Zero Lives

By Aricreates All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller


"Bug off Stone," I snarl through gritted teeth. My book was clutched in my hand as I see Aaron clench his hands into fists. His veins stick out along his forehead as his eyes narrow, anger was the first emotion I could see within his hazel eyes. "What did you say to me you twat?" Aaron snapped towards me as he knocked my book out of my hand. The cover was now covered within dust, it was not all mucky and brown. "I said bug off, let me spell it out since you are too busy planning your sex schedule in class." I pick up my book, only to notice a slight breeze of wind hitting my spine. "Take that back you little - " Aaron starts as he inches closer to the collar of my shirt. The tie around my neck seems to squirm back into my uniform, the hairs on my neck soon stand up. "Back off," a voice cuts in, I can not help but let my eyes drift towards the voice. When I see who belongs to the voice - my words get stuck in my throat. A new scent soon drifted into my nose. Cherries, goodness the red-headed goddess in front of me smelled like cherries.


Connor Collins is a young adolescent boy struggling with recent bullying issues. His figure is short, while his features are not at all masculine, a perfect target for bullies. His intelligence is expanding with knowledge while also learning to avoid these painful situations. Yet, Conner can only go so far without an interruption that causes a domino affect of chaos to travel around his small private boarding school.

It started with a simple rat catching the corner of Collins eye, then Brooklyn Evens appearing out of no where, and not to mention that the student population is decreasing without proper reasoning.

It then leads to a team of adolescent children to take on the most horrifying infection of their lives. If they do not stick together - they will die. If they do not escape - they will die. If they do not get infected - then they will be eaten alive by the beasts outside.

In the middle of this bloodbath there are links directly leading to Colin himself. Showing that perhaps he is more important than a simple school boy hiding behind a book. Perhaps he is something more than anyone else can imagine, and with that leads to risks. Risks of both death, and infinite pain.

People are after Colin, people want him gone - dead. He does not know that people want him to be descended into the depths of Hell.

Colin soon figures out, that perhaps, he is running out of time. That he has zero lives left until his very death.

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