Blood Wolf

By Stephanie Batton All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other


Stuck in a house full of vampires, her guardian’s Vladimir and Louie have protected her for as long as she can remember. She still wants to live a normal life, mainly going to school but with the arrival of a new vampire, school life seems more difficult. She wants to be able to balance both her home and her school. One of her main problems at school are the werewolves, mainly the alpha, Nicolas. Nicolas is determined to keep her close against other werewolves better judgement. He has no idea what has went on Alexis’s life but he wants to find out and protect her. Even if that means going up against vampires. But neither of them are her biggest problem, her biggest problem is her own wolf.

Chapter 1: Mon Cherie

She charged furiously towards the vampire, her arms outstretched to tackle him. A smile creased along his lips as he waited till the last minute to move to the side. The girl tried to stop herself from falling, but was knocked to the mat by a pillow hitting her back. Feathers followed her to the mat as muffled laughter assaulted her ears.

She pulled a feather from her mouth; she couldn`t believe she had agreed to this. Why had she agreed to this with him? Alexis tried to stop herself from being furious at Louie, seeing a smile creased along his face. Standing up and brushing herself off again, she tried soaking up the atmosphere of the old gym trying to calm her frantically beating heart.

Louie could detect the racing pulse and an evil smile crossed his lips. Alexis caught this and bolted towards him clumsily.

Louie launched himself upward and landed on one of the ceiling beams and she crashed onto the mat for the millionth time that day. Snickering he looked down towards her “You are not even trying, Mon Cherie.” Louie sounded amused, his hands placed on his hips and his head titled to the side.

Louie’s French accent strongly pushed forward when he spoke. His dainty body was mostly all legs, standing at a 5ft 7 dwarfed by the interior of his surroundings. Louie Des Channel had light blonde hair that went down to his shoulders and his blue eyes were strikingly unusual. His colourful clothes did not suit his nature but showed his French heritage.

The girl pushed herself to her feet as the vampire returned to the ground in front of her. “I’m trying...” Her breath hitched as she took another blow to her stomach. She flinched as she waited for another to follow but none came. Her eyes were shut tight, her head curled into her chest. She lifted her head; she tried to show that she was strong...that she wanted to do this.

Forget the pain - she whispered in her own head.

She wished it was that easy, it was all mind over matter. “I thought you were going to teach me how to fight, not beat me up” her voice was dry; she needed some fluids, fast. She felt weak, pushed over and like she was about to get another punch. She began to back away as the French male in front of her started to laugh, it was a pompous laugh. One she never enjoyed hearing from Louie.

Louie shook his head and moved towards her a step at a time as if trying to torment her, stalk her. He was as slippery as an eel.

“You asked me to teach you, so I am only doing as you asked Mon Cherie” Louie’s voice was soaked with his accent, every word he said dripped with his French-ness. He was far too cocky for his own good as well.

Alexis was moving backwards as fast as she could without turning around or falling over, her eyes never left the French male in front of her. “I meant like an hour every few days. Not once every blue moon, so my bones are going to be killing me for the rest of my life” Alexis dramatically moved back a few more quick steps hoping he wouldn’t notice.

Another laugh followed and another step...before her back hit into what felt like a brick wall. No heat came from it, and if she hadn’t been thrown about for the last couple of hours and was already in pain she was sure it would have been sore.

Louie stopped in his tracks and Alexis took that as a good sign, she tilted her head back to see Vladimir.

A deep sigh of relief came from her lips as she turned back to face Louie. “Have I interrupted something?” Vladimir’s thick accent purred out around Alexis’s ears although he was clearly directing the question towards Louie. Vladimir was always as busy as a bee; she was surprised he had found the time now to get here and save her.

Alexis had learned long ago that when Vladimir was speaking unless she was the only person in the room, then he wasn’t talking to her. Vladimir trusted Alexis to be the easiest out of the two.

Louie was normally the one creating trouble – she often laughed when Vladimir joked about how much a distress his life has been since he had changed Louie into a vampire. Alexis was not in the least bit sure how the sire thing worked but as far as she knew – it had nothing to do with controlling each other. Louie couldn’t ever do a thing Vladimir told him.

It was his goal in life.

As a vampire that life wasn’t very short either. Vladimir was much taller than Louie; his hair was longer also, but darker – almost black. His hair was much longer, stretching stretched right down his back, completely split in a middle pattern.

Vladimir’s eyes were the same as his hair; dark brown, in the dark it was like you couldn’t see the white. Alexis’s could definitely say; out of the two, Vladimir was more dangerous, and more deadly. Vladimir dressed more modern, a black shirt, with normally dark grey or navy blue trousers. He always seemed to be smartly dressed.

Louie still held the smirk on his face as he shook his head before answering with a dramatic laugh. “No of course not. We were just training. She wanted to learn how to fight. She definitely needs training after what I have seen. I do not suggest putting her into any dog fights anytime soon” A harsh hit, Alexis cringed at the word dog.

Normally Louie didn’t do such a low blow. He was baiting her. She hated where she had come from. She didn’t want anything to do with her heritage. Vladimir and Louie had told her enough to scare her out of that. They had discussed the many things that her ‘breed’ had done.

They were dangerous and that was why she knew it was a great decision to suppress the werewolf inside of her. It was not getting out, Alexis was making sure of that. She didn’t want to know anything about her werewolf side, she wanted it gone.


It had done her no good so far, after all she had been living with vampires and there was no need for the werewolf gene. Sometimes she wondered how dangerous the vampires could really be...but normally her question was answered for her. Vladimir had brought in a women, a women with her face marked with scratches – she was scared for eternity due to how dangerous her kind were. She didn’t want to be counted in with her ‘kind’.

She was glad that Vladimir had raised her, even if she was stuck in a house with Louie as well. “I would be better if you actually taught me and didn’t hit me all the time” Alexis threw back feeling a lot stronger now with Vladimir was here, she felt more protected and grounded.

Although she still held back against him, she wasn’t about to give Louie another opening to fling her across the room. She knew he would take that chance. Her back was already aching from being thrown against the wall countless numbers of times; Vladimir was never going to get that picture back now. It was smashed. “You don’t learn unless I hit you. You understand that you learn by doing, Mon Cherie” Louie shoved his hands in his pockets and leaned back on his feet.

He was clearly enjoying every minute of this. Alexis turned her head to look at Vladimir and he shrugged his shoulders towards her. He obviously couldn’t see a problem with any of this. She switched her gaze between the two of them, waiting for at least one of them to do anything.

That didn’t seem to be happening. She threw her hands up in the air dramatically and stormed out the room, a laugh echoed behind her and she knew exactly who it was; Louie’s.

She hated him sometimes.

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