The Alpha kidnapped the Princess

By Isha All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


17 almost 18 year old Arabella Rosner is kidnapped from her home while she is going for a stroll in the woods. Bella is taken from the only home and family she knows of. When she wakes up she realizes she's been taken to her packs rival, Nightshade, by none other than their Alpha. Bella, thinking she has been taken because of who she has been molded into, tries to find a way to escape but ends up finding her mate instead. Easton stone; The notorious Alpha of Nightshade who isn't as dangerous as she's been told. In fact, Arabella herself holds more power and danger than her mate. "Arabella." he breathes, tasting my name on his lips. His eyes rake down my body, my pulse races. He reaches out to touch my face but I flinch back. He looks at me, hurt swirling in his verdant colored eyes. My eyes widen and I breath heavily as I find myself trapped against the wall again, my mate's face in front of me. His lips hold a feral smile and he puts his cheek on mine and mutters three words that make me hate him instantly. "You're mine Arabella." He growls, crashing his lips onto mine.



3rd person pov.

“Have you decided on a name for your new baby girl.” The doctor asked the parents, the doctor hands the Royal couple their newborn child with a look of awe for the princess.

The happy couple looked at each other than their wailing daughter. They smile and watch silently as she continues to cry, her mother rocks her silently to quiet her. Soon she hushes and gurgles happily at her mother.

“Yes,” The Queen looks up at the doctor after carefully inspecting her daughter’s features. “Her name is Arabella.” The mother replies in a thick voice, she smiles, her eyes glistening with tears at how beautiful her only child is. After many tries of having a child, the King and Queen finally have their first healthy and alive child.

“Congratulations Luna and Alpha.” The doctor says cheerfully, sharing the happiness of the new parents. He bows his head respectfully and gathers his clipboard, ready to give sad news to another family. The doctor nods and leaves letting the new parents have some alone time with their first born child.

The Luna opens her mouth to reply to her husband replies, suddenly realizing how tired she is she sways and takes a seat handing Arabella to her husband. “My Queen are you alright?” Her husband asks worry in his voice.

She waves him off, “I’m tired that’s all.” She gives a forced smile and outstretched her arms to hold her child once again. Hesitant, The King gives to her wishes knowing he can’t argue with his Queen.

“She’s so beautiful.” Luna Sophia coos, breaking the silence “Just like you.” Her mate, Alpha Liam, replies quietly looking at his mate with clear love.

Sophia blushes and stares at him too, she moves her hand to caress his cheek but was interrupted by the Beta.

“Alpha,” He heaves out of breath. “The castles under attack! ” He shouts out above the screams that just started, his face grave.

The king and Queen look at each other, worried and then back at their daughter. The Queen’s blood runs cold at the bad feeling in her gut. Her gut always seemed right and this time she prays to The Moon Goddess that it is wrong.

“We have to keep her safe, we need to put her in the safe room!” Says the Queen. “But there’s only room for one, what about you, you’re too weak to fight.” He replies his face paling.

“I don’t care about me, we have to make sure she makes it, she’s the future princess, I’ll stay with the women and children.”

He nods reluctantly, knowing again he can’t argue with his mate.

The Queen quickly gets up and the Beta escorts her and the baby to the safe room.

“Wait!” She calls out, running towards her mate. “Please be careful.” She pleads kissing him.

“Of course.” Is all he says looking at his baby and than at his wife, he turns around and shifts killing a few rogues in the way.

The Beta runs with the Queen behind him, the newborn baby, Arabella, in her arms.

Once they get to the small safe room, she opens the door and puts the baby, Arabella in.

“Bye sweet girl mommy will come get you soon.” She says a few tears slipping out, she kisses her forehead and closes the door.

The baby cries as she is departing from her mother, her wails were blocked out by the heavy metal door.

Guilt fills her for leaving her newborn daughter all alone, but quickly shakes it off and goes with the Beta.

She smells the scared kids and women before she sees them and quickly rushes to them, calming them down.

She nods to the Beta who stands guard making sure no rogues are near, tearing them apart without a second look if in a .5 radius.

She soothes the children with her Luna and motherly figure, which the children immediately respond too.

They stop crying at look at their Luna with awe and love, quickly they run to their mothers.

Soon they fall asleep oblivious to the screams, right outside. Their pack members fighting to keep them and the kingdom safe.

The mothers cry silently, hoping their mates make it back alive, the Queen wishing the same, especially because of their new born baby, Arabella.

An hour later and the war is finally over, the blood curdling screams have stopped, the Luna makes the mothers and children stay.

She quickly gets out to expect the facilities and wounded, making sure they get sent to the castles hospital.

“23 dead and 32 injured.” She whispers silently, she mind links the packs doctors and tells them the news.

They come rushing out and pick up the bodies with the help of some non injured pack members.

She leaves and goes outside, blood is splattered everywhere, to the point where you can’t see the once beautiful grass underneath.

She sees body parts thrown carelessly on the ground, organs and vitals body parts, even a few heads.

She shudders and hears groaning, she rushed over and sees a group of her pack, laying on the ground, the rogues dead beside them.

They won, and they only lost 23 pack members, including the people from outside.

The Luna rushes over and assists them calling over more pack doctors, who help. She sees her mate who was immediately taken to the pack’s hospital, since he was on the verge of dying.

“Go quickly get Arabella and make sure she’s ok.” She nods, hesitant to leave her mate when he needs her the most. But she quickly leaves and rushed over to her new born baby.

The palace still shook occasionally as the earth rumbled in memory,groaned as if it would deny what had happened. Bars of sunlight cast through rents in the walls made motes of dust glitter where they yet hung in the air.

Scorch-marks marred the walls, the floors, the ceilings. Broad black smears crossed the blistered paints and gilt of once-bright murals, soot overlaying crumbling friezes of men and animals which seemed to have attempted to walk before the madness grew quiet.

The dead lay everywhere, men and women and children, struck down in attempted flight by the lightnings that had flashed down every corridor, or seized by the fires that had stalked them, or sunken into stone of the palace, the stones that had flowed and sought, almost alive, before stillness came again.

In odd counterpoint, colourful tapestries and paintings, masterworks all, hung undisturbed, except where bulging walls had pushed them awry. Finely carved furnishings, inlaid with ivory and gold, stood untouched except where rippling floors had toppled them. The mind-twisting had struck at the core, ignoring peripheral things.

The Luna soon gets to the safe house and opens it, but Arabella’s not inside, she panics and seals it and opens it again.

But she can’t find her baby, she cries out with terror, she hears a faint cry of a baby, and runs over towards the sound of what she thinks is her newborn child.

The Queen sees a silhouette of a man holding her baby girl, but not just any man, her mates brother.

“Thaddeus.” She spat snarling in anger and fury pushing through her veins. He laughs darkly.

“Hello, Queen.” He bows mocking her. “How have you been, it’s been awhile, how’s my dear brother.”

“What are you doing here, and get your filthy hands off my baby!”

“Tsk tsk, that’s no way to talk to the man who’s holding your baby, one wrong word and she’ll die.” He hisses the last part grinning an evil glint in his eyes.

“Give her back Thaddeus, you can have anything, just give her back.” The Queen cries.

“No, I wanted the throne, but you refused to give it to me, now your daughter will live with me and my pack. She will be raised as a Blood Moon.” He spits out, and with that Thaddeus disappears with a screaming Arabella in his arms.

The Queen falls on her knees and cries out in pain, and fury. She will get her daughter back, even if it’s the last thing she’ll ever do.

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