yet to take a planet from local life of the planet.

Other than the high council humanity has made friends with many other races though those races are much smaller and less powerful. They joined into the authority of the high council without getting representatives in the high council. Especially on Velspree planets there are thousands of races who where brought there thousands of years ago as slaves but have since then been freed and live as citizens there.

That all however does not mean there aren’t races of massive power that oppose the high council. The direct enemy of the high council is an alliance of other races who have different philosophies on ruler ship and see us as a threat to their rule. The Aristocracy is made up of three different races. The first is a race called the Hallow . They are grey skinned distortions. They stand at 6-8 feet tall and have thing bones and thin skin. They have completely black eyes and a completely black mouth that contorts into a permanent smile. Both their eyes and mouth look like they have been carved into their face. They speak through telepathy and have a clear affinity for magic. They produce the most powerful wizards of the Aristocracy. The next race is called the Baragan. They are massive beasts standing about 36 feet tall and weighing about 7 tons. They Are massive piles of muscle covered in brown fur. They are warrior through and through. Their infantry uses massive plasma sabers and assault rifles large enough to fire tank shells. Especially when they are wearing massive walls of metal as armor it takes much more than a single tank shell to take them down. However while they are warriors and some of the most skilled fighters certainly, they are not strategists and are easily to out maneuver. The last race of the Aristocracy is called the Narecon. A Narecon is similar to a Lune. They are a ball of black energy surrounded by green flames. They don’t form a physical body as much as they shape their energy into body like shapes. They often wear long flowing cloaks which makes it look like they are nothing but a floating cloak with black flames for a face and hands. However the main difference between a Narecon and a Lune is instead of absorbing magic slowly from the weave of magic going throughout the universe a Narecon can only absorb magical energy from another living being. Doing so empowers the Narecon to use the magic for its own purposes and kills the host that previously held the magic. It is difficult for a Narecon to target a prey that has a larger supply of magic than it currently does but if built up little by little a Narecon can absorb the life force of any mortal being.

The two major fields of study have become magic and science both of which are broad terms with hundreds if not thousands of fields with in them. However while Science has improved to the point that it seems like magic, magic continues to be the dominant source of true power in the universe. The problem is though that only certain peoples can use magic. Those who can use magic are referred to as wizards. The main way a wizard uses magic is through the invoking of spells. A spell goes from level 1 to level 21. Each level higher that a spell is an exponential increase in power from a previous one. For example a level 2 spell could easily be ten times stronger than a level 1 spell. Most wizards who have had formal training and practiced the craft for the majority of their lives can cast up to level 5 spells though it is very draining for them. However obviously some wizards have been much stronger than they normally should have been. The most powerful wizard in the High Council is called the arch mage. He lives in a massive space station called the Grand Arcanium. In the Grand Arcanium many wizards train in the pursuit of knowledge and power. However very few there are battle mages meaning most of their magic is more for practical use than for combat. Which is why there are specialty schools like the Humanities Battle Mages Officer school.

So the story begins.....

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